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Build, deploy and test APIs and microservices with Apitek Prisma 2016-10-28

  1. Build, Deploy and Test APIs and Microservices with Apitek Prisma Gustaf Nyman Apitek Aktiebolag 2016-10-28
  2. Apitek is API management We think you want to: • Manage your APIs effortlessly • Integrate your legacy APIs • Distribute the control of API management in your organization • Maybe put your developers in charge • Deploy effortlessly using APIs or web • And also support non-developers in your organization. Apitek Prisma will enable you to do just that!
  3. Apitek Prisma is enterprise… Apitek Prisma is built for and used in enterprise scenarios today: • Millions of messages per day • Many hundreds of APIs • Hundreds of administrative users • Built for and used in 24/7 operations for years • Track record of years of continuous hassle free operation (2003)
  4. Simple, yet advanced Just upload the contract, a WSDL or Swagger file Supports REST/HTTP, SOAP/HTTP, MQ, DB2, SqlServer, SFTP, Servicebus, AMQP, IMAP, SMTP, file drop and many more Web and API based configuration and monitoring of everything Convert and translate messages Build microservices with super simple deployment Execute and monitor workflows
  5. Microservices Apitek Prisma supports: • Stateless microservices • Stateful microservices with automatic state management and admin web introspection and control Microservices: • Super simple deployment using upload or API. • Environment invariant access of APIs – no explicit Urls • No files…everything configured in admin web or API
  6. You are in full control Configuration and administration is full web or API based • No configuration or other files – simple deployment • What admin web shows is what runtime is executing Extensive logging, monitoring and analytics Role based security – define you own roles or use pre-defined Audit all configuration changes Control and audit all access to archived messages
  7. Is great outside IT department Manual handling in workflow Customer service Business Specialist Application testers
  8. Cloud or on-site Apitek Prisma is: • Easily installed at customer’s site. • Ready to use as SaaS.
  9. Let’s demo 1. Configure a simple API 2. Develop, deploy and test a microservice implementing the API 3. Build a API client and do some performance testing
  10. More information…. 1. Visit our web site 2. Book a demo, presentation or workshop 3. Order a Proof-of-concept to test Apitek Prisma live (SaaS)
  11. Thank you @gustaf_n