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Comparison between greek and hindu gods


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Comparison between greek and hindu gods

  1. 1. -Gurmeher Juneja12BLS036.
  2. 2. HINDU GODS GREEK GODS Indra Yama Surya Lakshmi Saraswati Kama Durga Zeus Hades Hephaestus Hera Athena Cupid Ares
  3. 3.  Greek God Zeus is compared to Indra because Zeus is the king ofGreek Gods. So is Indra, king of sky Gods based on the Hindumythology. Both are responsible for weather. Their special weaponsare thunderbolt.Zeus Indra
  4. 4. Hephaestus is the Greekworker God. Viswakarma isthe worker God in Hindumythology. Both play the roleof designer and producer ofweapons and tools for Gods.Viswakarma is also a greatbuilder.Hera is the Greek Goddess ofwealth, home and Prosperity.Lakshmi is a well knownGoddess for home, wealthand good fortune in Hindumythology.Durga is the Goddess ofwarrior known for fighting anddestroying demons to helpand protect the innocent livesof humans. Ares is the GreekGod of war.Kama and Cupid are Gods oflove.Poseidon and Varuna are Gods of ocean.
  5. 5. Hades is the Greek lord ofthe underworld. Yama is alsothe God of death in Hindumythology. Both areresponsible for death andafterlife.HadesYama
  6. 6. Hindu GodsShiva HanumanKrishnaDurga
  7. 7. GaneshaLaxmiVishwakarmaSaraswati
  8. 8. Greek GodsAthenaHeraZeus
  9. 9. AresPoseidonApolo
  10. 10. Both Greek and Hindu Mythologies include numerous Godsserving important functions and crucial roles. Both Hindu andGreek Gods are gifted with special powers and weapons withrespect to their functions. Also, when these Gods areportrayed, their weapons have been an important part of theiridentity. In terms of appearance, the male Greek Gods lookmore strong, masculine and fierce as compared to the Hindumale Gods. Comparatively, the Hindu Gods look more feebleand fragile. Even if the Hindu Gods looked weak in contrastwith the Greek Gods, both still have caused equal wonders. Inthe Greeks, the male Gods are shown having exposed theirhair while most of the Hindu male Gods have been adornedwith crowns on their head symbolizing their status.
  11. 11. The Hindu Goddesses too are embellished with a crown ontheir heads which is just seen sometimes among theGreek Goddesses. The Hindu Goddesses are shownwell groomed and scrupulously neat while the GreekGoddesses are plainly clad wearing draped clothes. Formost of the Hindu Gods, a halo has been describedaround them, which is not really seen among the Greeks.