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  2. 2. The objective of this report is to promote Brazil as a great country to invest in sports and to record the History of Korfball in the country. KORFEBOLphoto by BRASIL
  3. 3. On behalf of Brazilian Association of Korfebol (ABRAKO), I am very grateful to be able to share this report with all Korfball lovers worldwide. It has been a hard work and sometimes it´s very tiring to make a giant nation like Brazil leaves, even for a few moments, the football-culture aside to try a new sport, with values as clear and as beautiful as those values who built Brazilian people: Union, Joy and Love. Brazilian people deserves to be able to figure out how to play Korfebol as well as met with himself in music, art and hospitality. There is nothing more perfect in the world than Brazilian people and Korfball. I have a dream, I live and fight for this dream every day and i´ll stay working on KORFEBOL it until soccer balls goes from men´s feet to the hands of men and women as BRASIL Korfball players. As I´m used to say: You have to want it!KORFEBOL Prof. Marcello Bepi SoaresBRASIL President of the Brazilian Association of Korfball - ABRAKO and representative of the IKF in Brazil
  4. 4. A SPECIAL THANKS TO EVERYBODY WHO Crum, Ben (World korfball ícon) Oliveira, Isabela (Itaborai)HAVE HELPED BRAZILIAN KORFBALL Dantas, Estelio (U.Castelo Branco) Orlandelli, Valdirene (representant in de Oliveira Pessanha, Paulo Sergio (U. Rondonia)Allevato, Leonardo (Ph. Ed. Carioca Moacyr Bastos) Otoni Santa Barbara, Reimont Luiz (Rio´sCongress) de Oliveira, Lisamaura (representant in Councilman)Areias, João Henrique (Sport Marketing) Petropolis) Pacheco, Guilherme (U Gama Filho)Azevedo, Leandro (representant in Petropolis) de Paiva Gonçalves, Felipe (Carapicuíba) Pedroso, Estelino (São Paulo)Bandeira, Claudia (Faetec) Diehl, Claudio (U.Castelo Branco) Pereira, Igor (Juiz de Fora)Barreto, Ana Cristina (U. Celso Lisboa) dos Santos, Marcio (korfball player) Pereira, Maria (U Celso Lisboa)Barros Alves, Jose Antonio (in memoriam) Dr.Rizzo (in memoriam) Petropolis AthletesBatista Freire, João (Icon of Scholar Ph.Ed) Farret, Eduardo (Universo) Prado, Ricardo (olympic medalist)Batista, Luiz Alberto (UERJ U.Castelo Branco) Ferreira, Claudio (ABRAKO) Puga, Alberto (lawyer)Bechara, Evaldo (supporter) Ferro, Nuno (IKF Portugal) Ramos, Jorge (IKF Portugal)Bortoleto, Luciana (Americana) Fonseca, Edmar (UNE and U. Celso Lisboa) Rio de Janeiro AthletesBoselli, Mauro (in memoriam) Fúrfuro, Dérik (Minas Gerais) Rivillini, Daniel (korfball player)Braga, Ana Maria (TV Host) Furtado, Ingrid (U Gama Filho) Rodrigues, Daniel (Brasilia)Britto, Renato Garcia Verenguer, Rita de Cassia (U. Rodrigues, Luciana (Rio de Janeiro)Carnaval, Paulo (UFRRJ) Mackenzie) São Paulo AthletesCastro, Bruno (C. Santa Monica) Godinho, Mario (Portugal, in memoriam) Saraiva, Beth (C. Oga Mitta)Cavalheiro, Gustavo (Korfebol SP) Goulart, Felipe (Tere Fitness) Sartori, Sergio (Faetec)CEV (Virtual Sport Centre) Guimarães, Sissi (UFRRJ) Tino Marcos (TV Reporter)CEV Leis (CEV laws) Kaster, Vinicius (Sport Agency) Torres, Monica (UniverCidade)Chequer, Thadeu (korfball player) Kieling, Marcelo (Sport Marketing) Tubino, Manoel (in