Twitter Guide for Facebook User


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Twitter and Facebook are the new phenomena. Many Facebook users and other users fail to understand how Twitter could be used, especially if Facebook has done a wonderful job connecting to friends and family. This presentation clears up the confusion and unveils opportunities in front of you.

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Twitter Guide for Facebook User

  1. Are Your Lost?<br />Twitter Guide<br />For <br />Facebook User<br />Andy Harjanto<br /><br />
  2. You’re not alone<br />51%<br />Twitter users only sign-in once a month*<br />*many abandon all together<br />
  3. What’s it for me, then? <br />Why would I want another social tool? <br />How does it different thenFacebook?<br />Am I so self-important, self-absorbed and so smug that I need to tell people what I&apos;m doing 20 times a day?<br />I signed up and gave up, becauseI didn’t see anything interesting<br />
  4. Use Twitter to Keep in Touch with <br />Friends and Family? <br />
  5. No<br />That’s what Facebook is very good for<br />You’re using the wrong tool, if you use<br />Twitter to connect to friends and family<br />
  6. Let’s understand the world around You<br />This is your world<br />This is you<br />
  7. YOUR INNER SOCIAL CIRCLE<br />Personal, Trustworthy, Informal, Private<br />Family<br />Friends &<br />
  8. AND YOUR OUTER CIRCLE<br />Common Interests<br />Business<br />Corporations<br />Customers<br />Celebrities, Public Figures<br />Publishers(Bloggers,Journalists)<br />Marketers<br />
  9. There is no clear line<br />But…,<br />In general, use Facebook for inner social circle, andTwitter for connecting anybody else outside inner circle<br />
  10. Connecting<br />facebook<br />uses Symmetric model <br />twitter<br />uses Asymmetric model <br />OK, ok, <br />let’s not use technical terms<br />
  11. facebook<br />Connection made only when both parties agree to be friend<br />
  12. twitter<br />Followers<br />Followers<br />Followers<br />Connection made when a person<br />follows other person<br />It requires no approval*<br />*unless you protect your account<br />
  13. twitter<br />If someone follows you, <br />should you follow back? <br />
  14. Not necessarily<br />However, <br />Unwritten Twitter Etiquette: <br />Follow Me, Follow You<br />People are still debating - Quantity vs. QualityQuantity : Follow Me, Follow You Approach<br />Quality: Follow back when you feel you’ll benefit from follower or follower’s updates<br />
  15. How Do You Discover Them?<br />
  16. facebook<br />As you join FB, <br />Itfeels like you arrive at friend’s or<br />family’s parties,you know most<br />people <br />you try to connect <br />
  17. twitter<br />As you join Twitter,<br />You know only few. It feels like you just arrive in a big conference<br />Join conversations, or search on yellow pages<br />
  18. Who To Follow? (1/4)<br />Visit<br />Type topic that interests you<br />Follow some people with interesting updates <br />
  19. Who To Follow? (2/4)<br />Find a person that you admire, or an expert<br />Click on “Following”<br />Follow some of persons he follows<br />Follows<br />
  20. Who To Follow? (3/4)<br />Find a person, based on Twitter profiles (location, bio, name)<br />One tool that you can use is can also use “yellow page”, like<br />Find and follow the person <br />
  21. Who To Follow? (4/4)<br />Find your competitor or person who works in the same field as yours<br />Click on “Followers”<br />Follow his/her followers <br />
  22. Tweeple. n<br />Twitter Users<br />People who follow you on Twitter<br />
  23. How To Increase Your Number of Followers<br />The Right Way<br />Post frequent updates <br />with useful information.Fill-in your bio properly.<br />The Wrong Way<br />Follow as many people,hoping they follow you back<br />Actually, there is no wrong or right way, Just get as many as you can<br />
  24. Don’t Be Mesmerized<br />If Someone Has 10,000 FollowersOr More<br />Unless he is a celebrity, it’s likely he used short cuts to get followers<br />
  25. Following/Follower Ratio<br />What it may tell us about this person<br />More Followings<br />More Followers<br />Could a be spammer, or novice user<br />Typical user, more of listener<br />Follow You crowd<br />Follow Me, <br />Typical user, more of talker<br />Celebrity, well-known figure<br />
  26. Viral Should Not Be A Strategy <br />But Twitter magnifies this <br />Interesting News<br />(300 followers)<br />…<br />(1000 followers)<br />…<br />…<br />(400 followers)<br />(10 followers)<br />Everybody can followany body<br />
  27. Let’s Talk About <br />Updates<br />facebook<br />twitter<br />A Simple Idea that Revolutionizes the Social Computing<br />
  28. Tweet. n,v<br />(Verb) the act of posting a message on Twitter<br />(Noun) status update on Twitter<br />
  29. Tweet : What happens after you hit update button<br />…your followers receive your tweet, butothers can see your tweet as well on<br />
  30. Types of Tweet you’ll see everyday<br />Get 20% discount<br />today http://..<br />How to exchange your clunker http://<br />Self-promotion<br />Useful link<br />Earthquake in Japan7.3. http://...<br />I just farted<br />News Reporting<br />To much information<br />
  31. Replying to a Tweet<br />facebook<br />On<br />, you can comment on updates<br />, you just mention, @username anywhere<br />in your message<br />twitter<br />On<br />@harjanto I will be back next week. Let’s sync up.<br />
