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Audience feedback summary


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Audience feedback summary

  1. 1. Audience Feedback Summary
  2. 2. As shown in the results of questions 1 and 2, the audience feedback supports the idea that I succeeded in making the trailer both conventional of genre and of form. The comments praise the dark nature of the film which we knew was essential for the psychological thriller genre while also praising the structure of the trailer which we crafted based on research into many other trailers. Question 3 also shows that they would all be encouraged to watch the film after seeing the trailer meaning it has achieved its primary purpose. Questionnaire
  3. 3. From the responses to questions 4, 5 and 6 it is clear that audience feedback approves of my use of the technical elements in the trailer as well as both the ancillary products. The comments particularly praise the camerawork and soundtrack in the trailer as well as the use of image and layout in the ancillary products. The only minor criticisms are of some aspects of miseen-scene in the trailer although it has improved since earlier drafts. Questionnaire
  4. 4. The answers to question 7 supports my argument in question 2 of the evaluation that all 3 of my products successfully link together to promote the film. The fact that the audience recognise recurring themes and styles between the products is a positive sign in showing the success they would have as a real film marketing campaign. Questionnaire
  5. 5. Other feedback obtained by the Paddlet which can be viewed above on this page as well as the comments on the YouTube page for my trailer also give similar positive feedback. The YouTube comments to the left compliment the dark atmosphere of the trailer which relates to the genre while also stating it would make the film appeal to them, once again confirming the view that my trailer has achieved its main purpose. The Wallwisher comments acknowledge a clear brand identity of the film through these products which is an important factor in the marketing process Wallwisher and YouTube Comments
  6. 6. The first of my feedback videos was a comparison between the first and final drafts of my trailer. This was important in marking the scale of improvement throughout my work. The main points of improvement mentioned include: • The inclusion of an effectively paced and exciting soundtrack to convey the mood. • Better use of editing to structure our footage more like a trailer than simply a collection of scenes. • More effective and varied shot types. • More conventional to the psychological thriller genre. The second video was focused on the ancillary products with the main areas praised including: • The contrasting view of the protagonist on one and the antagonist on the other. • The way they reveal aspects of the plot of the film through props and events. • The reviews shown on the poster as an effective way of appealing to the target audience. • The use of bold fonts. Feedback Videos
  7. 7. What the first video has helped me to understand is that: • • • The knowledge I gained from my research into similar products was a vital process in the understanding of how to make a trailer and made mine more successful. The use of technology, both in production and post production is a vital element in making the trailer seem appealing to the target audience and relating it to the genre. That the opinion of the target audience is a key factor in the productions success and popularity The second video revealed that: • Ancillary products play an important part in supporting the trailer in promoting the film. Feedback Videos