memorian)Coe, Wagner (A A Light Club) Lames, Cayo (U.Moacyr Bastos) Van der Lind, Theo (IKF)Copacabana Fitness´s crowd Lancetta, Carlos Alberto (U.Castelo Branco) Vargas, Prof Angelo (Korfball´sCorreia, Eugenio (U.Castelo Branco) Maravalho, Francisco (Korfball pioner) researcher)Costa, Lamartine (Icon of Physical Education) Michelloti, Luiz (U. Estácio) Vedder, Sandra (IKF) Mourão, Ludmila (U Gama Filho) Verlage, Claudia (Faetec)KORFEBOL Nascimento, Bruno (C. Santa Monica) Nogueira, Claudio (O Globo´s reporter) Vidanya, Albert (IKF Catalonia) Wagner, Roberto (U Castelo Branco)BRASIL
  5. 5. INDEX06 . NUMBERS OF BRAZIL07 . Numbers of Brazil - Area08 . Numbers of Brazil - Population09 . Numbers of Brazil - Economy10 . Numbers of Brazil - Culture of Brazil11. BRAZILIAN SPORTS MARKET16. KORFBALL IN BRAZIL17. Korfball In Brazil - History34. Korfball In Brazil - 1st Brazilian Korfball Championship38. Korfball In Brazil - IKF in Brazil39. Korfball In Brazil - ABRAKO´s Mission, Vision and Values40. Korfball In Brazil - ABRAKO41. Korfball In Brazil - Social44. Korfball In Brazil - Structure48. BRAZILIAN KORFBALL MEDIACENTER59. BRAZILIAN KORFBALL MEDIACENTER - Brazilian Korfball Moments63. BRAZILIAN KORFBALL MEDIACENTER - Brazilian Korfball Merchandising
  7. 7. KORFEBOL 07NUMBERS OF BRAZIL - AREA BRASIL name: Federative Republic of Brazil 26 States and 5,564 Cities Fifth largest land area on planet 8 515 767 km2 92% of the territory stays in an intertropical zone European Union 4 324 782 km2Brazil 8 515 767 km2
  8. 8. KORFEBOL 08 NUMBERS OF BRAZIL - POPULATION BRASIL Brazil is the fifth Population growth: 200most populated country in the world 1900 - 17,318 millions 150 1920 - 30,635 millionsand 84% of the population 1940 - 41,165 millions lives in urban areas 1960 - 70,070 millions 100 1980 - 119,002 millions 50 2000 - 169,799 millions 2010 - 193,946 millions 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 2010 Top 8 IKF (together) Brazil 196,6 millions inhabitants 193,5 millions inhabitants Holland 16,6 millions; Belgium 11 millions; England 53 millions; Chinese Taipei 2,6 millions; Catalonia 7,5 millions; Germany 81,7 millions; Portugal 10,6 millions e Czech Republic 10,5 millions (World Bank)
  9. 9. KORFEBOL 09NUMBERS OF BRAZIL - ECONOMY BRASILBrazil is a country with emerging potentialSince 2011, is the seventh largest economy in the world with $ 2.19 trillion(up from Italy, Russia and Canada)Brazil is:the largest producer and exporter of coffeethe third largest producer of ironthe second largest producer of ethanol and soybean largest exporterthe second largest industrial park in the Americas of Volkswagen, Fiat, Ford, Chevrolet-GM, Mitsubishi, Peugeot,Citroen, Honda, Kia, Toyota,Renault, Daimler Chrysler are installed inBrazil. BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Volvo, JAC Motors andChery are planning and installing their factories.
  10. 10. KORFEBOL 10 CULTURE OF BRAZIL BRASILThe only Portuguese-speaking country in Americas, but has amulticulturalism, mixed ethnicities and religions in the name of peace.Where else besides Brazil, Whites, Blacks, Indians, Asians, Catholics,Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Spiritualists and many others in peace and respect?
