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Gyan partner organization hr

  1. 1. Do You have the Answers to the following? (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2.  Is Attrition your Major Concern?  Are you Continuously looking to Strengthen your Quality Workforce?  Do you feel Wastage of your Time and Cost on Training New Recruits ?  Are you Willing to take Risks with Freshers?  Do you Loose the Opportunity Cost while inducting New Hires?  Is it a Challenge to assess the Knowledge and Interest of a New Recruit and therefore assigning a Responsibility?  Do you feel your Employees are Flexible and Adaptable to the Dynamism?  Do you feel you have good projects for students? (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  3. 3. We have the Answers for everything… (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  4. 4. By Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) “ We don’t Believe in Training, we believe in Learning” (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  5. 5. About TechBuddy 6 Gyanbuddy Education Programmes 7 Graduate Gyan Programme Working 8 Model Gyan Industrial Project Working Model 9 Benefits to Gyan Partner Organizations 10 Requirements from your Organization 21 Assurances from Techbuddy 22 Some of our Gyan Partner 23 Organizations Our Success Stories 24 Testimonies 26 (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  6. 6.  An ISO-9001:2008 Certified Organization.  Founded in 2008 by IIT Alumni with prominent experts on advisory board.  Punch line: “Don’t Just Create, Innovate”  Offices: Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai & Udaipur Vision Techbuddy Consulting envisages along with its team, a vision to build a robust education environment, where the creation, exchange and sharing of all forms of knowledge is highly effective & meaningful, & is easily accessible to everyone. Provides Education Consulting through its brands:  GyanBuddy Education : Bridging the gap between “What Student perceives” and “What Industry requires”, synergized with the highest quality teaching standards of its specialist faculties, & driven altogether by interests and aptitude of the students I. Campus Buddy: A comprehensive ERP System. Our Education Programmes are currently partnered with more than 30 Academic Institutions & mentored more than 5000 students. (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  7. 7. Our Education Programmes are aimed at Developing quality into Education by the democratization of Industry-academia relationship, along with interest nurturing, skill building & complete attitude change in our students to meet the industry standards and demands.  Long Term Programmes: 1. Gyan Industrial Projects(GIP) 2. Graduate Gyan Programme (GGP) 3. Summer Internship Gyan Programme(SIGP) 4. Gyan University Programme(GUP) 5. Gyan School Programme(GSP)  Short Term Programmes: 1. Gyan Enhancement Programme which include Workshops, Guest Lectures, Web Sessions and Mentoring Sessions. 2. Faculty Gyan Enhancement Programmes. 3. Technical Conferences. (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  8. 8. Analysis of available Job Profiles & their Requirements at our GPOs Students are selected on the basis of Level 1: Score in National Level Gyan Enhancement Tests(GET). We consider the scores of students in individual topics rather than the total to evaluate their interests Level 2: Psychometric analysis to assess their overall behaviour and attitude First Phase of mentoring at Gyanbuddy to make students more Employable Complete Performance Analysis ensuring Mentoring under our Specialist Gyanbearers the quality Recruitment process of the Employable Candidates called Gyani Recruits by GPOs at our Gyan Centers Recruiting GPOs put Gyani Recruits into the Second Phase of Unpaid on Job Training along with Responsibilities . GPOs pay TechBuddy an amount equal to the total salary of the Gyani Recruits during Second Phase of Unpaid on Job Training (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  9. 9. Projects along with Technical & other Know-how taken from GPOs, to be floated as GIPs for students. Students are selected on the basis of Level 1: Score in National Level Gyan Enhancement Tests(GET). We consider the scores of students in individual topics rather than the total to evaluate their interests Level 2: Psychometric analysis to assess their overall behaviour and attitude Students work on GIPs with following support from Gyanbuddy Regular Evaluation for ensuring the timely Mentoring under our Specialist Gyanbearers delivery of objectives On successful completion of GIPs, students are rewarded with following Stipend & Pre-Placement Offers Work Experience Certificates Opportunity to publish Research to deserving candidates from GPOs & Techbuddy Paper in various Journals (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  10. 