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Benefits - Twoater for the Port


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A list of potential benefits (for Ports/Harbours) of ways to use the Twoater App, to make their lives easier and benefit the boating community in general

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Benefits - Twoater for the Port

  1. 1. @guythackray DAILY ANNOUCEMENTS Keep your sailing community informed with up-to-the- minute information at their fingertips ; daily weather forecasts and warnings, navigation aid issues, approach issues, visitor berth availability etc. One-to-One communications Have an easy method for receiving and tracking berth request. Have your own Pilot Guide Have your own Pilot Guide online, where you can describe all of the features of your port and amend as and when you want. This will give boaters a real- time view on your port and services. Update on the fly in real-time. Receive SOS/PAN-PAN Messages Receive SOS & PAN-PAN notification directly from Twoaters (if you are within a 50 mile radius of their location) giving ship information and location PORT : Benefits andsome ideas for Usage TWOATER