  12. 12. KORFEBOL 12BRAZILIAN SPORTS MARKET BRASIL Approximately 80 million people practice some kind of sport in Brazil “There are no secrets. Just look at people in the street and verify that all are practicing some kind of physical activity.” Mr. Carlos Arthur Nuzman President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) and a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)Photo (espn_Brasil)
  13. 13. KORFEBOL 13BRAZILIAN SPORTS MARKET BRASIL 35bi3% of Brazilian GDP U$ 18 billions in sport activities 18bi U$ 35 billions/year provided by 2016
  14. 14. KORFEBOL 14BRAZILIAN SPORTS MARKET BRASIL 199 Sports Marketing Agencies 90% focused on consumer 10% focused on companies 51% acting in Events 30% raising sponsorship (athletes, events and teams) 28% acting in CRM, HC´spromo and advertising with sports 27% advisory agencies and image management12% media content, media rightsand communications consultancy 2% commercial licensing (athletes, events and teams)
  15. 15. KORFEBOL 15BRAZILIAN SPORTS MARKET BRASILDistribution of business in Brazilian sport 51% Football-Soccer 11% Running 7% Automobilism 4,5% Extreme Sports 4% Volley 3% Tennis 2% Basketball 2% Golf 1% Water Sports
  17. 17. KORFEBOL 17 KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - HISTORY BRASIL80´s In the 80s a group of physical education teachers, graduated from Universidade Gama Filho [1] (university), travelled to Austria in order to take part on an international congress. There they discovered Korfball and enjoyed the participation of women in the same team on equal terms. So they decided to bring it 1 to Brazil. They formed teams in Colégio Anglo-Americano (a high school in Botafogo beach) [2] and the Associação Atlética da Light (Public Light Company´s Sports Club in Grajaú, Rio) [3] and carried many demonstrations with those teams in universities. An extraordinary success occurred in Curitiba (capital of the Paraná State), in the 1st Brazilian and Pan-American Congress of Sports For All. Unfortunately, this work wasn´t carried forward by this group of teachers for lack of support and sponsorship. 3 2
  18. 18. KORFEBOL 18KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - HISTORY BRASIL 1998 1999 In 1998 Marcello Bepi Soares, a student of physical education, met Korfball in Universidade Castelo Branco [4] (a particular university) as a recreational game. Later that year, he introduced the sport in the Community Fernão Cardim (in neighborhood of Pilares, Rio de 4 Janeiro City), getting the preference of the students of Favela Bairro [5], a project supported by the City of Rio de Janeiro. Mr. Soares researched and made his Final Paper on Korfball. Until that, it doesn´t existed any single article, report, book or any reference about korfball in Brazil to guide his research. His Final Paper was based on verbal information given by some teachers as Luiz Alberto Batista, Dr. 5 Rizzo and Roberto Wagner, who were his biggest encouragers. At the same time Mr. Claudio Ferreira de Oliveira, a Marcello´s classmate, started working directly on spreading Korfball as a sport in Brazil. In 1999, Mr. Soares started contacting IKF (International Korfball Federation) especially Mrs. Sandra Vedder [6]. Mr. Soares and Mr. Oliveira also made ​contacts with Brazilian professionals of sports 6 whose, for the most part, didn´t know the modality. So they discovered Angelo Vargas and Moacyr Bastos who was conducting researchs on Korfball and had contact with Mr. Mario Godinho from Portugal.
  19. 19. KORFEBOL 19KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - HISTORY BRASIL 2000 2001 In 22th october 2000, known as "Day of Korfball in Brazil", Mr. Soares startedofficially his work on Korfball with the presence of Professor Wagner Roberto fromUniversidade Castelo Branco (university) with an exhibition and a friendly gamebetween Family members and Students from schools of Rio de Janeiro. The court 7was on Esporte Clube Valim (Sports Club in Meier neighborhood) and this groupremained playing korfball there for about a month, when they was transferred toQuadra da Polícia Militar (police´s court) in the same neighborhood. To demonstrate the sport to a larger number of people, Mr. Soares used toplay korfball on Rua Dias da Cruz, (a Street in Meier) [7]. It was possible, becauseMr. Wagner Coe, (Department of Sport and Recreation in Rio de Janeiro City) efforts.This visibility has resulted in the first newspaper report (2002) about the Korfball inBrazil.[8] 8 In 2001 a new group started practicing at the Clube dos Sub-Oficiais eSargentos da Aeronáutica de Cascadura (Club of Brazilian Air Force Officers andSergeants in Cascadura, Rio), the first sports club to practice Korfball in Brazil.
  20. 20. KORFEBOL 20KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - HISTORY BRASIL 2002 In 2002 representatives of the IKF, Mr. Nuno Ferro[9] and Mr. Jorge Ramos[10] (from Portugal) visitedBrazil and held the first course of Korfball to students of 9Universidade Castelo Branco (university), held onFaculdade Mercúrio (college). At the same time, there were lectures onUniversidade Rural (public university), Univ. CasteloBranco, Barra da Tijuca (neighborhood) and Univ.Moacyr Bastos. 10 VIDEO click here
  21. 21. KORFEBOL 21KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - HISTORY BRASIL 2002 In this year, Mr. Soares was certified askorfball coach and authorized to develop andpromote Korfball in Brazil by IKF.
