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Surf & turf


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Every month, to accompany our Theme Nights, we produce a Power point presentation which we display on a big screen in the Dining Hall. We try to make these relatively interesting..............

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Surf & turf

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  2. 2. Buffalo Wing Soup Sirloin Steak with Shrimp Surfers Jambalaya Pork Steak with Sauté Mushrooms Fat Boy Chips Roasted Vegetables Corn on the Cob Barbecue Beans Caesar Salad Cheesy Coleslaw Florida Salad Potato & Egg Salad Dessert Buffet Fresh Fruit Ice CreamExpress Support Services - Malongo
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  4. 4. Surf and Turf:A type of cuisine that combines bothgrass fed meat and seafood.There are numerous combinationsof this. The classic variation is Steakwith Prawns but other populardishes use Lobster, Crab orLangoustines.The term ‘Surf n Turf’ becamewidespread during the 1960’s. It isalso sometimes referred to as ‘Beefand Reef’. Express Support Services - Malongo
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  6. 6. Kelly SlaterConsidered the greatest surfer of all time, Slater hascontinued to blow minds and shatter records with hissurfing style, technical ability and focus. He won his firstworld title in 1992, then enjoyed five consecutive winsfrom 1994 to 1998 before coming back from retirement in2002 to claim the 2005 and 2006 world crowns. KellySlater altogether has surfed 608 heats in his WCTcareer. He has won 453 of them, which is 75% of allheats.Kelly Slater won in 36 of his 46 finals which gives him 36World Cup Tour of Surfing Victories. With these victories,by the end of 2007, Kelly has won EIGHT World titles.Last year Kelly Slater smashed the last remaining recordhe did not hold - the most number of competitionvictories that was held by Tom Curren (USA). After theTrestles event Kelly was first with 34 victories. After twowins in 2008, he now has 36 victories.Surfing career statsCareer Earnings: US $1,462,005Years on the Fosters ASP World Tour: 2008 is Kelly’s14th year with the Foster’s ASP World TourHighest Foster’s ASP World Tour Rating: ASP WorldChampion in 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2005and 2006Years on ASP WQS: 14 yearsHighest ASP WQS Ratings: 1st in 1994 Express Support Services - Malongo
  7. 7. A history of Surfing:On Captain James Cooks third expeditionto the Pacific, his ships,HMS Discovery and Resolution, made thefirst recorded European visit to Hawaii in1778, when they stopped at the westernend of the island chain on their way fromTahiti to the northwest coast of NorthAmerica. After a frustrating yearfruitlessly looking for a passage from theNorth Pacific into the Atlantic, Cookbrought his ships back to the Hawaiianchain, this time stopping at the Big Islandof Hawaii. There, at Kealakekua Bay, Cookwas killed by Hawaiians when he made amisguided attempt to kidnap their highchief to force the return of a stolen boat. Express Support Services - Malongo
  8. 8. Lieutenant James King was made First Lieutenant of the Discovery and was given the task of completing the narrative portion ofCooks journals. After Cooks death in 1779 but before the Discovery and Resolution returned to England, Lt. King devoted two fullpages to a description of surfboard riding, as practiced by the locals at Kealakekua Bay on the Kona coast of the Big Island. Hisfollowing entry is the earliest written account of surfing.But a diversion the most common is upon the Water, where there is a very great Sea, and surf breaking onthe Shore. The Men sometimes 20 or 30 go without the Swell of the Surf, & lay themselves flat upon anoval piece of plan about their Size and breadth, they keep their legs close on top of it, & their Arms areusd to guide the plank, thye wait the time of the greatest Swell that sets on Shore, & altogether pushforward with their Arms to keep on its top, it sends them in with a most astonishing Velocity, & the greatart is to guide the plan so as always to keep it in a proper direction on the top of the Swell, & as it alters itsdirect. If the Swell drives him close to the rocks before he is overtaken by its break, he is much praisd. Onfirst seeing this very dangerous diversion I did not conceive it possible but that some of them must be dashedto mummy against the sharp rocks, but jus before they reach the shore, if they are very near, they quit theirplank, & dive under till the Surf is broke, when the piece of plank is sent many yards by the force of theSurf from the beach. The greatest number are generally overtaken by the break of the swell, the force ofwhich they avoid, diving and swimming under the water out of its impulse. By such like excercises, thesemen may be said to be almost amphibious. The Women could swim off to the Ship, & continue half a dayin the Water, & afterwards return. The above diversion is only intended as an amusement, not a tryal ofskill, & in a gentle swell that sets on must I conceive be very pleasant, at least they seem to feel a greatpleasure in the motion which this Exercise gives.Thus, Lieutenant James King, commander of the Discovery, 1779, recorded in the ships log the first written description ofHawaiian surfing by a European. Express Support Services - Malongo
  9. 9. In 1779, riding waves lying down or standing on long, hardwood surfboards was an integral part of Hawaiian culture. Surfboard riding was as layered into the society, religion and myth of the islands as baseball is to the modern United States. Chiefs demonstrated their mastery by their skill in the surf, and commoners made themselves famous (and infamous) by the way they handled themselves in the ocean. Anthropologists can only guess at the origin and evolution of wave-riding and surfboard construction in Polynesian culture, since theres no certainty about the timeline and movements of the Polynesians.Express Support Services - Malongo
  10. 10. When Captain Cook arrived in Hawaii,surfing was deeply rooted in manycenturies of Hawaiian legend and culture.Place names had been bestowed becauseof legendary surfing incidents. Thekahuna (experts) intoned special chants tochristen new surfboards, to bring the surfup and to give courage to the men andwomen who challenged the big waves.Hawaiians had no written language untilthe haole (white-skinned people) arrived,so their genealogy and history wereremembered in songs and chants. Therewere legendary stories of love matchesmade and broken in the surf, lives riskedand heroic ocean deeds by chiefs andcommoners. Express Support Services - Malongo
  11. 11. The sport of kings: not horse-racing, butsurfing. Rare photos have emergedshowing King Edward VIII, then the Princeof Wales, riding a wave in Hawaii in 1920in what is believed to be the earliest everpicture of a British surfer – royal orotherwise.Agatha Christie (right) and her firsthusband Archie may have been amongthe first Britons to learn how to surfstanding up. Christie noted herobservations of the sport – and reactionsto the odd wipe-out – at the time, writing:"The surf boards in South Africa weremade of light, thin wood, easy to carry,and one soon got the knack of coming inon the waves."It was occasionally painful as you took anosedive down into the sand, but on thewhole it was an easy sport and great fun." Express Support Services - Malongo
  12. 12. Ok, that was a history of ‘Surf’, now for a history of ‘Turf’…………………… Express Support Services - Malongo
  13. 13. Just kidding!Enjoy your meal!Express Support Services - Malongo