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The Quirky Culture of Southwest Airlines


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Includes the Burke-Litwin Model of Organizational Change

Published in: Business
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The Quirky Culture of Southwest Airlines

  1. 1. THE QUIRKY CULTURE of Guy Sack, Ru Cheng, Kristina Corniel, Rose Hastings, Kelly Rudnitski, Brandon Soltwisch, & Da Yu Dept. of Organization & Leadership, Teachers College, Columbia University
  3. 3. THE PRESENT - Schein’s 4 Levels of Culture Artifacts: - Rocking chairs throughout the office - Pajama-wearing encouraged - Employee party photos up on the walls - Facebook & Twitter - Tickets for Time program - #1 in Customer Service (DOT) Behaviors: - Low turnover rates - Friendliness - Volunteering - Rewarding employees with parties
  4. 4. THE PRESENT - Schein’s 4 Levels of Culture Values: - Shared goals, shared knowledge and mutual respect - Doing the right thing - Having fun Underlying Beliefs: - Egalitarian
  5. 5. THE FUTURE Challenges: - Regulation and Security - Rising Fuel Costs - Brand Image Impact - Slowing Economic Growth - Intense Competition Opportunities: - Acquisition of AirTran - International Expansion - Expansion into the Freight Air Business - US Economy Slowdown
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