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Benefits - Twoater for the Boater


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Explains some of the benefits and potential uses of the Twoater iPhone app.

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Benefits - Twoater for the Boater

  1. 1. @TW-Info TRIP PLANNING APPROACHING PORT Imagine you are planning a 2 week trip around the Med. You can plan this by looking at the Pilot Guide for the area and going to the website of each of the ports in the area (that have websites) to get a feel for the places you would like to see etc. With Twoater you can access all of this information from one place and get real time up to the minute information from other Twoaters, communicate with the port directly and local businesses. Once you have an idea which areas you are planning to moor/drop anchor/ tie up etc. you can easily see what is happening, over time, by creating ‘views’ on these areas, which are constantly updated with the latest Twoats in that area. Twoater gives you the ability to create ‘views/filters’ on what is happening in the areas you are interested in sailing. These views always show the latest Twoats for that area. To refresh the list just drag the list down with a finger and then let go. So for example, you could have 1 view showing all Twoats around the Old Port of Cannes, a 2nd around the port of Antibes, etc. up to a maximum of 9 views. You can quickly scan across these views by swiping your screen left and right, with a finger. You should be able to Twoat directly with Ports and Businesses in the local area, that are part of the Twoater community, to reserve a berth, book a restaurant etc. Find, and get in touch with all, the suppliers you need to so that as you hit port you can hand over the keys and head off for lunch at the restaurant you reserved, and which was highly recommended by other Twoaters. Review all Twoats put out by the Port eg. a #navaid may be misfunctioning, get a berth reserved, etc. Get latest gossip on bars, restaurants, showers, etc. REACH OUT FOR ADVICE Find Twoaters with similar boats and ask them for advice on any sticky problems you can’t resolve but don’t warrant hiring an expensive expert. SOS/PAN-PAN Use the SOS/PAN-PAN button to send out a generic Twoat,toup to 50Twoaters within a 50 mile radius (approx.), who will receive a beep notification to their phones alerting them to the issue. This includes Ports but excludes Businesses. HOOK UP WITH PEOPLE In a new port, hook up with like-minded people, who knows perhaps find that special someone ORGANISE GROUP SAILING TRIPS Worried about sailing a certain route alone? Find other people with the same concerns. Sail in convoy. SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE&EXPERIENCE! OTHER :Sailing clubs, yacht charter companies etc. use Twoater to communicate and share Boater : Benefits and some ideas for Usage TWOATER