10.  Time & Cost Saving on the Training  Complete Training Programme delivered by our Eminent & Specialist Gyan Bearers  Access to huge pool of quality brains trained in pre-requisite technologies required by company  Saves Time on Soft Skills Training  Free Value addition in the form of research projects  Recruits start delivering from Day 1 at job  Spreading knowledge in the society with no extra liability (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  11. 11. (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  12. 12. Considering the company spends Rs 100 per recruit on each of the following heads, following is the comparative expenditure on a Gyani Recruit(Candidate recruited through this Programme). (A) Direct costs for the company on each course, each person attending, and each time the course is run. These costs include: S.No. On Fresh Recruit(Rs) On Gyani Recruit Expense Heads (Only Involves cost of time devoted by company with GyanBuddy)(Rs) 1) 100 10 Instructional development 2) 100 10 Materials 3) 100 10 Travel 4) 100 Nil Room, equipment, catering 5) 100 Nil Instructor fees 6) 100 Nil Participant salaries 7) 100 Nil Fringe benefits 8) 100 Nil Other 800 30 Total Expenses (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  13. 13. (B) Indirect costs (annual costs divided by the number of courses run) such as: S.No. On Fresh Recruit(Rs) On Gyani Recruit Expense Heads (Only Involves cost of time devoted by company with GyanBuddy)(Rs) 1) Administration (record 100 10 keeping, etc.) 2) Clerical, typing, graphics, 100 Nil other support people 3) Ongoing course 100 10 maintenance/development efforts 4) Catalogs, mailings, programs, 100 10 shipping, telephone 5) 100 Nil Other 500 30 TOTAL Expenses Total Expenses (A+B) On Fresh Recruit(Rs) On Gyani Recruit(Rs) TOTAL (A+B) 1300 60 200(considering only a fraction of Extra Cost added Included time would be for ‘on job Training’ required now) Grand Total 1300 260 80% Cost (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Saving
  14. 14. 2) Complete training programme delivered by our eminent & specialist Gyanbearers from diverse fields. Our GyanBearers/ faculties Include:  Professors from IITs/IIMs ,IISc, and Universities abroad  Professionals with vast experience of working in industry.  Alumni of best academic institutions.  CEOs and top people from young startups.  Industrialists.  Government personalities. Etc. (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  15. 15. Mr. Sanjay Bhasin Ex-CEO Essel Propeck Alumnus of IIT & MIT. Dr. Sandeep Singh, Professor, IIT Roorkee Dr.Utpal Tatu, Professor, IISc Bangalore Mr. Sameer Guglani Founder & Partner, Morpheus Venture Partners. Dr. Arun Saraf Professor IIT Roorkee Mr. Himanshu Gupta MBA IIM Calcutta, B.Tech IIT Roorkee (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  16. 16. Mr. Mayank Agarwal Mr. Shubham Goel, CEO, Ambicales Ex- Consultant Deloitte & Mr. Shantanu Ghosh B.Tech, IIT Touche Alumnus of IIT Kharagpur B.Tech ,M.Tech. IIT & IIM Lucknow, ex Faculty Kanpur. at IIM Lucknow. And Many More… Mr. Sanket Anavkar, Dr. Nitesh Nalwaya, Visual Mobile Pvt. Ltd.. PhD, MIT Boston B.Tech, IIT Bombay Mr. Vidit Saxena, Analyst, JP Morgan B.Tech., IIT Roorkee Mr. Pankaj Sharma Founder Lead Invent, Mr. Amit Gupta incubated at IIT Delhi. SAP Consultant Mr. K.G.Gupta , Vice President Operations, Lipi Data Systems Ltd. (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  17. 17. 3) Access to huge pool of quality brains trained in pre-requisite technologies required by company (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  18. 18. It Includes: 1) Group Activities and Team Building 2) Communication 3) Positive Approach 4) Entrepreneurship 5) Resume Development 6) Professional Writing skills 7) Industrial Sociology 8) Company Ethics Etc. (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  19. 19. 5) Free Value addition : Industry can get their Research Projects done from the students, under the mentorship of our specialist Gyanbearers. 6) Recruits start delivering from Day 1 at job. 7) Spreading knowledge in the society with no extra liability. (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  20. 20. 1. Technical & other Assistance for designing the training modules, project and curriculum. 2. Intimation of exact number of requirements & profile of the new recruits along with tentative pay package and location of job. 3. A Sample Project, related to those technologies, which can be taken up by the candidates 4. A Technical Coordinating team to coordinate the project works with candidates through our team, and can assess the work done by candidates. 5. Audit at different time intervals. 