  22. 22. KORFEBOL 22 KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - HISTORY BRASIL 2003 In 8th November 2003, during the International Korfball Federation VIDEO click here Congress, Brazil was affiliated and became the 41th Korfball country in the world. In 2003 Brazilian Korfball returned to his home, at Univ Castelo Branco, when Mr. Soares introduced the modality on the Week of Physical Clube Education Festival and made some lectures with the subjects "Theory Minas Gerais and Practice of the Game and Recreation", with the support of the University’s Coordinator of Physical Education Mr. William and colaborations of Ms. Ludmila Mourao, Ms. Gabriela Aragon and Ms. Ingrid Fonseca. In that year, the Brazilian Korfball arrived in Belo Horizonte City (Minas Gerais State) by Ms. Karla Andrade, Marketing Director of Clube Minas Gerais (Sports Club), who was interested by the social11 characteristic, organized clinics and courses. This visit had a great repercussion on the local media, such as TV and Newspaper [video]. Later that same year, Korfball arrived in São Paulo, at SESC Santo Amaro (SESC is a huge social and sports club with lots of branch offices around Brazil, mantained by the brazilian commerce [11]), by Mr. Maurice Del Nero, who invited Mr. Soares to perform clinics of Korfball.
  23. 23. KORFEBOL 23 KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - HISTORY BRASIL 2004 In 2004 Korfball was featured in various sports and entertainment´s programs on TV: Mais Você [12, 13 and video], a top morning audience TV show; Jornal Nacional, a prestigious TV news; Esporte Espetacular the most watched sport TV show. It was possible thanks to support from acclaimed sports journalists João Pedro Paes Leme and Tino Marcos. At the same year, Mr. Soares received the invitation from Joatuba City in Minas Gerais State to conduct Korfball clinics for teachers of that city. Mr. Juan Leal, a physical education teacher, from Casemiro de Abreu City (Rio de Janeiro State), started practicing Korfball with a partnership with Mr. Soares. In that project was formed the first competitive team out of the Rio de Janeiro City, in Colégio Estadual José Braz do Jardim and Colégio12 and 13 Estadual Municipalizado (two public junior and high schools). Several friendly matches was played between teams from Mr. Soares and Mr. Leal. Korfball was also practiced in Queimados City (Rio de Janeiro State) at Escola Municipal Tiradentes (municipal school), with support from the teacher Ms. Adriana Mathias, who is also athletic of Korfball. At that year, Brazilian Korfball was present for the second time in the Week of Physical Education Festival at University Gama Filho, by Mr. Guilherme Pacheco and Ms. Ludmila Mourao, Ms. Gabriela Aragon and Ms. Ingrid Fonseca. VIDEO click here
  24. 24. KORFEBOL 24KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - HISTORY BRASIL 2005 In 2005 about one hundred physical education students attended the Korfball course at UMC -Universidade de Mogi das Cruzes (university). It was the first time Korfball arrived at University in SaoPaulo State thanks to Mr. Zenon Silva Filho (department coordinator) . Due to the media success at Minas Gerais State (newspaper and TV), Mr.Soares was invited toperform Korfball courses on Universidade Itaúna (university), by one of representants of Korfball on thatstate, the student Mr. Derik Furforo Dias, with the full support of the University coordinator, Mr. DaltonRibeiro de Carvalho. For the first time Mr. Soares coordinated training courses at Rio de Janeiro´s SESC nearMadureira. Korfball was presented in the 8th Santa Monica Fitness thanks to support of Coordinator Mr.Bruno Nascimento and Mr. Bruno Castro. On September 22, Mr. Soares was invited by Mr. José Antonio Alves de Barros to present alecture at FGV - Fundação Getúlio Vargas (the most prestigious Administration and Marketing Collegeand Institute´s in Brazil) about the origin and evolution of the Korfball in the world and their prospects forBrazil. On FGV, Mr. Soares met some of the best marketing and sports managers who helped him toorganize the Brazilian Association of Korfball.
  25. 25. KORFEBOL 25 KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - HISTORY BRASIL 2006 2007In 2006 and 2007 Mr. Soares focused on developing korfball on universities:Faculdade Metodista Granbery (college) and Universidade Salgado deOliveira - Universo (university), in Juiz de Fora City, Minas Gerais State.Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (university) in São Paulo.Centro Universitário Augusto Motta - UNISUAM, in Bonsucessoneighborhood, Rio de Janeiro City. VIDEO click here
  26. 26. KORFEBOL 26KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - HISTORY BRASIL 2008 Brazilian Korfball was invited to visit Sapucaia City, a mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro State. Mr. Soares conducted a demonstration game in the town square, for students and teachers of municipal schools. Mr. Soares represented Brazilian Korfball at Rio Sport Show, a huge event focused on demonstration of equipment and innovations in the sports industry. Mr. Oliveira and Mr. Soares represented Brazilian Korfball at the 11th Santa Monica Fitness. Brazilian Korfball was invited by one of the most renowned practitioners of sports marketing in Brazil, Master Georgios Stylianos Hatzidakis, coordinator of the UNIBAN (university) to do three Korfball lectures in Osasco and Maria Candida Uniban´s units. At the time, Mr. Soares presented korfball at Faculdade Flamingo (college), in São Paulo.
