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Help Center Go Print Tro..


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Help Center Go Print Tro..

  1. 1. Help Center - GoPrint - Troubleshooting Help Center All Sites Advanced Search MyMa ri e tta > He lp C e nte r > Info rma ti on Te c hno lo g y Wi ki > GoP ri nt - Tro ub le sho o ti ng GoPrint - Troubleshooting GoPrint - Troubleshooting Problem: Student card will not allow for printing or student/guest id Solution: You probably are out of "free" prints and need to add money to your card to print. You will do this at Click the guest button to the left then enter your student information and verify it is you, then use your credit card to add $xx (remember typically b/w are 5cents per page so $10 is 500 pages) Problem: Student card will not allow for printing, but webrelease using username does. Solution: Your card is probably got a bad prox sensor on it. Go to CPS and have it replaced. If the card is undamaged you will not be charged. If their is visible damage you will have to pay a replacement fee. Problem: Print job does not show in release station. Solution: Make sure you selected the proper print queue. If there are a lot of jobs on the station your job maybe on the second, third ... page. Large queues also sometimes take a few minutes to display print jobs. Problem: Print job is sent to the release station but does not print. Solution: Swipe your card at the release station to release the document to print. Problem: Print job fails due to toner problem or paper jam. Solution: See the lab manager to obtain a reprint when their are equipment problems. Problem: I lost my guest card. Solution: You will need to get a new guest card. Problem: I lost my id card. Solution: Use the webrelease feature. More important use to report the card lost so no one else can use it. Problem: The paystation is not working. Solution: Open a web browser to https://goprint:7773 and release the job. Last modified at 12/10/2009 9:49 AM by Kenneth Nelson 1 of 1 1/8/2010 11:22