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Benefits - Twoater for the Business


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A description of the potential benefits and uses of the Twoater App and how it can specifically benefit local businesses and the wider boating communinty

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Benefits - Twoater for the Business

  1. 1. @guythackray LET YOUR CUSTOMERS REACH YOU in REAL-TIME There are many different businesses that serve the boating community, from specialist engineers, suppliers of goods like gas, suppliers of services like boat cleaners to local bars, restaurants and shops. Your customers want to be able to find you easily from their phones, see what other people are saying about you, and then contacting you to engage you such that, as they arrive at port, you are there waiting for them and taking all of their issues away, so they can go off and relax after a long hard sail. Not only that, but you can see via Twoater (if they allow you to), as people approach port and decide whether to send them a private Twoat selling them your services. By looking at Twoater history you can look at their past Twoats to get a feel for what kind of thing they like and target them appropriately. BUSINESS : Benefits andsome ideas for Usage TWOATER