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Film pitch


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Film pitch

  1. 1. By Angus McCabe and Josh Davey
  2. 2. Universal Studios We think that Universal would be a suitable company to produce our film. The company has already produced other psychological thrillers such as Psycho, considered one of the most definitive and influential in the genre along with other thriller films such as Red Dragon and Spy Game which are both critical and commercial successes. The success of these films show that the company is familiar with the psychological thriller genre and should be enthusiastic about creating another hit project out of a similarly styled film. Because of their experience with the genre they would be able to style and market our film in a similar way that was effective previously. Also, Universal is considered one of the “Big Six” film companies and is a subsidiary of the major conglomerate NBC which means they would have a large amount of money, technology and crew to invest into the production to ensure it is of a high standard and achieve a lot of commercial attention. Because it is part of a conglomerate industry it means that synergy can be used in the marketing of the film, meaning the companies television channels, radio stations and theme park resorts could potentially be used to promote the film, dramatically increasing audience awareness and word of mouth about the film.
  3. 3. Universal Studios NBC Universal Inc. is the conglomerate brand that owns Universal Studios. Universal itself has 3 subsidiary companies which have divisions of their own: Universal Animation Studios, Focus Features and Illumination Entertainment. „Universal Studios was founded on April 30th 1912, as Universal Film and Manufacturing Company, and is now currently owned by Carl Laemmle, Pat Powers, Mark Dintenfass, William Swanson, David Horsley, Charles Baumann, Adam Kessel and Jules Brulatour. Currently their headquarters are in Universal City California, but they do also have 4 other base locations in Florida, Hollywood, Singapore and Japan. Universal also has divisions in television, home entertainment and theme parks and resorts.
  4. 4. Our Film Our film is set in an alternate reality (year 2020) in which one worldwide government are literally using mind control on the public in order to prohibit free will and keep the nations ignorant from the worlds dark past. This is enforced through the daily distribution of a pill to every citizen on the globe, but when a normal young man is involved in a robbery, he becomes free from the mind control. Almost immediately he begins to experience psychological effects including headaches, blurred vision and premonitions. Declared a fugitive, he soon becomes the victim of a manhunt. With the new ability to think for himself he must reveal the secrets the government is hiding and attempt to understand the premonitions he sees before it is too late. The film would be suitable for Universal Studios as it is similar in style and draws inspiration from many other films of the psychological thriller genre including Shutter Island, Inception, Memento and The Machinist which were all successful films. With an adequate budget, crew and marketing campaign which Universal Studios could provide, our film could easily achieve the same sort of success and would appeal to the same target audience as these films.
  5. 5. Conventions and Audience We have done a great deal of research into the psychological thriller genre, film trailers and the target audience ensuring we incorporate many conventional features into our planning, production and editing including:       A pre-written script that allows us to develop the plot and the dialogue and a production plan that ensures we have an organised and structured filming routine meaning we will meet deadlines and be able to improve our directing skills. High standard filming equipment allowing us to create a professional looking trailer that will draw in the target audience. Good use of close-up and tracking shots to represent the psychological state of the protagonist, this is frequent in many psychological thriller films and will therefore be conventional in our trailer. Emphasis on the use of pills within the narrative which relates to themes of mind control and mental well being adds to the conventions and will appeal to the fans of the genre. We will use a range of distorted music that relates to the narrative for the soundtrack, escalating the tension and making a more exciting experience for the audience. Low key lighting will be used to relate to the dark nature of the storyline and also to the key themes and conventions of psychological thrillers.
  6. 6. Conventions and Audience Because our target audience does not consist of only one particular group or type of people, it means we have a wide range of people to appeal to. Due to scenes of violence, our film would probably receive a 15 rating meaning the complex plot and mature themes would appeal to the cinema viewers who would all be over this age. Like many psychological thrillers, ours will consist of complex plot aspects that relate to moral questions concerning real life affairs. This means the target audience would likely be well educated and intellectual; which is the same for several Universal films. A brief outline of the narrative of the film will be explained in a series of onscreen text shots which is a conventional trait for a trailer and will also intrigue the target audience who will be enthused to see the narrative resolved. Because the film will also conventionally include a lot of intense sequences of action/ conflict, the target audience will also consist of thrill and adrenaline seekers. This will be promoted in the trailer through the increasing fast paced editing and previews of action sequences to draw the audience in.