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Risk assessment


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Risk assessment

  1. 1. Risk Assessment Location 1: Neale Wade Academy is a fairly risk free area to film. We will be using tic-tacs instead of actual pills to avoid anyone taking anything that could harm them. We will also make sure we are filming in areas that are not of disturbance to lessons. Location 2: My house will also be a safe place to film as there is plenty of room to manoeuvre the camera and tripod etc. When filming outside my house we will make sure to remain on the pavement in order to avoid traffic. In the scene where the robber shoves Harry we will imitate the contact in order to prevent injuries. In the scene with the car pulling up we will ensure there is a fully qualified driver behind the wheel and that the camera is in a safe position. Location 3: We have already confirmed that anyone is allowed to enter the nature reserve so we will not be trespassing. There are many wide open areas in the reserve so when people are filmed running they will not be at risk of hitting into anything.