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Kentico CMS - Web Analytics And Reporting

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Kentico CMS - Web Analytics And Reporting

  1. 1. Web Analytics and Reporting Michal Neuwirth ( Product Manager – Kentico Software
  2. 2. Reporting • Reporting is a module for displaying data as charts, tables or values • There is a set of pre-defined reports – You can create your own – You can modify existing one
  3. 3. E-commerce Reports • Number of orders per given period • Sales per given period • Inventory report • Top customers by sales
  4. 4. DEMO Reporting module …..
  5. 5. Web Analytics • Allow users to track and analyze web site visits, page views, file downloads and other metrics of the web site • Allow to display statistics via Reporting for a specific date-time interval
  6. 6. Web Analytics - Background • Web Analytics run as the background process which collects all necessary information • Collected information are stored locally in log files and scheduled task imports them into database • Web Analytics log “events” separately for each web site
  7. 7. Customization • Custom statistics • Custom reports
  8. 8. Available reports I. • Page views – Shows number of displayed pages and the most often requested pages. – Multi-lingual pages are tracked as one page • Page views - multilingual – Like Page views, but each cultural version of the page is tracked separately • Invalid pages – Shows requested web pages which were not found on the website • Referrals – Reports referrals websites (websites the visitors come to your website from) • Visits – Shows the number of visits of your website. – Includes new and returning visitors
  9. 9. Available reports II. • Aggregated views – Tracks access to pages via links in RSS or Atom feeds • Aggregated views - multilingual – Like Aggregated views, but each cultural version of the page is tracked separately • Browser types – Shows what types of browsers your website visitors use • Countries – Shows the countries the visitors come from. The countries are recognized by IP • File downloads – Summarizes the number of files downloaded by the website visitors. – Tracks only files managed by the CMS • File downloads - multilingual – Like file downloads, but each cultural version of a file is tracked separately
  10. 10. Campaigns tracking • Based on campaign parameters in the URL like –
  11. 11. Conversion tracking • Supported conversions – User registration – Newsletter subscription – Product purchase
  12. 12. DEMO Web Analytics
  13. 13. Web Analytics – Settings • Web Analytics are off by default!
  14. 14. COMING IN 6.0
  15. 15. Reporting • New chart controls - MS Charts • New look & feel • Interactive reports • New webparts/widgets
  16. 16. DEMO
  17. 17. Web Analytics • New “Google” like look and feel • Integration with KEMS – A/B tests – MVTs – Newsletter tracking (open e-mails, links clicking, bounced e- mails) – Internal/external search keywords – Landing pages – ….. • Conversions and campaigns management – New conversions – BizForms, Polls, Custom URLs, Page Visiting – More details about conversions like Which visitors “converted” etc.
  18. 18. Why to use Web Analytics? • WA is out-of-the box solution part of Kentico CMS • Security policy of several companies doesn’t allow external services like Google Analytics • External services don’t work well in Intranets due some specific conditions • WA monitor downloads/RSS feeds • WA recognize multi-cultural documents • Easy to customize them • Fully integrated with KEMS
  19. 19. Summary • Reporting module shows you any information as charts/tables/values • Web Analytics track website activities • Web Analytics are getting more important/interesting with version 6.0
  20. 20. Q&A