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Fast, Flexible Application Development with Oracle Database Cloud Service


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Developing applications to run on the most important Database Manager in the world ? Why not do it in the cloud? With Oracle Database Cloud Service, developers can quickly and easily access the power and flexibility of the Oracle database in the cloud. With a choice between an instance or a dedicated database with full administrative control, or a schema dedicated to a development platform and full deployment managed by Oracle, developers can decide how much control they have over their development environments. Attend this session to learn more about the features and benefits of Oracle Database Cloud.

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Fast, Flexible Application Development with Oracle Database Cloud Service

  1. 1. 1 Fast,  Flexible  Applica/on   Development  with  Oracle  Database   Cloud  Service René  Antúnez   DBA  Team  Lead   #paas
  2. 2. ▪ 2 Welcome to CloudWorld Developer Day 2015
  3. 3. Program Agenda Introduc/on   What  is  Oracle  Database  Cloud  Service?   How  can  I  move  my  Oracle  Database  to  the  cloud?   Development  Op/ons   Management  and  Monitoring   Backup  and  Failover 1 2 3 4 3 5 6
  4. 4. 4 • 15+  Years  of  Data  infrastructure   management  consul/ng   • 200+  Top  brands   • 6000+  databases  under  management   • Over  200  DBA’s,  in  26  countries   • Top  5%  of  DBA  work  force,  4  Oracle   ACED’s,  9  Oracle  ACE’s,  1  Oracle  ACE   Associate,2  MicrosoY  MVP’s   • Oracle,  MicrosoY,  MySQL  partners,   Netezza,  Hadoop  and  MongoDB  plus   UNIX  Sysadmin  and  Oracle  apps About Pythian
  5. 5. 5 • Flexible  Environment   – Work  remotely  from  anywhere  in  the  world.Flexible   hours   • Outstanding  People:   – Work  with  the  industry  top  minds-­‐in  fact,  the  top  5%.   • Career  growth  and  development:   – Enhance  exis/ng  skills  or  learn  new  ones.Work  with   leading-­‐edge  technologies.  Experiment  and  explore   using  our  in-­‐house  sandbox.  Generous  training   allowance  .  Professional  development  days.   Internal  speaker  series.   • Fun,  fun  ,fun     – Blog  during  work  hours-­‐please  !  Enjoy  monthly   cheese  tas/ngs  with  our  resident  cheese   sommelier.  Take  a  day  off  and  volunteer  for  your   favourite  charity.   #PythianLife
  6. 6. 6 Where do I come From – Oracle  DBA   • Started  with  Version  9.2  in  2004   – Speaker  at  Oracle  Open  World,  Oracle  Developers   Day  and  IOUG  Collaborate     – APress  Q4  2015:  “Prac%cal  Data  Refresh  using   Enterprise  Manager  12c”   – Co-­‐President  of  ORAMEX  (Mexico  Oracle  User   Group)     – Web  Events  Chair  for  IOUG  Cloud  Compu/ng   Special  Interest  Group  (SIG);   – Movie  Fana/c  &  Music  Lover   – Bringing  the  best  from  México  (Mexihtli)  to  the   rest  of  the  world  and  in  the  process   photographing  it  :)   – rene-­‐   – @rene_ace 6
  7. 7. 7 Where do I come from?
  8. 8. ▪ 8 – Registro   •   • Técnologias   • Oracle  Database   • Cloud/SaaS/PaaS   • SOA   • Java   • Oracle  Data   Integrator   • Fusion  Applica/ons   • WebCenter   • Linux
  9. 9. 9 How did you get to be a DBA
  10. 10. 10 6th Happiest Job of 2015! It  was  #1  in  2014 Work-life balance Relationship with boss and co-workers Daily tasks Job resources Field will grow by 15% between 2012 and 2022 DBA can be the key driver of success
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. What  is  Oracle  Database  Cloud  Service?
