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ABSOLUT Flavors YouTube video campaign


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ABSOLUT Flavor youtube video campaign

Published in: Marketing
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ABSOLUT Flavors YouTube video campaign

  1. 1. ABSOLUT L I T H U A N I A | Y O U T U B E 34 • 289.370 video views • 2.299.603 minutes or 38.326 hours watched • 7:56 minutes average view duration • 50.000 mix downloads • 67,88% unique view rate • 184 additions to playlists
  2. 2. Global YouTube Pernod Ricard challenged iProspect to promote two vodka flavours and engaging users with branded content and reaching 10.000 hours of brand engagement. Using Facebook interest graph identified most popular artists of Absolut Facebook audience and created 2 hours mix with engaging party video. All content production was done by iProspect – ideation, video shooting and content seeding. Challenge Results 35 Strategy 2,8XMORE TIME SPENT WITH THE BRAND 50K MIX DOWLOADS 67,88% VIEW-THROUGH RATE 38K HOURS OF VIDEO WATCHED Link to video