Beta Technologies Presentation 2009 (Short)


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A short presentation on Beta Technologies portfolio and areas of activity as a Metaverse Development Company in the virtual world of Second Life, done by Moon Adamant

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Beta Technologies Presentation 2009 (Short)

  1. 1. Lisbon New York Portugal USA Beta Technologies is a bi-national company (Portuguese - American) specializing in content for Second Life ® and other virtual worlds. Beta Technologies exists since 2006, and has the highest level of recognition in excellence of service - the SL Gold Solution Provider Standard, granted by Linden Lab in 2009. For the last 3 years, we have worked in more than 70 projects for over 25 clients, all across the world. These include Xerox, Saxo Bank, Slovenian TV, Portuguese Presidency of Republic, Portuguese Post Service, King’s College London, and many more. We work similarly to a film producer: the core team manages up to 40 creators around the world, in areas such as architecture, design, 3D modellation, programming, and audiovisual. This allows such an extended portfolio in only three years. Through a substantial network of partners, we are also able to provide Marketing and PR services (inside and outside SL), technology solutions, community services, training and consulting. We are consolidating our services in 2009 through the release of products, such as the Beta Business Park - a business community in SL - and tools for analysis of RoI, such as metric systems, etc. Quality is our motto. Quality is established through a project methodology, which englobes consultancy, project calendarization (including long-term projects), watchful project management, and implementation of quality standards in the internal processes. The client is sure of our commitment and instant feedback by constant project meetings and reports. Following is a brief view of some of our areas of work and projects. Beta Technologies is a Second Life ® Gold Solution Provider
  2. 2. Lisbon New York Portugal USA Business Saxo Bank’s presence was aimed at presenting Saxo Bank’s online financial products to an international market. Also, the island was home to a popular FOREX stock simulation game and hosted several internal world-wide meetings and conferences - and also served as an informal meeting place for Saxo Bank’s staff all over the world. Xerox Island is a project aimed at establishing a virtual presence of Xerox in Second Life. It is a product show case, a meeting place for Xerox employees, congress and seminar centre. It also aims to inform the public of Xerox’s humanitarian and ecological concerns. This picture was taken at the Xerox Virtual Trade Fair 2007, a mixed reality event occuring simultaneously in Second Life and Boston, MA. Beta Technologies is a Second Life ® Gold Solution Provider
  3. 3. Lisbon New York Portugal USA Business MMC Island is the virtual presence of Slovenian TV’s web portal MMC. It aims to be a virtual gathering place of the Slovenian Community in SL, featuring major interest channels and a regular calendar of events. Grundfos Island was a project for Grundfos SA, Danmark - one of the world’s leading manufacturer of green technologies. Grundfos Island aimed to raise awareness about energy and water conservation issues, through a series of edugames and conferences and events. Beta Technologies is a Second Life ® Gold Solution Provider
  4. 4. Lisbon New York Portugal USA Events Dolce Vita 2008 Best Avatar Contest was a marketing event for the international company Chamartin - Dolce Vita Malls, destined to raise awareness of the brand amongst the Portuguese community in SL. We designed a complex voting process, mixing SL, Web and Social Media tools. The TechnoFlower Auditorium was the centre piece of the SL Community Convention in 2006 - the largest event in SL community - while Beta Technologies was still gathering informally. It was hailed as a powerful, innovative design, sitting up to 400 avatars across 4 sims. Beta Technologies is a Second Life ® Gold Solution Provider
  5. 5. Lisbon New York Portugal USA Events The Hair Fair 2009 was hosted by Beta Technologies at the Beta Business Park! Hair Fair is one of the most attended charity events in SL, raising funds to buy quality wigs for sick children. During the 15 days of the event, our sims were full and nearly US$10.000 were raised and delivered to the charity Locks of Love. The Presidency of Portuguese Republic established its presence in SL in 2009, with the opening of an exhibit on the 1000 years of Portuguese History. Due to our renowned technical skills, Beta Technologies was selected to recreate this very dramatic 14th century religious statue - the most impressive piece in the exhibit. Beta Technologies is a Second Life ® Gold Solution Provider
  6. 6. Lisbon New York Portugal USA Education Language Lab Welcome Area is a fulcral space for Language Lab. Here the new students are welcomed and can learn the basics of SL. Students can also discuss their learning course with the Language Lab staff in this space (in re-design at the moment). Language Lab is the oldest and most renowned of virtual language schools. Beta Technologies has worked with Language Lab since 2005, building most of the spaces in English City - here featured, the Airport in 2007. Language Lab’s concept resides in the creation of fully immersive environments where teachers and students can interact. Careful attention is giving to all details of the learning scenes, so that learning situations are explored to their outmost. Beta Technologies is a Second Life ® Gold Solution Provider
