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NAMA transportation


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NAMA transportation

  1. 1. AttentionCoordinators, You alreadyknowaboutthe June 24th ribboncuttingto unveil the NationalParkService’snew alternative energyequipment,suchas propane lawnmowers, butwe wantedtomake sure youknow howto get to the event. Youhave two travel options andyoucan pick the one that’smost convenient for you! The closestmetrostationto the ThomasJefferson Memorial isthe SmithsonianStation.It’s locatedat 1200 Independence Avenue SW.It’sonthe Blue and Orange lines. A shuttle buswill be available atthe SmithsonianStationat9:00 A.M. There will be two departure times,one at9:15, and one at 9:30. The shuttle buswill take youtothe Memorial,and return youto the metroat the endof the event. If you chose,youmay alsodrive tothe JeffersonMemorial. ParkinglotsA,B,and C are located to the southof the Memorial.Parkingisfree andfirst-come,first-serve.There are alsoparkinggarages locatedthroughoutdowntownD.C. The locationof the Memorial is900 OhioDrive SW,WashingtonD.C. 20242. For more information,please visitthe Memorial’swebsiteat You can alsovisitthe metrostationwebsite at For yourconvenience,amaphas beenseparatelyattached.