  27. 27. KORFEBOL 27KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - HISTORY BRASIL 2009 46th ENAF (National Meeting of the Physical Activity) in Poços de Caldas (Minas Gerais State) 1st Lecture held in Petrópolis - Colégio Free (school) Physical Education course in Centro Universitário Celso Lisboa (university) Rio de Janeiro VIDEO click here Participation on Academic Week of the Faculdade Mercúrio (college) about Korfball in Wheelchair
  28. 28. KORFEBOL 28KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - HISTORY BRASIL 2009Participation on "Viradão Esportivo" (24 hours sports festival) in Riode Janeiro [video]Korfball course at FAFIT (college) in Itararé City (São Paulo State)The IKF representant Mr. Theo Van der Linde visited Brazil Mr. Theo Van der Linde Itararé-SP VIDEO click here
  29. 29. KORFEBOL 29 KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - HISTORY BRASIL 2010Mr. Soares promoting Korfball in Radio USP FM 93.7 inSão Paulo City (São Paulo State)Reports published about the Korfball on the JornalTribuna (newspaper) in Petrópolis, Rio de JaneiroStateSymposium of Education on the Itaboraí City - Rio deJaneiro State. ABRAKO visited many SESC´s unities at São Paulo State: Osasco City; Taubaté City; Piracicaba City and Presidente Prudente City
  30. 30. KORFEBOL 30KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - HISTORY BRASIL 2011IKF representant Mr. Albert Vidaña visited South America and for the first time cameto BrazilFor the first time a huge soccer club, Clube de Regatas Vasco da Gama, opened hisdoors to korfball. ABRAKO participated on a recreational and sports event inside theclub. Albert VidañaMr. Soares held korfball courses at Faculdade Nossa Cidade - FNC (college), inCarapicuíba City, São Paulo State and Instituto São João Batista - ISJOB in Meierneighborhood, Rio de Janeiro City [video]. Vasco da Gama VIDEO click here
  31. 31. KORFEBOL 31KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - HISTORY BRASIL 2011Brazilian Korfball was present at SESC SANTOS in Santos Cityand at Escola Técnica Paula Souza, São Paulo State VIDEO VIDEO click here click here Paula Souza SESC SANTOS
  32. 32. KORFEBOL 32KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - HISTORY BRASIL 2012ABRAKO held courses on SESC VILA MARIANA (São Paulo City);SESC SANTO ANDRÉ (Santo André City); SESC OSASCO (OsascoCity) and Colégio Objetivo (Junior and High School) at AmericanaCity, São Paulo State.ABRAKO promoted the modality Beach Korfball at CopacabanaFitness Festival, in Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro City.Mr. Soares visted a group of korfball players at Araras neighborhood,in Petrópolis City, Rio de Janeiro State. VIDEO click here
  33. 33. KORFEBOL 33KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - HISTORY BRASIL 2012Mr. Paiva and Mr. Soares presented korfball at REATECH - FEIRAInternacional de Tecnologias em Reabilitação, Inclusão e Acessibilidade(Accebility, inclusion, reabilitation technology international fair), São Paulo.Mr. Soares visited UNIGRANRIO (university), in Caxias City, UniversidadeMoacyr Bastos, Campo Grande neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro StateABRAKO was represented by Mr. Soares at Congresso Carioca FIEP [video] VIDEO click here
  34. 34. KORFEBOL 341st BRAZILIAN KORFBALL CHAMPIONSHIP BRASIL 2012 1st Brazilian Korfball Championship was held in Americana City (São Paulo State) on 5th and 6th May. The Objetivo team was winner. CAMPEONATO BRASILEIRO DE KORFEBOL 6/maio.2012 AMERICANA/SP
  35. 35. KORFEBOL 351st BRAZILIAN KORFBALL CHAMPIONSHIP BRASIL 2012 Objetivo - Champions Ingrid Corsete #10 Larissa Rodrigues #9 Bruna Coradi #7 Michele Iatarola #14 Luciano #1 Thiago Cascardo #97 Gustavo Cavalheiro #8 Édipo Leite #4 Daiane Santos #11 Augusto Bezerra #99 Ariel Bezerra #98 Fernanda Giacomassi #6 Clóvis Osvaldo #17
  36. 36. KORFEBOL 361st BRAZILIAN KORFBALL CHAMPIONSHIP BRASIL 2012 Rio/grêmio Ufrj - Runner-up Fernanda Cardoso #9 Penélope Mora #7 Keren Schweikardt #5 Luciana Bortoleto #3 Daniel Rivillini #4 Felipe Ribeiro #13 Márcio Santos #14 Thadeu Ferreira #8 Thamires Katharine #2 Renan Bortoleto #18 Fam - Faculdade De Americana - 3rd Place Thuane Archid #5 Lays De Paula #6 Poliene #14 Lucia Regina #3 Roger W. Dos S. Pinto #8 Leonardo De A. Cruz #7 Higor De A. Cruz #9 Junior Vivo #2 Yolanda #12 Wallace #4 Sofia #13