  7. 7. Lisbon New York Portugal USA Education Talent For Growth is the educational sim of DHR New Media, an USA e-learning company specializing in professional skills. Here, young adults are presented to stereotyped working places to introduce them to the challenges of their future jobs. Great care is set on details and recreation of possible events in the scenes. NMC is one of the largest consortiums of USA universities, being established in Second Life for long. Beta Technologies was contracted to make this recreation of the world-renowned Cleveland Heart Clinic (Cleveland, OH), to be part of a learning sim later moved to SL’s Teen Grid. Beta Technologies is a Second Life ® Gold Solution Provider
  8. 8. Lisbon New York Portugal USA Research The City and Spectacle Project aims to faithfully render the whole pre-1755 Lisbon urban tissue. It is currently being developed in Beta Technologies’ Open Sim grid, while awaiting additional funding. The Project features already the area of the Royal Palace, the Royal Opera House and the Patriarchal Church and Yard. The Theatron 3 project is made in collaboration with King’s College London. It aims to perfectly render 20 historical theatres throughout 2500 years of European history. The theatres will then be made available for further research into drama history. It is the largest project done so far in the field of Virtual Archaeology in Second Life. Beta Technologies is a Second Life ® Gold Solution Provider
  9. 9. Lisbon New York Portugal USA Programming Beta Technologies has a whole software division. This division produces the necessary programming for fully interactive content for SL projects, and also software projects in its own, either in Second Life or outside. Our skills lay in Web interfacing, system integration, gateway systems, simulation and game design, data collection and expert systems, using a variety of programming languages and tools, preferrably in opensource environments. Beta Technologies runs also its own Open Sim grid, mainly for backup and research projects. The Language Lab Champions’ Challenge Quiz game is a very good example of a Beta Technologies’ fully developed interactive solution. It is an edugame, aimed at the acquisition of vocabulary skills. It can be played by several teams or individuals. It allows for the keeping of High Scores, allows levels of playing and allows the intervention of a human referee/host. Beta Technologies is a Second Life ® Gold Solution Provider
  10. 10. Lisbon New York Portugal USA Audiovisual and Multimedia Through Beta Technologies US, we are able to produce video and audio with professional quality, the sum of 30 years’ experience in the field. We are able to work with real audio and video, and also to produce SL animation movies (machinimas). Beta Technologies has also the ability to run Mixed Media events, integrating real events with SL events and Web, which allow for larger and geographically dispersed audiences. In this machinima, Chief Technology Officer Sophie Vandebroek's avatar talks about research in 3D virtual worlds from Xerox and PARC, the Palo Alto Research Center. This machinima was done by Beta Technologies in 2007 Beta Technologies is a Second Life ® Gold Solution Provider
  11. 11. Lisbon New York Portugal USA This business-to-people community offers a different way to use Second Life. B2P provides a coherent territory dedicated to businesses and their clients, allowing easy connections between people, as well as convenient shared costs of common facilities. B2P tenants can use their Second Life offices for bringing together geographically diverse staff and clients, saving traveling costs without forfeiting the personal touch of being in the same place at the same time. B2P is a superb entry point for widening your market. Its knowledgeable staff and partners assist tenants with everything from introducing their workers and clients to the basics of virtual worlds and Second Life, to creating entire communities of their own. Round-the-clock support from the B2P staff gets tenants answers and assistance when they need it. If the answer to a question is not on the tip of their tongues, they work to get it quickly. Networking between tenants is key to what makes B2P special. Regularly scheduled events encourage community members to share ideas and learn from one another, as well as from the experts brought in to speak. Beta Technologies is a Second Life ® Gold Solution Provider
  12. 12. Lisbon New York Portugal USA Beta Business Park Beta Business Park is a coherent space. Get installed in just a few hours by choosing one of our modules, or ask us for a customized build for all your needs. From moment 0, experience the difference at Beta Business Park. You will login at a welcome area, which has been carefully planned to assure the easiest, fastest way of learning SL ropes. Our welcome area is manned by our team of concierges, which are just a click away from you. Beta Technologies is a Second Life ® Gold Solution Provider
  13. 13. Lisbon New York Portugal USA Beta Business Park Events are also networking. Beta Business Park has a constant calendar of events, from 101 classes to conferences and social gatherings. Ask us to design the event your business needs! Sharing is the motto of Beta Business Park. Save money by sharing our common utilities, such as the River Auditorium. Share your ideas at our conferences and discussion events. Share and network. Beta Technologies is a Second Life ® Gold Solution Provider
  14. 14. Lisbon New York Portugal USA Beta Technologies - Architects of the Virtual World Beta Technologies Europe Pr. Alvalade, 7 - 3º Dto 1700 - 036 Lisboa Portugal Tel: +351 21 798 11 71 Fax: +351 21 798 11 72 Beta Technologies US Inc. 123 West 18th Street Seventh Floor New York, NY 10011 Tel: +1-212-645-2228 Fax: +1-212-627-2838 Second Life Contact: Jeff Brooks