  13. 13. 13 ▪ A  self-­‐service  compu/ng  environment   offering  the  ability  to  create,   consume  and  pay  for  database   services     ▪ Compu/ng  resources  are  elas/cally   supplied  from  a  shared  pool  and   charged  based  on  metered  use   ▪ Service  catalogs  provide  a  menu  of   op/ons  and  service  levels Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) Definition
  14. 14. 14 Cloud Computing What  is  your  Key  Driver? ▪ Source: NIST Definition of Cloud Computing v15 3  Service   Models   • SaaS   • PaaS   • IaaS 4  Deployment   Models   • Public  Cloud   • Private  Cloud   • Community  Cloud   • Hybrid  Cloud 5  Essential   Characteristics   • Resource  pooling   • Rapid  elasticity   • On-­‐demand  self-­‐ service   • Measured  service   • Broad  network  access
  15. 15. 15 Pizza as a Service* ▪Applications ▪Data ▪Runtime ▪Middleware ▪O/S ▪Virtualization ▪Servers ▪Storage ▪Networking ▪Applications ▪Data ▪Runtime ▪Middleware ▪O/S ▪Virtualization ▪Servers ▪Storage ▪Networking ▪Applications ▪Data ▪Runtime ▪Middleware ▪O/S ▪Virtualization ▪Servers ▪Storage ▪Networking ▪Applications ▪Data ▪Runtime ▪Middleware ▪O/S ▪Virtualization ▪Servers ▪Storage ▪Networking ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Traditional On-Premise IaaS PaaS SaaS ▪ ▪ You  Manage Vendor  Manages ▪Dining Table ▪Soda ▪Cheese ▪Toppings ▪Tomato Sauce ▪Pizza Dough ▪Fire ▪Oven ▪Electric/Gas ▪Dining Table ▪Soda ▪Cheese ▪Toppings ▪Tomato Sauce ▪Pizza Dough ▪Fire ▪Oven ▪Electric/Gas ▪Dining Table ▪Soda ▪Cheese ▪Toppings ▪Tomato Sauce ▪Pizza Dough ▪Fire ▪Oven ▪Electric/Gas ▪Dining Table ▪Soda ▪Cheese ▪Toppings ▪Tomato Sauce ▪Pizza Dough ▪Fire ▪Oven ▪Electric/Gas ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Traditional On-Premise IaaS PaaS SaaS Made at Home Take & Bake Pizza Delivery Dine Out ▪ *
  16. 16. 16 Cloud Services
 PlatformApps Infrastructure ▪ Infrastructure  as  a  Service  (IaaS)▪ Platform  as  a  Service  (PaaS)▪ Software  as  a  Service  (SaaS)
  17. 17. 17 Service Delivery Lifecycle
 15  Steps  to  “X”-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service 1. Capture Demand 2.Define Service Strategy and Design 3.Define Service Catalog 4.Define Resource Configurations (Technical 5. Build Deployable Entities
  18. 18. 18 Service Delivery Lifecycle
 15  Steps  to  “X”-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service 6. Consumer purchase 7. Initiate Service Request 8. Deployable Entity Allocated 9. Deployment 10. Consumer operates Service 11. Client App Utilizes Service
  19. 19. 19 Service Delivery Lifecycle
 15  Steps  to  “X”-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service 12. Monitor performance metrics 13. Utilisation Metrics Captured 14. Metrics Applied to SLA & 15 Perf, Util, & Cost Provided to Consumer
  20. 20. 20 Java EM Node.js Messaging Process Business   Intelligence Database   Backup Big  Data Big  Data   Discovery Integration Documents Database Developer PaaS ▪ CX HCM ERP SCM ▪▪ ▪ ▪ EPM ▪ Analytics ▪ Social ▪ ▪ Mobile Data SaaS   IaaS Oracle Cloud
 Full  stack  enterprise  cloud  services  SaaS  +  PaaS  +  IaaS Compute Storage
  21. 21. 21 Oracle Database Cloud Services – Naming Updates
