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The Open Data Institute

  1. 1.
  2. 2. The ODI is convening world-experts and organisationsto catalyse a new primary industry – powered by Open Data “data is the new oil of the Internet and the new currency of the digital world” European Commissioner
  3. 3. data is the raw materialof the 21st Century Semiconductor: “20Hz” a geo-magnetic storm occurring in the Earths upper atmosphere
  4. 4. Access to credible, robust data will unlock huge social, environmental, and economic value “Open Data is at the heart of my agenda for government” UK Prime Minister, David Cameron
  5. 5. What is open data? “A piece of content or data is open if anyone is free to use, reuse, and redistribute it – subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and share-alike.”( “We have arrived at a tipping point for businesses, consumers, governments and citizens...we predict businesses will begin to loosen the shackles on their own data by using open innovation to harness the interest and skills of a more digitally connected public.”(Richard Hammell - Partner Deloitte Analytics)
  6. 6. ODI background and leadership team Gavin Starks, CEO Serial entrepreneur with 15+ years startup experience and 20+ years with internet and data.Sir Tim Berners-Lee Stuart Coleman, Commercial Director President 15+ years technology sales and account management. Formerly HP, CA, and AMEE. Jeni Tennison, Technical Director World-leader in open data and linked data. W3C, and architect.Prof. Nigel Shadbolt Chairman
  7. 7. Leading the creation of an Open Data ecosystem Open accessTodays issuesUnstructured → Structured“Accessible” → AddressableNo “source” Triple-bottom-line → Traceable Create supplyAd hoc Impact → Sustainable → Standards → Diploma Showcase → Processes Social, Environmental, → Short-courses Empower → Exemplars and Economic Impact → R&D → TBL value → Assets Demonstrate ROI → Events & Space Create demand → Mentoring → Networking → Funding access Incubate
  8. 8. Unlocking the potentialTransforming legal education- 700 years of knowledge opened up- 20 million users, 50 million page viewsPublic private sector co-operation- Experts participants engaged to crowd sourceresearch- 200% + acceleration in publication rate- legislation now accessible to a broader audience- ££££ saved in buying legal data “Information causes change, otherwise it’s not information”
  9. 9. Closer to homeClean Cloud ComputingBorn out of London 2012 Green Hackathon.Linking cloud-computing to national energy policy.“Information causes change, otherwise it’s not information”
  10. 10. Closer to home Improved public services dashboard – Transport for London Live bus information: 250,000+ downloads / countless other apps available
  11. 11. Other examplesGovernment Corporate 85% reduction in MRSA cases over 4 years, est. £45 m savings Improving the quality of care Circa 9000+ datasets available, e.g transparency on all W+K, PIE, Portland tech community / procurement over £500 Hackathon / reduce environmental impacts SMEs International Driving transparency into UK plc Crowd source data – received several pre revenue challenges – empowering offers of £20m / Dec 2011 data scientists Making roads safer – informing transport decisions Opening up procurement Cutting costs, eliminating complexity and reducing risk Simple open access to Millions saved in every corporate Californian spending
  12. 12. Where can I get it?!
  13. 13. Whos at the ODI today?
  14. 14. … Hack4Health, Midata and devCSI innovation events, ODUG, delegates from Norway, South Korean, USA, Asia, MacArthur Foundation, ICT reform, CleanWeb...
  15. 15. St Martins in the Fields and Dunraven Students at a data mash-up with Deloitte
  16. 16. Focus Build capabilities Set the standards Demonstrate value Exemplar for delivery Establish reputation World-class reputation Sector Modelling Established OD ecosystem Innovation Development Membership Country Franchise Syndication Model Events Project Events Incubation Convening Membership Increasing value Launch Research Corporate Sector Diploma Exemplars Specialism Demonstrable Standards Govt TBL ROI Exemplars Training Standards Ubiquity Demonstrable long-tail ROI Now Y5
  17. 17. @SRCOleman @ukODI
  18. 18. data. As culture. Groß and Clerc: topology of London reshaped according to the underground map
  19. 19. Whats the value in it for me?
  20. 20. Whats the value in it for me?