  37. 37. KORFEBOL 371st BRAZILIAN KORFBALL CHAMPIONSHIP BRASIL 2012Fnc - Faculdade Nossa Cidade (carapicuíba) 4th Epk - Equipe Petropolitana De Korfebol 5th Etec Polivalente 6th PlacePlace Place Danieli #2Patricia Carvalho #8 Ednara Siqueira #26 Bruna #18Isabel Conceição #6 Bruna L. Larin #9 Amanda #5Priscila Carvalho #2 Mariana Monteiro #13 Scarlet #6Monique Ikamura #4 Danielle Monteiro #8 Gustavo Bazzana #9Vitor Carvalho #11 José Vitor #4 Gabriel #19Rodrigo Dias #10 Leandro Azevedo #11 Sérgio #15Jefferson Florencio #13 Emanuel Monteiro #31 Kauan #4Douglas Florencio #9 Jefferson Marquez #10 Gustavo #21Israel #14 Rhanan Carlos #7 Ana Carolina #99Fernando #5 Paulo Eduardo #6 Vanessa Marina #2Roberto #3 Neuziene Aparecida #5Carlos #12
  38. 38. KORFEBOL 38IKF IN BRAZIL BRASIL 2012 IKF President Fransoo, on a visit in Brazil, met with representatives from various regional and local korfball associations in this vast and rapidly developing country. In Americana (Sao Paulo), earlier this year host to the first Brazilian Korfball Championship, he met with korfball administrators Luciana Bartoleto from the State of Sao Paulo and Daniel Rivellinni from the VIDEO State of Rio de Janeiro. Further, he visited the Department of Physical click here Education at the University of Campinas, one of the leading universities in Brazil, where he met with sport officials to help him better understand the structure of sports in Brazil.In July we had the visit of the portuguese referee Jorge Alves and thePortugal player Joana Fariano in the cities of Rio de Janeiro andPetropolis. On this Korfball week we had lectures, courses about therules of the sport and many pratices.
  39. 39. KORFEBOL 39ABRAKO´S (BRAZILIAN KORFBALL ASSOCIATION) BRASILMISSION, VISION AND VALUES MISSION: Provide the welfare people, realizing dreams and multiplying friendships, integrating males with females, young people of all ages and people with special needs, teaching them the culture of peace through sport. VISION: To be a Korfebol reference in the development and practice on Americas VALUES: Union, Joy and Love KORFEBOL BRASIL
  40. 40. KORFEBOL 40ABRAKO (BRAZILIAN KORFBALL ASSOCIATION) BRASIL Brazil is the 41st country affiliated to the IKF and the first South American country to play the game and get your recognition, through the work of Professor Marcello Bepi Soares. The Brazilian Korfebol is being developed through partnerships with educational institutions (universities, colleges and schools), sports club, NGOs and social agencies. Receives support from national and local media when conducting courses and lectures, was presented in several cities in central-south of the country and is practiced mainly in the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rondônia
  41. 41. KORFEBOL 41KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - SOCIAL BRASIL It is mainly at schools that Korfball achieves great success. Because it is a different sport from those that Brazilians have been practicing and it has pedagogical rules, thereby minimizing short-term conflict between genders at different ages, developing autonomy and affection. It brings back the motivation to students who were excluded from other modalities and that perhaps have not yet large motor skills. Through Korfball, we can develop our ability to approach and collaborative youth in a fun teaching the Culture of Peace
  42. 42. KORFEBOL 42KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - SOCIAL BRASIL The work in underserved communities aims at empowering women and youth through courses and lectures, developing collective thinking, culture of peace through mediation techniques. The Korfebol is a great tool to facilitate dialogue, and promote families integrations. ABRAKO was invited to integrated the project Mulheres da Paz (Peace women) and teach the sport on 21 slum- neighborhoods as Alemão, Belford Roxo, Cantagalo, Caxias, Itaboraí, Itaguaí, Macaé, Manguinhos, Maré, Mesquita, Nilópolis, Niterói, Nova Iguaçu, Pavão- Pavãozinho, Providência, Queimados, Rocinha, São Gonçalo, São João do Mr. Soares and the IKF member Mr. Theo Van der Linde on Bangu prison Meriti, Tavares Bastos e Vila Kennedy Beside Psychologist Dr. João Delfim Nadaes, ABRAKO in the units of the complex of Penitentiary in Bangu (Brazilian Korfball Association) has presented the sport as a (Penitenciária Esmeraldino Bandeira e Penitenciária Plácido therapy and physical activity, aiming to reintegrate into society Sá Carvalho) and Presídio Edgard Costa (in Niterói City) in the and learning in the conduct of positive values for the internal State of Rio de Janeiro, showing how sport can assist prison system members. This action has been very successful government departments in social action.
