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10 kw solar_power_plant


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10 kw solar_power_plant

  1. 1. For Details pls call : K.R. Jagadeesh Babu – 91766 26192 / Email : krj@solkar.in10 KWSolar Power PlantSolar energy systems reduce up to 100% your electricitycosts, depending on system size. Utility prices are only goingup every year. Solar energy provides you security from risingelectricity rates.Save Electricity Bill Uninterrupted Power Supply Save Mother Earth
  2. 2. For Details pls call : K.R. Jagadeesh Babu – 91766 26192 / Email : krj@solkar.inAbout SolkarSOLKAR is a very well known brand in India amongst other companies in SolarIndustry. Started in the year 1985, by Mr.K.E. RAGUNAATHAN, an engineerwith specialization in the field of solar energy, as a First Generation Entrepreneur.We are operating for more than 25 years in this industry with wide Innovation ofsolar products to reach a common man.We offer unrivalled breadth and depth of products and integrating technologies across platformsincluding Solar power plant – both grid and off grid types, Solar Water Heater, Solar Street Lights,portable solar products such as – Solar Lanterns, Solar Fans , SUN UPS etc. SOLKAR is ISO9001:2000 certified for our Quality Management System. We support our customer with ourexpertise right from Design, Manufacturing, Installation & Maintenance and effective after salesservice.With the success of practical knowledge and experience, SOLKAR has now reached a stage wherein, it can show its expertise of product manufacturing, technology support, new applicationdevelopments with start up companies situated outside. We have already established on J.V atSingapore in the name of ECO SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD.We OfferInstalling Solar Power Generators was an expensive affair till this period. TheCentral government in its national policy has now initiated several measures topromote Solar Energy production by extending grants and subsidy in Bankinterest rates. The scheme has been announced on 16.06.2010 under JawaharlalNehru National Solar Mission to be served on first come first basis.Solar Power Plant 10 KWp : This will be installed in the building which will provide anuninterrupted power thro solar energy in the day hours for the existing electrical appliances viz., Indoorlights, Corridor lights, Fans, EPBX, Computers, Printers etc.,
  3. 3. For Details pls call : K.R. Jagadeesh Babu – 91766 26192 / Email : krj@solkar.inParticulars Solar Power PlantPictureCapacity 10 KWUnits 1 UnitApplicationSolar power back up for existing electricalappliances viz., Tube lights, Fans, EPBxComputers, Printers etc.,Scope of SupplySystem includes Solar Module, Battery,InverterSolar Panel Wattage 215 Wp X 48 NosBattery Rating 12 V 140 Ah X 10 NosPower Saving PM* 1500 UnitsMoney saved PM (EB unit cost @ Rs.6.50)*Rs. 9,750/-Not in Scope Civil Work, Conduit material and WiringWarranty1 Year for the system and 10 Years forSolar Panel* Clear Sunny days are to be calculated at 320 days in a yearEconomy of the Package Proposed
  4. 4. For Details pls call : K.R. Jagadeesh Babu – 91766 26192 / Email : krj@solkar.inBatterySolar PV ModulesInverter (DC to AC)Today, PV systems have an important use in areas remote from an electricity grid where theyprovide power for water pumping, lighting, vaccine refrigeration, electrified livestock fencing,telecommunications and many other applications. However, with the global demand to reducecarbon -dioxide emissions, PV technology is also gaining popularity as a mainstream form ofelectricity generation.Photovoltaic modules provide an independent, reliable electrical power source at the point ofuse, making it particularly suited to remote locations. However, solar PV is increasingly beingused by homes and offices to provide electricity to replace or supplement grid power, often inthe form of solar PV roof tiles. The daylight needed is free, but the cost of equipment can takemany years before receiving any payback. However, in remote areas where grid connection isexpensive, PV can be the most cost effective power sourceHow does solar power plant works?• The solar panels when exposed to sunlight generate DC electricity• The DC power goes through a solar inverter which is a critical component in a solarenergy system. It performs the conversion of the variable DC output of thePhotovoltaic (PV) module(s) into a clean sinusoidal 50- or 60 Hz AC current that isthen applied directly to the commercial electrical grid or to a local, off-grid electricalnetwork.• The intelligent Solar Inverter will first sense for the solar energy and supply it to theload. When there is no solar energy available then it will look for EB and supply tothe load. When both Solar and EB is not available then it will back up the load fromthe Battery.A Solar Photo Voltaic system consists of just 4 main elements:Solar panelsPanel mounting structures with Suitable wiringInverterBatteriesbatery10 Kw Solar Power Plant
  5. 5. For Details pls call : K.R. Jagadeesh Babu – 91766 26192 / Email : krj@solkar.inEstimated Project CostSolar Power Plant 10 KWp Rs. 28,00,000.00Add : VAT @ 4% on Rs. 28,00,000.00 Rs. 1,12,000.00Add : Transportation and Erection Charges Rs. 28,000.00---------------------Project Pay out cost Rs. 29,40,000.00---------------------Life of the SystemSolar Modules 20 – 25 YearsBattery 3 – 5 YearsInverter 5 Years* This project is eligible for the subsidy from MNRE for Rs. 8,10,000/- whichwill be paid directly to you after the completion of installation and submittingthe relevant documents. Solkar will take care the formalities in availing subsidyfrom MNRE.What do you Get by installing this package :1. Your college shows the means of becoming green college2. You can save energy and also it provides a testing and learning platform foryour students.3. Caring the environment and Mother earth.FINANCIAL VIABILITY OF THE PACKAGE
  6. 6. For Details pls call : K.R. Jagadeesh Babu – 91766 26192 / Email : krj@solkar.inWAY FORWARD1. A confirmation of interest to have this system in your college.2. Based on this confirmation, we will carry out a detailed study of the site at ourcost.3. We will apply for subsidy from Union ministry, MNRE.4. On receipt of the subsidy sanction, we will follow up for loan from your bankerand apply for subsidised interest rate if required by you.5. On receipt of the subsidy and loan sanction, you can pay your remainingportion of advance to the company for execution.6. The system will be installed within 3 weeks from this date.Please Note :-The fund will be available for around 50 institutions on First come First servebasis before 15thJune, 2011.Your confirmation should be along with the payment of Rs. 5.00 Lakhs advanceas token of interest to reach at our office within one week.Any further payment from your college will be issued only after confirmation ofsubsidy / bank loan.All formalities for subsidy / bank loan will be done by us. You will provide usall needed documentation for the same.For More details and order, Call :K.R. Jagadeesh Babu – General Manager.Mobile : 91766 26192.SOLKAR SOLAR INDUSTRY LIMITED13/2, Jayalakshmipuram 1stStreet,Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600 034.Ph. : 044 2827 1819. Fax : 044 2827 3435.Email : Website :
  7. 7. For Details pls call : K.R. Jagadeesh Babu – 91766 26192 / Email : krj@solkar.inSite Photos10 Kw Solar Power Plant at DG Vaishnav College, Chennai.
  8. 8. For Details pls call : K.R. Jagadeesh Babu – 91766 26192 / Email : krj@solkar.in10 Kw Solar Power Plant at PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore