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My favorit Sport


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My favorit Sport

  1. 1. What is the name of the sport? Walking
  2. 2. How many people play it? many people play this
  3. 3. where do they play it? In The Beach
  4. 4. What equipment do they need? Walking device
  5. 5. How do they count the score? Very goog
  6. 6. Do you Know any famous players of this sport in your country? No famous in This sport
  7. 7. Do you play This sport ? If yes, how often? Yes 5 day
  8. 8. Do you watch this sport TV ? If yes ,how often? NO
  9. 9. A medical study confirmed that the practice of modern Czech brisk walking a day is an excellent preventive measure to protect the body from a long list of diseases Health problems and diseases such as diabetes, infertility, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and arthritis . Also confirmed that walking regularly improves mental rights and makes muscles less tense, and put away negative emotions and improves the performance of the brain , It also contributes to improvement in mood, as it regulates the process of creating material endorphins , And the rest of the hormones that have a positive impact on the psyche of man , And thus contribute to the prolongation of human life . And cautions that a lot of people are dying in the world now than over-eating and lack of movement . The human daily to walk a distance ranging between ten thousand to twelve thousand by step, while the reality is that the human average rate now walks about 1500 just a step . The study emphasizes that only 10% People have now generally adequate movement, therefore, obesity and weight gain in the growth of dangerous in different societies , So is talking about obesity as a serious epidemic threatens humanity
  10. 10. And alert to study the importance of the movement-intensive but have the correct format , And commensurate with age and his health Mmarsha stressing that the rights are not young or healthy, he must consult his doctor before daring to walking fast , Because the doctor in such cases can be for him to call him or her to some of the dangers and difficulties that need to be avoided to make the required walk . And confirms that stroke or stroke, are at the moment and one of the most causes of death in the world . Therefore, vigorous walking per day is the best protection, including * This is why doctors advise so people who have a stroke heart attack walking as a means to prevent the recurrence of infection , Walking allows the body to restore its lost . The study suggests that brisk walking regulates blood pressure and increase the performance of the heart and also improves the body's supply of oxygen , At the same time get rid of the materials necessary to remove them from the body . The brisk walking has another benefit is that it makes even in advanced age are characterized by dynamic, vigorous , And retreating to the unit have health problems or torn by their exposure to injuries such as falling or breaking the hand or the foot
  11. 11. Other benefits of walking: - Increase your activity and vitality? - You feel comfortable and happy? - Reduce Aaltotr and stress? - Makes you sleep easily and deeply? - Smooth muscles and strengthens them? - Distributes fat in the body, leaving you with an object consistent? - Raise the rate of consumption of calories, which helps in weight loss