  43. 43. KORFEBOL 43KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - SOCIAL BRASIL In the Taboão da Serra City (São Paulo State) Professor Daniel Costa has a project with support from the municipality that uses Korfball for seniors. "Im really enjoying practicing Korfball. It´s a sport very useful for the physical and body. I recomend elderly people, especially men, to practice this sports that does very well for health instead of staying at home doing nothing. Once I started exercising I felt better, my blood pressure normalized, I had no cholesterol problem" said Mr. Juliano da Silva Pina, 65 years old Kids Activities are taught by trained professionals who specialize in the discipline. Meet the age group 3-7 years old and they plan some activities for psychomotor development and increased cognitive ability and motor skills of children early in psychomotor development.
  44. 44. KORFEBOL 44KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - STRUCTURE BRASIL Cities were Korfball was introduced: 07 Rio De Janeiro (capital), Petrópolis, Casemiro De Abreu, Queimados, São Gonçalo, Itaboraí E Niterói. Clubs and Institutions: 07 Clube De Regatas Vasco Da Gama; Associação Atlética Da Light - Grajaú; Clube Dos Sub-oficiais E Sargenteos Das Forças Armadas; Tijuca Tenis Clube; Grajaú Country Club; Sesc Madureira E Sesc Engenho De Dentro Universities and Colleges: 13 Universidade Castelo Branco; Faculdade Mercúrio - Famerc; Centro Universitário Da Cidade - Univercidade; Universidade Do Grande Rio - Unigranrio; Universdade Estácio De Sá - Uniestácio; Universidade Gama Filho; Universidade Católica De Petrópolis - Ucp; Universidade Federal Rural Do Rio De Janeiro - Ufrrj; Universidade Estadual Do Rio De Janeiro; Centro Universitário Augusto Motta - Unisuam; Centro Universitário Moacyr Sreder Bastos - Unimsb; Centro Universitário Celso Lisboa - Ucl E Universidade Salgado De Oliveira - Universo Schools: 12 (rio) Colégio Araújo Rocha, Colégio Metropolitano, Colégio São João Batista, Colégio Santa Mônica, Colégio Sagrado Coração De Maria - Sacrecre, (petrópolis) Colégio Petrópolis, Colégio Free, Colégio N. Sra. De Lourdes, Colégio S. Judas Tadeu, Colégio Anglicano, Colégio Estadual De Araras and Colégio Inove (s. Gonçalo) Number of Players: Rio 24 and Petrópolis 50 (all actives)Rio de Janeiro State Teams: 02 Grêmio-ufrj (rio) and Epk (petrópolis) and more minor non-competetive groupsPopulation: 16,03 millionRio de Janeiro CityPopulation: 6,32 million
  45. 45. KORFEBOL 45KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - STRUCTURE BRASIL Cities were Korfball was introduced: 17 São Paulo (capital), Barueri, Santo André, Osasco, Santos, Diadema, Carapicuíba, Itararé, Presidente Prudente, Piracicaba, Americana, São José Do Rio Preto, Taboão Da Serra, São José Dos Campos, São Carlos, Araraquara E Taubaté Clubs and Institutions: 14 (São Paulo City) Sesc Santo Amaro, Sesc Pinheiros, Sesc Santana, Sesc Vila Mariana, Sesc Ipiranga, Sesc Pompeia; (other cities) Sesc Osasco, Sesc Taubaté, Sesc Santos, Sesc Araraquara, Sesc São Carlos, Sesc Sj Rio Preto, Sesc Sj Campos, Sesc Presidente Prudente Universities and Colleges: 6 Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Universidade Anhembi-morumbi, Universidade Bandeirantes, Universidade De Mogi Das Cruzes - Umc; Faculdade Flamingo and Faculdade Nossa Cidade (Carapicuíba) Schools: 4 Colégio Anhembi-morumbi, Colégio Objetivo (americana) Colégio Leopoldo Brentano and Colégio Bambino (carapicuíba)São Paulo State Number of Players: between 16 and 20. There´s no active groupPopulation: 41,25 millionSão Paulo City Teams: 3 Times, all was deactivated since the 1st Brazilian ChampionshipPopulation: 11,31 million
