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eROSA Vision 2030


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Johannes Keizer's presentation at the 3rd eROSA Workshop in Athens, Greece (21-22/5/2018)

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eROSA Vision 2030

  1. 1. eROSA has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730988 VISION 2030 eROSA 3rd Stakeholder workshop, Athens, 2018, May 21 Johannes Keizer, for the eROSA team
  2. 2. Vision Paper In 2030 food systems will produce healthy nutritious foods, produced through input-efficient methods and supporting a thriving environment. Food Systems will operate as collaborative networks, that are constantly improving to improve their economic, environmental and social performance for all actors in the network, and those food systems can be region specific, in local territories, but also global. The food systems contribute to the achievement of a wide range of objectives as captured by the SDG’s and contributes to mitigating climate change impacts, and adapting to negative consequences of climate change. AsLHeD5kRlWUEGKY090v2OHvDy1PHl_W FYzc/edit#
  3. 3. Agriculture – back into the center of civilization
  4. 4. The vision cannot be European - it has to be global
  5. 5. healthy and delicious food for all based on environmentally and socially sustainable agriculture and food production
  6. 6. it cannot be about agriculture and food it needs to be about Food Systems
  7. 7. Efficiency needs to be accounted for in terms of Quality and sustainability, efficiency in mass production has still its role, though
  8. 8. Radical Transparency! science is not limited to Universities and Research Institutes, but includes farmers, industry, supply chain and citizens
  9. 9. • Big data in Omics • Artificial intelligence • Robotics • Precision agriculture for sustainability
  10. 10. Internet of Things Communities Trust And again: radical transparency
  11. 11. Main vision for roadmaps: • Fairization of back ends, but no technology dictate • Improvements of front ends, but no homogenization and limitations • Working in the middle for interoperability • Common semantics of prime importance
  12. 12. CONSORTIUM WWW.EROSA.AGINFRA.EU Thank you for your attention! And many thanks to the eROSA team