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Contacto express 2013 ingles


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Contacto express 2013 ingles

  1. 1. About Us About Us Mission Statement Mission• In Contacto Express • We exceed the • Create new ways to we are more than a expectations of provide security to call center, we create customers, both our clients based on opportunities based internal and external, the experience of on the needs of our providing an excellent exceptional service, clients, focusing on service through a technology and our culture of continuous recognition as a customization in improvement of provider of a order to satisfy the information, solutions center customer according coordination, devoted to increase to their expectations. verification of the satisfaction of the processes and usage customer. of indicators of service management.
  2. 2. Corporate Values Commitment Efficiency Goal OrientationExcellence • Continuously • We properly use • We assume the • We focus on meet the our resources, to actions with performance expectations of achieve effort, and results in our customers, objectives and dedication and everything we with attitude, planned goals, commitment, do. We are agility and optimizing the building passionate anticipating their use of our confidence of about finding needs. resources and our activities to the best time. our customers. solutions. The interaction and a strong discourse clear the way to provide value to all those involved in the process.
  3. 3. Service Standards Quality • Always provide a responsive and honest treatment to customers offering our products and timely services, fulfilling always with the required expectations. Confidence • Acquire the confidence of our customers, achieving on time and efficiently the commitments made; in the event of a contingency or unexpected situation, a timely and friendly communication with the customer is maintained, determined to cover all their expectations. Compliance • We realize the tasks with responsibility to address and resolve in a timely manner the needs and expectations of our clients. Continuous Development • We are constantly working on the consolidation and improvement of our activities to become productive and competitive.
  4. 4. Culture of Personalization• In Contacto Express we • We adapt to the service • By personalizing the CRM generate reports ad hoc to needs of our clients , according to the needs of the customer needs, while whether in schedule, client we can offer highly maintaining a horizontal and specification of the account technological solutions and vertical communication with or the environment in which the flexibility to completely employees, following they want to develop the blend to the product or standards previously project. service required by the established by the client. customer.Communication Service Product
  5. 5. General ServicesInbound Outbound E-Bound T-Bound• It is an area where • It is an area where • It is an area where • It is an area where specialized executives, specialized executives, specialized executives, specialized executives, especially trained receive specifically trained dial calls specifically trained interact especially trained interact calls (inbound) from (outbound) to internal or with customers via e-mail with customers via SMS or internal or external external customers. or chat MMS. customers. Blending
  6. 6. Specific ServicesCustomer Service • It is the presentation of the service to customers before, during and after a purchase, in order to ensure overall satisfaction. It is a vital part of the proposal of the company to the customer. An excellent customer service is the business card to a crowded and highly competitive market. It helps create loyal customers, eventually increasing the revenue.Business Intelligence • It is the presentation of the service to customers before, during and after a purchase, where a labor of sales, marketing, billing or any other specific services to generate more revenue for our client is made.Technical Support • Next to customer service, it helps us reduce the work flow in the Technical Department of the client, helping us provide solutions effectively and immediately depending on the situation, looking to avoid moving it, to the operation of the company.Specialized Services • We seek to adapt ourselves to the exact needs of each of our clients. Within these services we can adapt to both inbound and outbound calls.
  7. 7. Customer Service • If the company does not meet the needs and desires of their customers it will have a very short existence. All efforts should be aimed towards the client,Customer because he is the real driving force behind all activities of the company. It doesn’t Service matter if the product or service is of good quality, has a competitive price or is well presented, if there are no buyers. • It is the set of interrelated activities offered by a supplier in order that the customer gets product information at the time and place needed, ensuring the correct use of the it. The information to the client can be a powerful marketingInformation tool. • Studies found that it is five times more expensive to capture a new customer than to recover a pre-existing one. Through a demonstration of the benefits offered by the internal client’s products in conjunction with an excellent customer service,Retention this portfolio of dissatisfied consumers is retained or recovered. • In the handling of complaints you always have to think how much it costs to make a new client, so that any loss, implies an economic drop, even though we can’t determine it.. Claims
  8. 8. Business Intelligence • Currently more and more companies incorporate telephone sales, either as single sales channel or for increasing profitability and Sales increasing the variety of contacts. • Telemarketing is an activity of marketing that allows instant, live, two- way contact between the supplier and the consumer.Telemarketing • We seek to resolve the incident by contacting directly the debtor,Collections & explaining the importance of meeting the debt as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary costs. Disputes • It is the tactic by which a vendor is trying to sell complementary products to which the client currently has.Cross-Selling
  9. 9. Technical Support • We provide directions and guidelines to address the problem or incident that is concerning the client in the fastest possible way. Level 1 • We coordinate your team of technical support, using crossed information between availability of inventory, as a location where you Level 2 must provide the service. • We coordinate your team of technical support, using information between availability of inventory and location where the service is Level 3 needed, as well as the constant communication with the suppliers.
  10. 10. Specialized Services Surveys Loyalty Quality Events Campaigns Assurance Invites Post Call Welcome Personal Surveys Calls Assistant
  11. 11. Differentiators Personalization and closeness Labor Union prevention. Long term relations. Constant feedback and team work Employee support and assistance. Transparent process. Process implementation. Remote access to the site, cameras and computers. Regular background checks. Organizational support at no additional cost. Business advice.
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  16. 16. Lic. Gustavo López AguirreDirectorGuatemala, GuatemalaPhone: (502) 2312-7374US: (305) 507-4700Fax: (502)