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Film trailer script


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Film trailer script

  1. 1. Film Trailer Script By Angus McCabe and Josh Davey The script only shows the scenes in the trailer involving dialogue, in the trailer there will also be scenes involving no dialogue.
  2. 2. SCENE 1 - EXT - OUTSIDE JOE’S HOUSE - DAY Harry leaves the room and starts walking down the street. Harry: Yeah, so I’ll see you tomorrow Joe. Joe: (From inside the room) Yeah mate, see you. Harry gets his wallet out as he walks and a hooded man is running behind him. The two clash and the hooded man grabs his wallet. Harry: (Shouts) Hey! As Harry runs after the robber the camera focuses on the pot of pills that have fallen out of Harry’s pocket and onto the floor. SCENE 2 – INT – GOVERNMENT BUILDING - DAY A woman working for the government sees a red flashing light on her computer screen and picks up the phone. Woman: Sir, we have a problem.
  3. 3. The scene switches to government agents who are being briefed by their boss. The boss is standing at the front of the room while the others are sitting down facing him. Boss: Ok, so you know the drill; this has happened before. This guys name is Harry Pearson, we need to find him, and take him out. The camera switches to Harry walking down the street about to topple over but the boss’ dialogue carries on. Boss: Right now, he’ll be experiencing withdrawal symptoms after losing the pills. Soon his brain will adapt and he’ll be able to think for himself. And then gentlemen we will have a problem. SCENE 3 – INT – JOE’S HOUSE - NIGHT Dazed and confused, Harry returns to Joe’s house Joe: (After opening the door) Harry? What are you doing here? Harry: Let me in, I need to talk to you. Cuts to inside.
  4. 4. Harry: Joe, I need you to listen to me, earlier today I was robbed and I think the guy must have taken my pill, s-so I haven’t taken one today. Joe: I don’t understand. How could you not take your pill? Harry: Joe, listen to me, everything feels different. I don’t know. Looking at you now, it looks like your brainwashed or hypnotised or something. They are interrupted by a power cut that plunges the room into darkness. Harry goes towards the window and notices one of the government agents pulling up outside. Harry: I-I think they’re here for me. I need to get out of here now. Harry starts running towards the back door as Joe stands with a bland expression in the centre of the room. SCENE 4 – INT – ABANDONED ROOM - DAY Harry is sitting down in the centre of the room, looking directly at the camera. He is recording a film he intends to leak to the public. Harry:
  5. 5. My name is Harry Pearson. One week ago I avoided taking the pill that everyone on the planet has been taking their whole lives. This pill has told us what to do, what to say and even how to think. Since then I have been pursued by men who are trying to kill me and have seen things that you couldn’t even imagine. One thing you need to know is that you’re world is a lie. SCENE 5 – INT – GOVERNMENT BUILDING - DAY The boss is standing in a room facing the window. Standing behind him is one of the agents. Boss: If we don’t find this man soon, the whole system will collapse.This world will not be able to cope with the truth. SCENE 6 – EXT – FIELD – DAY Harry holds his phone, staring at it as it starts to ring. After a few seconds he answers and holds it up to his ear. Boss: (Pause.) We’re coming for you. The screen cut to black as Harry’s thumb presses the red button. THE END