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How digital maps navigate the human condition


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2012 sxsw talk about the cognitive mechanism that anchors are relationship to goals and orients how we make progress towards them.

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How digital maps navigate the human condition

  1. How Digital Maps Navigate theHuman Condition!!Guy Gould-Davies | SapientNitro ! ! 3.10.2012
  2. A visual representationof a space in support offuture action!
  3. We are all going somewhere.!
  4. 1. “rivers” 4. “passes” 6. spirals2. “mountains”, and 7. crescents “relief” design “access” 8. plane or break3. “flooded land” 5. “paths” lines
  5. a. deer, frontal view d. ibex, profile view f. large anthropomorphic figureb. deer, profile view e. ibex horns g. two upside downc. group of ibex animals
  6. The unique andinescapable features ofbeing human!The irreducible part ofhumanity that is inherent 
and universal!
  7. Lack of Meaning!Loss of Freedom!Fear of Isolation!Fear of Death!
  8. Lack of Meaning!Loss of Freedom!Fear of Isolation!Fear of Death!
  9. Goal-directed behavior! Spatial wayfaring!
  10. GOAL!
  11. GOAL!
  12. GOAL!
  13. Time!! ffort!E GOAL!! $$!$!
  14. Video +EpicMIX dashboard image
  15. Video +EpicMIX dashboard image
  16. Video +EpicMIX dashboard image
  17. Why did the evolution 
in digital maps occur?!
  18. Cultural force!   Peopleʼs increasing participation in – and shaping of – choices and outcomes!   A growing interest in self-measurement !   Place, time and progress reference points!   Rise in gamification!
  19. Technology force!   Hardware!   Became ubiquitous; Mooreʼs Law holds; Computers become faster, cheaper, smaller!   Data!   Cheaper storage; Tools to create data; Explosion of geographic and relational data creates opportunities for innovation!   Access!   Birth of networking and openness of standards gives everyone access to data to use as they please!
  20. Technology Timeline!
  21. How maps behave differently today! 14,000 BC 2012 ADSpace Geographic Health, love, gaming, fitness, accomplishmentForm Artifact SystemStatus Subject ObjectConnection Impersonal PersonalDynamics Fixed FluidTime None Real-time
  22. The future. !It ainʼt what it used to be.!
  23. Closing remarks!
  24. Thank you!