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Gic prospectus oct2017 (1)


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The Global Incentive Card is the most flexible and global rewards payout card with coverage in 171 countries. If your business reaches multiple countries and you need to incentivise and reward your employees, the GIC can very effectively do it for you.

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Gic prospectus oct2017 (1)

  1. 1. THE GLOBAL INCENTIVE CARD Reward the world
  2. 2. This is the number of countries we are able to service with the GLOBAL INCENTIVE CARD (GIC). Need to pay a participant some cash in Uzbekistan? We can do it. 171.
  3. 3. Why can't the GIC cover the globe? Certain countries fall outside of both the European Parliamentary Regulatory Committee and the OF AC (American Treasury Office) as they are non-compliant with their FISCAL POLICIES. This means that some countries can't play on the world banking forum because they have bad monetary policies from their central banks, their governments don't have the correct fiscal policies in place or they are seen as a politically exposed country. 25.
  4. 4. Uwin Iwin International still has a solution for you. If you need a solution in one of the 25 countries where the GIC is not present, chances are, we already have another solution. We either have a local pre-paid bank card, or an e-wallet already in place.� No GIC, No Problem
  5. 5. Created in partnership with Barclays Bank UK, and backed by MasterCard International, the GIC is not only unique, it is supported by global giants. This means that wherever the MasterCard logo is displayed in the qualifying 171 countries, your participant can transact. POWERFUL PARTNERS
  6. 6. Your current method of rewarding participants in multiple countries has become frustrating and cumbersome. The costs associated with using a wire transfer is expensive. You need an easy to use AND easy to manage reward and payment system. You want a fully tested product. You want a more versatile product that allows your participants the freedom of choice. You want a product and system that can be managed centrally (single point of contact). WHY YOU NEED THE GIC
  7. 7. The GIC can be used in conjunction or as a stand-alone product for: Recognition and reward programmes Commission Payments Loyalty Payments Incentive Rewards Customer benefits / value cards Research Panel Payments CLIENT APPLICATIONS
  8. 8. You can elect to use our generically branded cards or fully customise your own card. The customised card has a minimum 25,000 card order. Our generic card offer, however, includes a card wallet (leaflet with basic activation information) that will be fully branded according to your CI / look and feel. Each card is tethered to a virtual card. This means that while cards are en-route to your users, we can issue them with a temporary virtual card to transact with (online purchases). All cards have PIN technology embedded (making this product the most secure incentive card in the world!) THE CARD
  9. 9. In order to pay out your participant, we require basic KYC information on the card holder. (Know Your Customer) We will also require Proof of ID and Proof of Address to validate your intended payment recipient. We run standard PEP authentications on all users on your behalf - making each card-holder fully compliant with MasterCard. We take care of all legislative payment requirements for your card-holder and for you! TAX: This is reviewed with you based on the client application of the GIC selected. THE USER
  10. 10. All card-holders are provided with a self- management portal. This portal is web-based - this means users are able to access the portal 24/7, from any internet-enabled device. Upon receiving the card, users will be required to upload their KYC information, and activate their card on the portal. Users will be able to check their card balances, review transaction statements and even request a PIN retrieval if they have lost or forogtten their PIN. Should a card be lost or stolen, users will be able to stop the card immediately from this portal. THE SELF SERVICE PORTAL
  11. 11. ATM Machines for cash withdrawals. The GIC can be used wherever the MasterCard sign is displayed. Online Shopping Physical in-store swipes THE USES
  12. 12. Funds are loaded into the GIC in� US DOLLARS. At the time of the transaction, the US DOLLAR amount is converted into local currency. As a bonus, we are able to load funds into the GIC in a number of major currencies, if the US DOLLAR doesn't suit your requirements. THE CURRENCY
  13. 13. Stand Alone Usage Getting cash to your participants is quick, painless and efficient. We simply set you up on the Global Payment System, issue the required number of cards that you need, and then you let us know how much you want to pay and when! We then process the instruction and within 72 hours, your participant is paid and on their way to spending those hard earned rewards. THE PROCESS
  14. 14. Existing Programme So you need to add the GIC as a reward option to an already existing programme? Easy peasy. We simply set you up on the Global Payment System and issue the required number of cards to your participants. We either then process the points to the card, or direct the payout directly to the GIC. Within 24 hours, your participants are paid! THE PROCESS
  15. 15. Our product is unique and powerful, but the costs don't have to be! Simply provide us with the list of countries you need a solution in, the number of people you want to pay out, and the anticipated reward amounts and we will generate a quote as quick as our payment solutions. Finally, you can reward the world in a painless, efficient and cost effective way. THE COMMERCIALS
  16. 16. Contact UWIN IWIN INTERNATIONAL for more information. T: +27 11 557 5700 E: THE EXPERTS