  32. Re-Tweeting<br />Think as “Forwarding” in Email <br />How?<br />By convention, type “RT” as a first word,followed by @username<br />RT @harjanto,Why SMS limits <br />to 160 characters http://<br />Twitter is planning to adopt and formalize this feature<br />
  33. Why Is He Happy<br />When You Re-Tweet His Updates? <br /><ul><li>ReTweeting is encouraged in Twitter community
  34. Make the message more viral
  35. Often, people follow the originating tweet owner
  36. Feeling good that the update is useful for others
  37. You’ll get credit too for spreading good words </li></li></ul><li>Attaching Picture, Video with Your Tweet<br />No native support in Twitter<br />You must use 3rd party tool<br />such as, <br /><br /> cant wait till <br />they come out in dec<br />
  38. Sending aTweet Privately To A Person<br />Start Your Tweet with <br />“D @username”<br />D @harjanto Wednesday9:00 am sounds good!<br />Use sparingly, since it considers intrusive<br />
  39. # Hash Tag<br />Really,<br />there is actually no magic to this<br />It is used to search tweets with <br />specified hash tag <br />as topic or keyword <br />#michaeljackson<br />#iranElection<br />#seattleStartup<br />
  40. #FollowFriday<br />Every Friday<br />Many promote friends, followers <br />to the community, ask to follow them<br />Use#followfriday<br />hash tag<br />
  41. All these seem a bit complex<br />don’t you think? <br />
  42. & No<br />Yes<br />Once you get to used to it,it is easy.<br />And no, caveman won’t beable to tweet<br />
  43. 140<br />characters on Twitter*<br />160<br />characters on <br />SMS<br />*remaining 20 characters are for username<br />
  44. Why only160 characters?<br />Thanks to<br />Blame it on this guy<br />For his research in 1985<br />FriedhelmHillebrand<br />
  46. In a world of increasing complexity and compressed time; we need brevity,<br />and simplicity<br />Do you still read a long email?<br />
  47. What Is Real Time Search?<br />Ability to search <br />contents (updates,<br />pictures, videos) <br />published in real time<br />Iran Election<br />Hurricane Guillermo<br />Jakarta Bombing<br />Today’s Buzz<br />Sumatra Earthquake<br />Tokyo Earthquake<br />
  48. How about traditional Search?<br />We need both!<br />Many players, including Google are going after Real Time Search business too<br />
  49. It Takes A While engines tocrawl and index the Internetcontents<br />
  50. Tweetsare a natural way to provide content for Real Time Search <br />Brief, Simple, and Mobile<br />It is conceivable that Facebook can offer the same service with FB users’ updates. However, privacy would be a big issue<br />
  51. Let’s talk about<br />Privacy<br />
  52. All Your Tweets Are Visible<br />No need to be your follower to read all your tweets<br />And searchable…<br />
  53. So IsYour Profile<br />
  54. The Good,The Bad&<br />The Ugly<br />for promoting business, product/services and self<br />less privacy from (potential)employers, government <br />It becomes easier for hackersto get your information<br />
  55. “<br />On the Internet, nobody knows that you&apos;re a dog<br />”<br />Peter Steiner - 1993<br />
  56. Obscurity<br />is a possibility on<br />twitter<br />Consequently, sometimesit’s hard to spot fake accounts<br />much harder on<br />facebook<br />Since Facebook user authenticates youprior to accepting a friend request<br />
  57. Fake Or Real?<br />
  58. Verified Account<br />For some celebrities,<br />Twitter does account<br />verification<br />?<br />
  59. So, What Is It For Me? <br />
  60. Personal Use<br /><ul><li>Real time Search, breaking news
  61. Connect to companies, provide feedback
  62. Get useful info from experts
  63. Share useful info to others
  64. Ask questions
  65. Follow your favorite celebrities</li></ul>Still use Facebook to connect, share and stay<br />in touch with your friends and family <br />
  66. <ul><li>Connect to, engage with your customers
  67. Don’t over-promote your product
  68. Put some personal touch in conversations
  69. Connect to other professionals
  70. Monitor your product, service on Twitter using Twitter search </li></ul>Note: You can also use Facebook Page for connecting with your fan and customers<br />Business Use<br />
  71. 3rd Party Applications/Tools<br />twitter<br />facebook<br />Integral part of Facebook user experience <br />Tools are independent applications<br />More than 200+ tools and growing<br />
  72. “<br />Learning Twitter is like learning how to bike. Painful at first, but<br />once you get a hang of it, you<br />can start exploring your new world<br />”<br />
  74. Sign of Times<br />How A Small Business<br />Uses Twitter<br />Source: TechCrunch<br />
  75. Forget Web 2.0, How About Restaurant 2.0 ?<br />Taco Truck announces location on Twitter +40,000 followers<br />Source: Newsweek<br />
  76. Guy Kawasaki was asked to foreword a book,<br />“Less is the new more”<br />Easy to learn: symmetry, seduction, subtraction, and sustainability. <br />Very valuable to do. Step 1: Read Matt&apos;s book!!<br />..“In Pursuit of Elegance”, he did it exactly in 140 characters<br />
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  78. …Oh, one more thing…<br />Watch this funny video. <br />This is what happens if you’re forced to<br />apply digital world over the real world<br /><br />
  79. Credits<br />Pictures,Videos are obtained either from:<br /><ul><li>Creative Commons License
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