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Help Center Go Print Mis..

  1. 1. Help Center - GoPrint - MissingPrinters Help Center All Sites Advanced Search MyMa ri e tta > He lp C e nte r > Info rma ti on Te c hno lo g y Wi ki > GoP ri nt - Mi s si ng P ri nte rs GoPrint - MissingPrinters Q: What do I do if my printers do not map (are missing)? A: You will need to add the printer using the following steps: For Windows Vista -- 1. Click Start -> Settings -> Printers 2. Click Add a Network Printer 3. Select (printer name to add) -- typically named by building/lab example: Library 1st Public Kyocera FS-4000DN on GoPrint? 4. If you don't see the printer in the list, click "printer not in list" 5. In the select printer box type goprint.marietta.localLibraryPublic1stQ1 You can find a list of Campus print queues here How do I Authenticate to add the printer. Not necessary in labs with domain logins 1. Click Next 2. Enter your username and password if prompted. (email/ldap information) 3. Answer "Yes" to install driver 4. Answer "No" to default printer 5. Click Next Last modified at 12/2/2009 11:58 AM by Kenneth Nelson 1 of 1 1/8/2010 11:27