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Mobile development with Flash pro


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My slides for the Universidad de Londres in 2012.

Mobile development with flash pro.

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Mobile development with Flash pro

  1. 1. Mobile development with Flash Pro Beginners guide
  2. 2. RIActive user group co-managerFrancisco Granados● Game developer● as3, java, groovy, ruby, php, objective-c, javascript ● @GzFrancisco●●
  3. 3. Concepts, tools and expectations
  4. 4. Concepts and tools Xcode Smart phone Eclipse Mobile OS JetBrainsMarkets and rules Aptana Screen sizes Dreamweaver Screen density HTML IDE Performance Flash Builder Flash Pro
  5. 5. What I expect
  6. 6. What I have
  7. 7. What I have
  8. 8. Flash Pro, tool for cross OS● Cross OS● Develop in Windows and Mac ● Interactive for Android, iOS ● Easy to learn and BlackBerry ● Easy to use Playbook OS ● Easy to deploy● OOP in AS3, is like ● Designer friendly Java ● Format in xml for● Access to native collaboration APIs
  9. 9. Do the code and show me the money!
  10. 10. Q&A
  11. 11.