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SmartGraphs and SmartStats Smartsheet Workflow


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NHS Highland already use Smartsheet extensively to drive efficiencies in the organisation but they urgently needed a solution to track and monitor the progress of their respiratory protection programme to test and face fit all their Frontline staff with Masks that protect them from common airborne diseases
They were delighted with the register system using Smartsheet that Smarter Business Processes built for them. This SmartStats solution now provides them with the register management Process, top level Statistics and Visibility that they needed to progress this important work.

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SmartGraphs and SmartStats Smartsheet Workflow

  1. 1. Smarter Business Processes Discover the benefits of :- SmartStats & SmartGraphs in action for great workflows
  2. 2. SmartStats & Graphs …to test and face fit their frontline healthcare staff with FFP3 masks that protect them from a range of airborne diseases NHS Highland needed a near live monitoring tool to cover a remote and rural area with up to 50 sites
  3. 3. SmartStats & Graphs The Challenge The individual face fit testing exercise has to happen every 2 years and with 27 hospitals spread over a huge geographical area, each with numerous at-risk departments, managing this was logistically demanding and a very resource intensive headache.
  4. 4. SmartStats & Graphs The Solution We created a SmartStats Workflow System utilising the features of Smartsheet to Drive the Face Fitting work forward according to priorities, giving visibility of that progress to managers at all levels so progress could be monitored right up to a corporate level for all the operational Regions involved
  5. 5. SmartStats Hospital Register view Hospital Register showing the relevant Wards and their Staff requiring testing. This Data is entered by e.g. the Face Fit tester or the Charge Nurse onto a simple spreadsheet like this.
  6. 6. SmartStats – Hospital Dashboard View of the Statistical Progress towards Face Fit Testing at hospital level
  7. 7. SmartStats for the Face Fit Tester Face Fit testers To Do List Note the Amber Highlight is for Retests due within 6 months The Red Highlight lists all those who Next test date is overdue 1. The Tester sees this as a Report drawing data from a much bigger Hospital staff list and just focuses on the urgencies. 2. A different Report could draw data from ALL the hospitals that tester works for. 3. Note that Data entered in this report is LIVE DATA and edits the Hospital sheet at the same time. Can be edited on Tablet or Smartphone for ease.
  8. 8. SmartStats for Hospital Manager Hospital Manager’s Report Showing the Staff WHO have been successfully Fitted and Tested to use protective Masks and Powered Visors against infectious diseases and may be deployed. 1. Note the Amber Highlight shows Staff whose retests are due within 6 months. 2. The Red Flag denotes Staff that need the Powered Visor due to Facial Hair/size 3. A number of Powered Visors may well be kept in stock for emergencies
  9. 9. SmartStats for the Region Statistics from the whole Region Cell Linked to this sheet in Real Time, to provide analysis for this Region i.e the North region. Note the Progress with 57% of required staff completed but 58 Tests are now overdue. Added Benefits? The Procurement dep. are buying according to need from these stats. Also holding the right type of Emergency stock at the Rapid Deployment Depot.
  10. 10. SmartGraphs for the Hospital Statistics are more easy to consume in a graphical View in Real Time This screen shows the Hospital Stats in relation to the Region
  11. 11. SmartStats The Whole Region The Senior Management can access these Live Graphs via a unique confidential web Link to provide instant data across their Region. To View these Demo stats via your Web Browser click here…. Hover over the Columns for the numbers.
  12. 12. SmartStats & SmartGraphs The Benefits This SmartGraphs Workflow solution now provides NHS Highland with a Real-Time Register Management Process, top level Statistics and Visibility that they needed to progress this important work using Smartsheet
  13. 13. How is Smartsheet Different to such as Excel, MS Project or Google Sheets? In lots of ways that all work together for co-ordinated workflow management Visual Columns Drop-down Lists Date Columns File Sharing View Changes to any cell Automatic NotificationsOnline Sharing Discussion Tracking Reminders Email Updates Web forms to populate sheets Like a Spreadsheet, but Smarter
  14. 14. Using Any Device on any Platform Touchscreen UI
  15. 15. Resource Management
  16. 16. New Innovation? When did you last review your Processes and explore the benefits of using better tools? SmartWorkflows are specifically created for people like you, who just need to get your work done in the most efficient manner?
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  18. 18. New Innovation and more security? Do we actually need to understand any more detail? NB Credits to Google, see note below the picture. We specialise in helping organisations adopt Smarter Business Processes
  19. 19. SmartStats & Graphs Contact us here.. For your own Free initial Consultation and demonstration of how We at Smarter Business processes can help you access some huge benefits! WE’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU email: telephone: +44 1937 541 553