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  1. CSS 101 Make things beautiful - Pratik Sangami
  2. Gurzu Confidential
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  9. Gurzu Confidential CASCADING STYLE SHEETS ( CSS )
  10. Gurzu Confidential 1 0 What is CSS? ● CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. ● Define the look and formatting of web pages ● Used to describe how HTML elements should be displayed on a screen, paper, or other media. ● With CSS, web developers can control the layout, color, fonts, and other design elements of a web page, separate from the content itself. ● This allows for greater flexibility and consistency across a website, making it easier to maintain and update.
  11. Gurzu Confidential How your website is displayed
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  17. Gurzu Confidential How familiar are you with CSS?
  18. Gurzu Confidential CSS has been used as a presentational layer styling language. It can be found used for: ● CSS for Websites ● CSS for Print ● CSS for Speech ● CSS for Digital Ads, like ads in youtube. ● Gives an engineer artistic skills ● Cross functional team ● CSS business market ( Eg: foundation, bootstrap, tailwind ) 1 8 Significances of CSS
  19. Gurzu Confidential
  20. Gurzu Confidential Present state of CSS
  21. Gurzu Confidential • Selectors • Responsive Design • Transitions and Animations • Box Model • Fonts • Layout • Colors 2 1 CSS #3
  22. Gurzu Confidential ● Comparison function ● Multi-column Layout and Auto layout ● CSS Houdini ● CSS variables ● Container queries ● :has() selector ● @when / @else ● Accent-color ● and many other beautiful features 2 2 New features of CSS
  23. Gurzu Confidential Power of CSS
  24. Gurzu Confidential • SEO • Performance of app/site. Can it be affected by CSS ? • UI/UX • Example on: National Election Florida (2000) 2 4 CSS
  25. Gurzu Confidential Florida Election 2000
  26. Gurzu Confidential SASS, SCSS, LESS, Styled Components, Tailwind, Bootstrap
  27. Gurzu Confidential • Preprocessors are software tools that extend the functionality of CSS by adding features that are not available in standard CSS. • Preprocessors allow developers to write CSS in a more organized and efficient way, by providing additional functionality such as variables, mixins, functions, and nesting. 2 7 CSS pre processors
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  29. Gurzu Confidential ★ CSS frameworks are pre-written, standardized libraries of CSS code that provide a set of predefined styles and layout templates that can be used to develop websites more efficiently. ★ CSS frameworks can save time and effort by providing a consistent set of styles and layouts that can be easily customized and reused across different projects. 2 9 CSS frameworks
  30. Gurzu Confidential ★ CSS architecture refers to how CSS code is organized, structured, and maintained in a project. ★ CSS architecture is important for creating scalable, maintainable, and reusable CSS code BEM (Block Element Modifier) SMACSS (Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS) OOCSS (Object-Oriented CSS) Atomic Design 3 0 CSS Architectures
  31. Gurzu Confidential
  32. Gurzu Confidential ( OG: Web Designer )
  33. Gurzu Confidential Ethics as a Web Engineer
  34. Gurzu Confidential ● End user-centric ethics ○ Visually impaired users ○ Usage devices ● Environment centric ethics ○ Carbon footprint 3 4 Web ethics
  35. Gurzu Confidential v Lets calculate carbon footprint of some sites
  36. Gurzu Confidential Future of CSS ?
  37. Any Questions ??