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Dusk legacy -3 I am so Bad at Birthdays


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Chapter 3

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Dusk legacy -3 I am so Bad at Birthdays

  1. 1. I am so Bad at Birthdays Dusk Legacy Chapter 3 GustDragon
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Dusk Legacy! Last chapter Nix had Hemlock, who grew into a toddler, then had the quadruplets! Buttercup, Foxglove, MayApple, and Wisteria all became children by the end of the chapter.
  3. 3. Ah dang! I let Hemlock grow up by himself again!
  4. 4. Well, Hem what will it be? Hem: “Fortune.” Seems appropriate for an emperor. Hem: “Commander.”
  5. 5. Nix: “Ouch, bright sun!” Foxie: “Ouch sun!” The girl takes after her mother.
  6. 6. I didn’t even know you two were out here, and you just caught the flu. Someone pick up that trash can and get back indoors.
  7. 7. Hem: “Oh, ho, ho! My secret plans!” Oh, Hemlock. Just get working on more scholarships, please.
  8. 8. Nope, didn’t happen. I didn’t feed Trevor Elixir of Life so that I could achieve his lifetime wish several times. Nope.
  9. 9. Trevor: “Why am I wearing this thing again?” You need skill points. Trevor: “Right.”
  10. 10. Hem. Who is this “friend” You brought home from school? SimMe: “Face Time!” Hem: “Domination!”
  11. 11. Well, this is mainly what the house looks like right now. That and Trevor trying to find his dream job and me getting him the skills for it. Pretty boring. Wisty: “How do we do this again?”
  12. 12. Hem: “This spot looks good.” Oh, and Hem plotting his empire.
  13. 13. Pump, pump, pump! Come on, Trevor, just five more then you can work on the others! Trevor: *groan*
  14. 14. Hem: “Alright, little sister number two. All empires need money. And mine must start in university. Go work on scholarships to start my empire.”
  15. 15. Foxie: “Okay, Hem. Whatever you say!” Hem…
  16. 16. Hem: “Oh, little sister number four!” Wisty: “What is it, Hem?”
  17. 17. Hem: “My empire needs money-.” Wisty: “If you’re an empire commander, does that make me a princess?”
  18. 18. Hem: “…”
  19. 19. Wisty: “I’m a princess! I’m a princess!”
  20. 20. OHHH YEAH!!! You finally found it! Trevor: “Yep.”
  21. 21. Aww, Yeah. Trevor is a cop. Nix: “See you soon, honey!” Ah… Nix, will you do something for me?”
  22. 22. Nix: “Gust. I hate you.” You’re fat, Nix. So, pump, pump!
  23. 23. Nix: “Yeah!” That’s better. Now go get in the shower.
  24. 24. Wisty: “Princess Wisteria approves of pink kitty computer.”
  25. 25. May: “Hey, Gust. Wisty says she’s a princess. Does that make me a princess too?” Well that depends. Is Hemlock really a commander? May: “I’d rather be a knight. Sir MayApple.”
  26. 26. Wooo! Promotion! You’re well on your way to becoming Captain Hero! Trevor: “I sure hope so. I don’t have that much time left as an adult.”
  27. 27. What? Commander Hemlock is a flower arranger? Hem: “Servants work better when influenced by snapdragons.” Sure. If that’s what you want to say about it.
  28. 28. Nix and Trevor are always chasing the kids around with books, so I thought I might as well let them do it for once. Trevor: “And the big bad dragon lifted it’s mighty head and blew it’s impressive fire!” Foxie: “What’s that?”
  29. 29. Ack, I am so bad at birthdays! Wisty: “Ack! A princess can’t be seen like this!”
  30. 30. How about this? Wisty: “Much, much better.” Wisty is a Popularity Sim. Who knew.
  31. 31. Buttercup is a Knowledge sim. Buttercup: “Whoa! Wisty got a makeover!” Yep. Now go get yours.
  32. 32. Buttercup, post makeover.
  33. 33. Next up is Foxglove. Hem: “Minion is old enough to work…”
  34. 34. Foxglove is a popularity. She doesn’t like grey hair.
  35. 35. And last but not least, MayApple. She’s a Knowledge sim. May: “One step closer to knighthood.”
  36. 36. Hem: “Secret plans…”
  37. 37. Hemlock! What are you doing? Hem: “A commander has to have good aim.” And you obviously don’t. Hem: “Shush.”
  38. 38. Wisty: “Why does the princess have to do this?” You wouldn’t want your family starving to death, would you? Wisty: “Well, no.”
  39. 39. Hem: “Hello?” Simme: “Hello, Hemlock!” Oh, joy. It’s her again.
  40. 40. Fire in the grilled cheese! Nix: “Hey, Gust. I’ve been meaning to talk to you.” Fire!
  41. 41. Nix: “Ack! You’re right! Fire!”
  42. 42. Nix: “Fire!” Wisty: “Fire!” Like sims to a flame.
  43. 43. Fireman: “Fire!”
  44. 44. Wisty: “Please excuse my mother, kind sir. Take this for saving our stove.” Fireman: “Why thank you, Miss Dusk.”
  45. 45. Nix: “Now that I have saved my grilled masterpiece-.” Burnt masterpiece. Nix: “Yes, yes. But we need to talk.”
  46. 46. About what? Nix: “I believe at around this time, I am supposed to pronounce an heir. But you haven't said a word about it.” Yes, about that.
  47. 47. I’m actually conducting an heir poll. I can’t decide between the five kids. Nix: “Oh, In that case, put my vote in for MayApple.” Family doesn’t get to vote.
  48. 48. Nix: “You mean I don’t get any say in it at all?” Nada. I’m not even voting.
  49. 49. Nix: “I’m leaving.” Well, the poll will go up with the first university chapter, and end with the last university chapter. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s votes!
  50. 50. Which reminds me. Time to send the teenagers off to college. Hemlock, you first. Hem: “hum…”
  51. 51. I’ll be right there, Hemlock. Don’t graduate without me! Hem: “Sure, sure.”
  52. 52. Next MayApple, then Wisteria.
  53. 53. Then Foxglove.
  54. 54. And finally Buttercup.
  55. 55. Well, I’ll be sticking around a bit longer, to fulfill lifetime wishes. But I’m not documenting it. Goodbye, and I hope you stay with me!