 A  number  and  growing  Database  cloud  services • All  Part  Numbers  called  “Oracle  Database  Cloud  –  <service  name>  Service”   • Formal  Price  List  Names:   – Oracle  Database  Cloud  –  Micro  Service    (   – Oracle  Database  Cloud  –  Multitenant  Service  (Schema  Service)   – Oracle  Database  Cloud  –  SE  Service  (Database  as  a  Service)   – Oracle  Database  Cloud  –  EE  Service  (Database  as  a  Service)   – Oracle  Database  Cloud  –  High  Performance  Service  (Database  as  a  Service)   – Oracle  Database  Cloud  –  Extreme  Performance  Service  (Database  as  a  Service)   – Oracle  Database  Cloud  –  Exadata  Service  Service  (Exadata  Service)  
  22. 22. 22 Oracle Database Cloud – Service Types
 • Single  database  Schema  available  as  a   monthly  Subscrip/on  by  Size  (5,  20,  50  GB)   • Fully  Managed  Service  on  Engineered  Systems   • Database  patches  and  upgrades  performed   during  scheduled  maintenance  windows   • Edi/ons:  Modified  (security  locked  down)  EE   • Also  underpins  the  BI,  Document,  Mobile,   Java  SaaS  Extension,Developer  Messaging,   JaaS  Extension,  Mobile… Full  InstanceSchema • Full  Database  available  as  a  metered  service   (Hourly  or  Monthly)   • Available  as  a  Virtual  Image,  Automated,  or   Managed  Service   • Tenant  controls  patch  and  upgrade  schedule   • Available  on  general  purpose  and  engineered   systems   • Edi/ons:  SE1,  EE,  EE  High  Performance,  EE   Extreme  Performance Greater  Capabilities
  23. 23. x` 23 Oracle Database Cloud – Service Types
 • Mul/tenant   • Par//oning   • Real  Applica/on  Tes/ng   • Advanced  Compression   • Advanced  Security   • Database  Lifecycle  Management  Pack   • Data  Masking  &  Subsevng  Pack     • Cloud  Management  Pack  for  Oracle  Database   • More  … High  Performance  Service Extreme  Performance  Service •  In-­‐Memory  Database   • Ac/ve  Data  Guard   • Mul/tenant   • Par//oning   • Real  Applica/on  Tes/ng   • Advanced  Compression   • Advanced  Security   • Database  Lifecycle  Management  Pack   • Data  Masking  &  Subsevng  Pack     • Cloud  Management  Pack  for  Oracle   Database   • More  … Greater  Capabilities
  24. 24. 24 Oracle Database Cloud – Service Types
 Exadata  Service Service OCPUs Min Max • Exadata  Service  -­‐  Quarter  Rack 28 68 • Exadata  Service  -­‐  Half  Rack   56 136 • Exadata  Service  -­‐  Full  Rack   112 272 • Exadata  Service  -­‐  Addi/onal  OCPU's 4 ▪ Exadata  Service  includes   licensing  for  extreme   performance  services.
  25. 25. 25 Oracle Database Cloud – Service Types
 Virtual  Image Service • Standard  Edi/on  Service • Enterprise  Edi/on  Service • High  Performance  Service • Extreme  Performance  Service   ▪ General  Purpose  Compute   ▪ High-­‐Memory  Compute
  26. 26. ▪▪ Database   Ready for UseAllocate Compute Allocate Storage Set Keys &   Privileges Request   for   Service Provision   OS Install &   Configure   Database Configure   Tools Configure   Access Configure   Backups ▪ Reduced  time  and   complexity  to  provision   database  services ▪ Increased   standardisation  of  the   “fleet” ▪ New  use  cases  that  were   not  practical  before. Benefits Oracle Database Cloud Service Automated  Provisioning:  No  configuration  necessary 26
  27. 27. How  can  I  move  my  Oracle  Database  to  the  Cloud?