6. Technical people from the company, travel expenses to be borne by Techbuddy. 7. Allowing Industrial visits for the candidates as and when required. 8. Certifying the project undertaken by the candidates. 9. Extending placement offers to the candidates who meet your requirements. (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  21. 21.  Techbuddy Consulting shall not divulge to any Third Party directly or indirectly any confidential information about the industry.  Techbuddy Consulting will not resell any part of study material or reveal vital information related to the project provided by the industry without the prior consent from the industry.  Techbuddy would ensure the quality of the work done on the project.  Techbuddy Consulting will arrange for travelling and accommodation of the people visiting from the industry for the project. (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  22. 22. Within less than 2 years, we already have more than 35 companies associated with us Company Techbuddy Reference Mobile2Win, Mumbai Rajat Jain, Chairman Secure Meters, Udaipur Ketan Bhatt, VP, HR Ambicales Pvt Ltd, New Delhi Mayank Agarwal, Director Clipweave, New Delhi Aditya Sahay, Director Lipi Data Systems Ltd, Mumbai VJ Paneri, VP, HR Visual Mobile Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Divya Bhasin, CEO The Morpheus Venture Partners, Sameer Guglani, Chandigarh, and their 30 portfolio Partner companies Aravali Minrocks Pvt Ltd, Udaipur Nikhil Chowdhary, Director (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 22
  23. 23. (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  24. 24. We are serving prestigious Government Educational Institutions Indian Institute of Technology (IIT),Mandi, Himachal Pradesh & IIITM Gwalior. We have been profiled as one of the top budding Organizations at Pioneering Spirit by ET NOW, TiE, NEN, IITR Heritage, Yourstory. Partial List of our others clients Include: 1. Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi 2. IIITM, Gwalior 3. Sir Padampath Singhania University, Udaipur 4. Jaipur Engineering College, Jaipur 5. Gitanjali Institute of Technical Studies, Udaipur 6. Krishna Engineering College, Ghaziabad 7. Techno India NJR Institute of Technology, Udaipur 8. Singhania University, J hunjhunu 9. Mody Institute of Technology, Kota 10.Shri Baba Mastnath Group, Rohtak,H aryana 11.Advent Institute of Management Studies, Udaipur 12.Sabar Educational Group, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 13.Aravali Group of colleges, Udaipur 14.Shrinathji Institute of Technology, Nathdwara 15.SS Group of Colleges And many more.. (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  25. 25. (c)Techbuddy Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  26. 26. "Enable us, enable India“ Its wonderful watching Roorkeans do wonderful things. Pankaj Sharma Founder Lead Invent, IIT Delhi Dr. Arun Saraf Professor, IIT Roorkee International Conference on Advanced Computing & Creating Entrepreneurs Venue – Gitanjali Institute of Technical Studies, Udaipur This would bring awareness about The knowledge was always there, new technologies to the burgeoning Date – 12 and GyanBuddy brings it to the th -13th February, 2010 higher education class of our country. needful. A perfect example of value Topic: creation. 1. Remote Sensing Dr. Nitesh Nalwaya 2. Importance & Benefits of Clean Energy MIT Boston, IIT Alumni 3. Disaster Management Agarwal Mayank 4. CEO Ambicales Workshops on Robotics and Machine Learning 5. Venture Funding and Entrepreneurship 6. Computational biology technologies 7. Startup Mentoring & Advice
  27. 27. This would bridge the gap between the various levels & sources of Gyan Shashank Shrivastava M.Tech, B.Tech IIT Kanpur Knowledge Partner – Panache’2010 TechBuddy Consulting is a Venue – Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur wonderful initiative of IIT Roorkee Date – 19th -21st February, 2010 them all the graduates and I wish best for their future endeavours Topic: 1. Disaster Management Singh Dr. Sandeep Professor. IIT Roorkee 2. Workshops on Image Processing & Artificial Intelligence 3. Digital Marketing & Importance of Social Networking Platforms
  28. 28. GyanBuddy is a wonderful model, which works on demand and supply in the market Aditya Sahay CEO, Clipweave, B.Tech IIT Workshops Venue – Sabar Institute of Technology for Girls, Gujarat It was a wonderful learning Date – 15th -16th February, 2010 opportunity for me and sharing my knowledge.Its a great initiative”. Topic: 1. Basic Programming Languages Vidit Saxena 2. Introduction to Robotics Investment Banker, B.Tech IIT
  29. 29. It's all about standing out at right place... Others Others Others Others YOU Contact Us: H-5/56 Sector 11, Rohini, New Delhi Ph. No.-9711994303 Email: