Haec assimilation form 0077


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Haec assimilation form 0077

  1. 1. HOPE AGLOW EMPOWERMENT CENTER CONNECTION - ALTAR CARE - MEMBERSHIP PERSONAL INFORMATIONPlease Check Title: Dr. Pastor Minister Mr. Mrs. Ms. Miss Date:Please Print Full Name (include middle initial): Fredericksburg Campus Woodbridge Campus Home Phone:Date of birth (mm/dd): Email:(membership only) Cell:Current address:City: State: ZIP Code:Marital Status: Married Divorced Widowed Single Engaged SPOUSE INFORMATIONPlease Check Title: Dr. Pastor Minister Mr. Mrs. Ms. MissPlease Print Name (include middle initial): Home Phone:Date of birth(mm/dd): Email:(membership only) Cell: NAME AND AGE OF CHILDRENName: Age: Name: Age:Name: Age: Name: Age: PURPOSE FOR COMPLETING THIS FORM (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY) First Time Guest Receive Salvation Desire to become a member of Hope Aglow Empowerment Center Rededicated my life to Christ Request More Information (check the ministry area from below) Need help studying the bible I would like to volunteer (check all ministry interests from below) Other (please explain) Ministry Areas and Volunteer Opportunities I desire a telephone call and/or email for: Men’s Ministry (Watchmen on the Wall) Prayer Women’s Ministry (Kingdom Women) Spiritual Guidance Singles Ministry (Living in Full Empowerment – L.I.F.E) Church Activities Senior Ministry (High Rollers) Ministry Fellowships Young Adult Ministry (Righteously Empowered 2B Leaders) Youth Ministry (Crossfire) Maintenance Ministry Helping Hands Ministry Children’s Ministry* (for information only/not volunteering) * Additional ministries available upon completion of membership orientation.How did you hear about us: TV Flyer Shepard’s Guide Newspaper Post Card Internet Annual HAEC Picnic Community EventHAEC Member (Please Print Name): -- STOP HERE -- 2ND PAGE FOR NEW MEMBERS ORIENTATION HAEC Assimilation Form 1 HAEC 0077 updated 08/27/2012
  2. 2. HOPE AGLOW EMPOWERMENT CENTER CONNECTION - ALTAR CARE - MEMBERSHIP OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION (membership only) Gender: Male Female Date Joined HAEC: Wedding Anniversary Date: (month/day) Date Converted: Family National Origin: Date Water Baptized: Best time to contact you: Morning Mid-Day Evening Date Filled with Holy Spirit: Career Field/Occupation: (self) (spouse) TOP THREE AREAS OF VOLUNTEER INTEREST (membership only) Anchor of Health Ministry Marketing Ministry Covenant Keepers Marriage Ministry Baptism Ministry Prison Ministry Ground Breakers/Prayer Ministry International Ministry Seeds of Empowerment Children’s Ministry Bookstore Ministry Information & Technology Transportation Ministry Membership Management Services Ministry Altar Care/Kingdom Builders Ministry Audio/Media Ministry Outreach/Evangelism Ministry Porter/Greeter Ministry Fine Arts Ministry (Choir, Musician, Dance) OTHER HAEC FAMILY MEMBERS LIVING IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD Member’s First & Last Name Relationship to You Member’s Date of Birth EMERGENCY CONTACT (membership only) Name of a relative not residing with you: Address: Phone: City: State: ZIP Code: Relationship: SIGNATURES (membership only) I (we) desire to serve my Savior, Master and Lord Jesus Christ through the ministry of Hope Aglow Empowerment Center. To God be the glory in my life. Signature of New Member: Date: Signature of New Member: Date: Signature of New Member: Date: Signature of New Member: Date: ****** OFFICIAL USE ONLY ******* Follow-up information and comments (i.e. call, letter, text, in-person)Date:Date:Date:Date:Date: HAEC Assimilation Form 2 HAEC 0077 updated 08/27/2012