Managing Your Marketing Roi


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A brief overview of key concepts to help defend you marketing budgets and improve your tactical and strategic marketing decision making

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Managing Your Marketing Roi

  1. 1. Please visit:
  2. 2. Marketing ROI is one of top strategies 79% 76% 65% 61% Customer Satisfaction Customer Retention Marketing ROI Brand Loyalty • The top four ranked ‘back-to-basics strategies’ • Each increased from four to 12 percentage over prior year Source: Economy Weighs Heavily on Marketing Execs for 2009 Study: Top-Level Marketers Focused on Back-to-Basics Strategy, Struggling With Digital Concepts by Click here… Beth Snyder Bulik, Advertising Age Jan 8, 2009. Emphasis added.
  3. 3. Marketing ROI definition unclear Is it – • Better financial returns? • Backward looking or forward looking? • Short or long term? • Improved branding? Click here…
  4. 4. Marketers use different tools Consumer Marketers B2B Marketers • Marketing mix • Lead generation • Mass media • Direct response marketing • Social marketing • Marketing & sales coordination Click here…
  5. 5. Definition: Marketing ROI The purpose of Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) is to optimize Marketing Spend for the Short and Long term in support of the Brand Strategy by building a Market Model using valid, objective Marketing Metrics and Analytics Click here…
  6. 6. 3 Key marketing ROI concepts • Marketing effectiveness framework • Marketing effectiveness continuum • Marketing effectiveness culture Click here…
  7. 7. Marketing effectiveness framework • Marketing effectiveness has many leverage points Strategy Exogenous Creative Factors Marketing Execution Programs Mix Click here…
  8. 8. Marketing effectiveness framework • Customer centricity is a key component to drive ROI Information Brand Processing Preferences Channel Shopping Preferences Click here…
  9. 9. Marketing effectiveness continuum • Most marketers act at the lowest levels, with little data and analysis Brand Optimizers Consumer Analyzers Mix Modelers Campaign Measurers Activity Trackers Increasing ROMI Sophistication • Those marketers operating at higher levels make improved decisions Click here…
  10. 10. Marketing effectiveness culture • Improving marketing ROI requires a change in organizational culture Modeling & Metrics & Monitoring & Budgeting Measurement Management Click here…
  11. 11. A sampling of DemandROMI projects Quick Serve Restaurant – 8% projected revenue increase (~$25M) – with no increase in marketing investment Major Software Provider – Identified the 50% of the marketing budget being wasted Consumer Package Goods – Product launch marketing mix mismatch cost 2% market share (worth a 40% increase in revenue) Where else can you get that type of return on any other marketing investment? Click here…
  12. 12. For more information… Guy R. Powell – Book: Blog: DemandROMI Prove and improve your marketing effectiveness 404-816-4344 Click here…