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Shot list

  1. 1. Josh Davey Shot list Scene 1 1. Close up – Of pill in someone’s hand 2. Close up – Of people putting the pill into their mouths 3. On screen text: “One pill controls your life” 4. Close ups –Of more people putting the pill into their mouths 5. On screen text: “It keeps the truth hidden” Scene 2 6. Establishing shot – Showing off the setting before the mugging 7. Tracking mid shot- Showing the protagonist leaving his friend and walking down an alley way 8. Low angle shot – Of Mugger, showing his dominance in the scene 9. Over the shoulder – Of the protagonist, showing the mugger nearing him, building up suspense 10. High angle shot – High angle shot of protagonist, as he gets a gun held to his head by the mugger 11. Close up – Of protagonist fumbling in his pockets for his wallet, as the pot of pills falls onto the floor 12. Midshot, to pan, to low angle- Of mugger taking the wallet then running into the distance 13. Long shot - Of a blurred protagonist's feet running away in the distance after him, with the shot focusing on a pot of pills rolling across the ground, emphasising that he's lost them Scene 3 14. Close up- Of red light flashing 15. Screen capture – Message received saying “We’ve got a runner” 16. Low angle shot – Of boss leaning over his worker 17. Two shot – Showing their conversation Scene 4 18. POV shot- Of the protagonist getting up and walking round the street hallucinating, engaging the audience, and showing his fear. There’s a phone call conversation in the background 19. Close up – Of the protagonists’ face to show his distress 20. High angle shot – Of protagonist walking round the streets 21. Over the shoulder – Showing the protagonist showing conversation before he walks into his friend’s house 22. Two shot – Of protagonist and his friend sitting on the sofa by the window 23. POV shot – Showing the protagonist looking through the window at a parked car 24. Over the shoulder – showing conversation between them two Shot reverse shot 25. Mid shot tracking shot – Showing the protagonist running from the house 26. POV shot – Of protagonist running 27. High angle shot – Of protagonist running 28. High angle shot – Of the front door, as the protagonist runs inside slams it shut and leans up against the door in fear Switch between these shots Switch between these shots Angus McCabe
  2. 2. Josh Davey Scene 5 29. Mid shot – Showing the protagonist’s speech Scene 6 30. Over the shoulder – Showing the boss looking out the window 31. High angle shot – Showing agent listening to the boss Scene 7 32. High angle shot – The phone rings and he puts it to his ear 33. Close up - Of the protagonists’ facial expression as the words “We’re coming for you” are spoken down the phone to him 34. Close up – Of the phone as the protagonist pressed the end call button 35. CUTS to black 36. On screen text – Film information (Release date, production company etc) 37. On screen text – Film title