  46. 46. KORFEBOL 46KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - STRUCTURE BRASIL Cities were Korfball was introduced: 4 Belo Horizonte (capital), Juiz De Fora, Joatuba and Itaúna Clubs and Institutions: 1 Clube Minas Gerais Universities and Colleges: 3 Faculdade de Itaúna, Universo de Juiz de Fora, Faculdade Granbery de Juiz De Fora Number of Players: All inactives. Some teachers had initialised projects on their schools but it didn´t develop. Teams: No active teamsMinas Gerais StatePopulation: 20,50 millionBelo Horizonte CityPopulation: 2,47 million
  47. 47. KORFEBOL 47KORFBALL IN BRAZIL - STRUCTURE BRASIL Cities were Korfball was introduced: 1 Rolim de Moura Number of Players: Just a small group guided by Prof. Mrs. Valdirene Guimarães Valdirene GuimarãesRondônia StatePopulation: 1,56 million
  49. 49. KORFEBOL 49BRAZILIAN KORFBALL MEDIACENTER BRASIL VIDEO click here CNT (1st korfball report on brazilian tv) VIDEO Esporte Espetacular - Globo TV click here VIDEO click here exhibited in SPORT TV and Jornal Nacional VIDEO click here VIDEO SHOW - Globo TV VIDEO TV LANCE click here
  50. 50. KORFEBOL 50BRAZILIAN KORFBALL MEDIACENTER BRASIL VIDEO click here Hoje em Dia - Rede Record VIDEO click here Rede Record VIDEO click here Globo TV - Petrópolis VIDEO click here Bandeirantes TV
  51. 51. KORFEBOL 51BRAZILIAN KORFBALL MEDIACENTER BRASIL VIDEO click here Globo TV - São Carlos VIDEO click here SBT VIDEO click here Bandeirantes TV - Rio de Janeiro VIDEO click here Bandeirantes TV - Rondônia
  52. 52. KORFEBOL 52BRAZILIAN KORFBALL MEDIACENTER BRASIL VIDEO TVE - Stadium (IKF representants click here Nuno Ferro and Jorge Ramos) VIDEO click here TVE - Stadium part 2 VIDEO click here TVE - Stadium part 3 VIDEO click here TV UNISUAM
  59. 59. KORFEBOL 59BRAZILIAN KORFBALL MOMENTS BRASIL Mr. José Carlos Brunoro Mrs. Patricia Broers-Lehmann the most prestigious sports manager in Brazil Netherlands Consulate in Rio de Janeiro Mr. Bebeto de Freitas Sports Manager Former president of Botafogo F.R. (soccer club) Former volleyball coach of Brazilian and Italian national teams silver olympic medal (84) - Brazil Mr. Roberto Dinamite golden FIVB World Championships (98) - Italy President of CR Vasco da Gama (soccer club) Former player in the Brazilian team in the FIFA World Cup (78/82)
  60. 60. KORFEBOL 60BRAZILIAN KORFBALL MOMENTS BRASIL Mr. Lars Grael two olympic bronze medals (88/96) former minister of sport and Paralympic activist Mr. Rafael Araújo - a.k.a.‘Bábby’ Brazilian Team player in FIBA World ChampionshipMr. Fernando Ávila - a.k.a.‘Fernandão’ former NBA player olympic silver medals (84) Mr. Djan Madruga bronze medal olympic (80) Mr. Robson Caetano National Secretary of High Performance´s Sports two olympic bronze medals (88/96) Indoor World Championship bronze medal (87) twice gold medals in the Pan-American Games (91)
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