  28. 28. • SQL  Developer  Cloud   Connection   • Oracle  Application  Express   • RESTful  Web  Services Oracle Database Cloud Service
 Connecting  to  a  Database  Schema  Service
  29. 29. • SSH/SFTP/SCP   • Enterprise  Manager  Database  Express  12c  (11g  Database  Control)   • SQL*Net  (encrypted)   • Oracle  Cloud  Database  Monitor   • Oracle  Applica/on  Express   • SQL  Developer   • RESTful  Web  Services Oracle Database Cloud Service
 Connecting  to  a  Database  as  a  Service  instance
  30. 30. Oracle Database Cloud Service
 Data  Loading  into  a  Database  Schema  Service Database  Schema  Service   • SQL  Developer  for  Data  Loading   • Oracle  Applica/on  Express  SQL   Workshop     • Oracle  Applica/on  Express  Data  Load   U/lity  Applica/on ▪
  31. 31. Oracle Database Cloud Service
 Data  Loading  into  a  Database  as  a  Service  instance Database  as  a  Service   • SQL*Loader   • Oracle  Data  Pump  Export/Import  U/lity   • Transportable  Tablespaces   • Pluggable  Databases  (PDBs)  to  liY  and  shiY   data  and  database  applica/ons   • All  tools  used  by  the  Database  Schema   Service ▪
  32. 32. Upgrade 11g to 12c / Move PDBs to the Cloud
 • Use  Transportable  Tablespaces   • Datapump  export/import   upgrades   • Remote  clone  PDBs   • Plugin  and  upgrade  PDBs   • Use  the  cloud  to  prac/ce 32
  33. 33. Multi-tenancy • Separate  users/data/applica/ons   • Rapid  Provisioning  and  Cloning   • Patching  and  Upgrade   • Manage  Many  Databases  as  One 33
  34. 34. ▪ 34 What is a Pluggable Database? Physical Database Control FilesData Files Online Redo Log 10101 10101 Archived Redo Log Flashback Log Logical Multitenant Container Database ROOT (CDB$ROOT) HCM 12.1 DW 12.1 CRM 12.1 PDBs Root CDB Seed PDB$SEED PDB Administrator for CRM PDB Administrator for HCMPDB Administrator for DW
  35. 35. Moving PDBs to the Cloud – PDB Self Service Application
 • Enable  users  to  create  PDBs   • Access  Request  System   • Users  have  quotas  (PDBs/Space)   • Plug/Unplug/Clone/Drop 35
  36. 36. 36
  37. 37. Development  Op/ons
  38. 38. • On  Demand  data  source  with  REST  Services   – Mobile  Applica/on  Development   – Node.js  and  HTML5   – ADF/MAF   – Java,  .NET,  PHP  (anything  that  can  use  REST  Services)   • Oracle  Applica/on  Express  Development   • Data  Source  for  a  Java  Cloud  Service  (DBaaS)   • SQL  Developer/JDeveloper Oracle Database Cloud Service
 Development  Options
  39. 39. Management  and  Monitoring
  40. 40. Oracle Database Cloud Service
 Multiple  Out  of  the  Box  Choices
  41. 41. Backup  and  Failover
  42. 42. Oracle Database Backup Service 
 Replace  Offsite  Tape  Backups  with  Simple  and  Low  Cost  Cloud  Backup Oracle  Database
 Backup  Service ▪ Backup on-premise or Cloud Databases to Oracle Database Backup Service hosted in Oracle Public Cloud   ▪ Cost effective, scalable cloud storage for database backups: $33/TB per month   ▪ End-to-end enterprise-grade data encryption, compression and protection   • Clients: Data is always encrypted with keys kept locally at client, optionally compressed, and securely transmitted   • Cloud: Encrypted data is protected with 3-way mirroring on every write Database  clients  use  
 a  simple  module,     pre-­‐integrated  with  RMAN,   for  cloud  backups Production
 April  2014 Data  Center
  43. 43. Oracle Database as a Service 
 Data  Guard  &  Active  Data  Guard ▪ Data  Guard  provides  highest   performance  data  recovery  protec/on   without  compromises  using  stand  by   Database   ▪ Transfers  archive  logs  to  standby   Database   ▪ Ac/ve  Data  Guard  provides  read-­‐only   access  to  a  physical  standby  database   for  produc/on  workload  offloading   ▪ Database  rolling  upgrades  and  standby-­‐ first  patching  using  physical  standby   ▪ 12c  Mul/tenant  DB  –  Manage  standby   container  as  one,  single  click   switchover.   Oracle VM – Oracle Linux Compute Infrastructure Oracle VM – Oracle Linux Compute Infrastructure Oracle Compute Block Storage Redo Log Shipping R/W R/O with Active
 Data Guard Primary Stand By
  44. 44. 44
  45. 45. 45
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