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How Your Business Can Take Advantage Of Cloud Computing


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Cloud Computing is one of major technology shifts which recently gains momentum. Business can reap quick benefits by implementing their cloud strategy carefully. This presentation describes 'what' cloud computing in simpler terms, and will follow with 'how' in a future presentation.

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How Your Business Can Take Advantage Of Cloud Computing

  1. How Your Business Can<br />Take Advantage of <br />Cloud Computing<br />Cloud Computing<br />Andy Harjanto<br />
  2. First, <br />What the heck is<br />Cloud Computing<br />First, what the heck is <br />Cloud Computing?<br />
  3. Let’s use a simple analogy <br />Say you just moved to a city, and you’re looking for <br />a place to live<br />
  4. You can either<br />Builda house or <br />Rentan apartment<br />
  5. If you builda house, there are a few<br />important decisions you have to make…<br />
  6. Howbigis the house? <br />are you planning to grow a large family? <br />Remodel, addition typically cost a lot more once the house is built<br />
  7. But, you get a chance to customizeit<br />flooring<br />tile<br />windows<br />floor plan<br />Roof<br />lighting<br />landscaping<br />
  8. Once the house is built, <br />you’re responsible for maintenance <br />Hire Landscaper<br />Pay property tax<br />Electrician<br />Plumber<br />Water<br />Electricity<br />
  9. Let’s look at renting?<br />
  10. Consider a builder in your city builds <br />a massivenumber of apartment units <br />
  11. A unit can easilybe converted <br />into a 2,3,4 or more units<br />
  12. You make a fewer, simpler<br />decisions<br />You can start with one unit and grow later, or<br />downsize<br />
  13. But…<br />You do nothave<br />a lot of options to <br />customize your unit <br />
  14. triple pane windows<br />green materials<br />high capacity electricity<br />high speed Internet<br />However, this builder will provides you with <br />high quality infrastructure <br />
  15. No need to worryabout maintenance cost<br />No need to Hirelandscapers, electricians, plumbers<br />
  16. Pay as You Go<br />Just pay your rent<br />and utilities <br />
  17. Let’s translate to <br />Cloud Computing?<br />
  18. Let’s Look At Life<br />Without <br />Cloud Computing<br />aka Today<br />
  19. Typical IT Cost Structure<br />Data Center<br />Software License, <br />Development,<br /> Maintenance<br />IT Staff<br />Support<br />
  20. As the business expands… <br />…need to expand your data center too<br />
  21. But… <br />Business Contraction Means….<br />Increasingly Unused Computing Power<br />
  22. GlobalExpansion?<br />Better start investing computinginfrastructure in that region<br />(gov regulation, <br />performance)<br />
  23. You are <br />in full control over<br />Applications<br />Data<br />Security<br />Privacy<br />
  24. Typically, majority of cost structure isfromlabor cost (IT, Support)<br />High Fixed Cost<br />
  25. Now, <br />Let’s look what <br />cloud computing<br />could do for you <br />
  26. There are many services<br />you can use for your IT needs<br />Let’s look at 3 major services<br />
  27. Virtually UnlimitedComputing Power<br />use only what you need<br />
  28. Example<br />We can increasecomputing power from 2 units to N <br />in minutes, with a simple configuration change.<br />We can also decreaseit as quickly and easily too<br />
  29. Scenarios<br /><ul><li>Business Expansion
  30. Traffic Spike because of Media Coverage
  31. Short-term research
  32. Business contraction</li></ul>Computing Elasticity<br />
  33. Typical Compute Pricing<br />Per Hour (Elapsed Time) <br />$0.10 - $1.00<br />depends on server specifications <br />Computer running 24 hour a day costs as low as $72/month<br />
  34. Virtually UnlimitedStorage<br />For storing your documents, files<br />
  35. Example<br />You canupload, downloadas many files as you want, <br />deleteor backup unused files to reduce cost<br />
  36. Cloud Store<br />Scenarios<br /><ul><li>File Sharing, Collaboration
  37. Multimedia storage
  38. Backup /Archival </li></li></ul><li>Typical Cloud Storage Pricing<br />Storing<br />$0.15<br />Per GB/Per Month<br />Upload<br />$0.10<br />Per GB<br />Download<br />$0.15<br />Per GB<br />
  39. Virtually Unlimited<br />(Structured) Data<br />databases<br />updates<br />queries<br />transactions<br />relational<br />entity base<br />
  40. Example<br />Create as many <br />databases<br />as you need<br />
  41. Cloud Data<br />Scenarios<br /><ul><li>Running day-to-day business operations
  42. Sales data
  43. Customer data
  44. Employee data
  45. Inventory data
  46. Large research </li></li></ul><li>Typical Cloud Data Pricing<br />Database Size<br />$9<br />1 GB/Per Month<br />Others use per hour metering<br />
  47. There are a few more <br />Cloud Services <br />Queue <br />private cloud<br />Machine Image<br />Web Services<br />Federation<br />
  48. and you can pick and choose<br />one or more cloud services<br />Even you can mix<br />the cloud providers<br />Now, we’re cooking!<br />
  49. Your IT costs would likely to be <br />mostly variable costs<br />Storage <br />BandwidthCompute<br />
  50. Talking to your cloud services<br />HTTP REST<br />JSON XML<br />Typically done via standard, simple, <br />modern protocols and formats<br />
  51. TypicalSLAs<br />around<br />99.95<br />% uptime<br />
  52. Although data and computing are accessible everywhere<br />You choose where they reside<br />
  53. But, in order to be flexible and elastic, <br />the platforms on which you build applications<br />have limited feature sets<br />
  54. Cloud providers would provide heavy lifting <br />Server Crash<br />Monitoring<br />Data Replication<br />Network Outage<br />Catastrophic Events<br />
  55. All of these require<br />MASSIVEdata centers and<br />capital investments<br />Easily measured in billions (US$)<br />
  56. Only a handful of major players<br />can build the infrastructure<br />
  57. How My Business Can Take Advantage of <br />Cloud Computing<br />
  58. If you can start over.. <br />The best model to put all services<br />in the cloud <br />Files<br />Data<br />Compute<br />Clients<br />Clients<br />
  59. You’ve seen this model<br />works well many times before<br />300 millions<br />55 millions<br />…and many others<br />
  60. 140 million daily status updates<br />300 million users<br />facebook<br />70% users outside US<br />14 million videos <br />uploaded monthly<br />2 billion pictures uploaded monthly<br />
  61. All of these are done with<br />1<br />engineer<br />1<br />million users<br />ratio<br />If we could be just 1% as efficient…<br />
  62. Of course, that’s not that easy<br />You may already have millions lines of code <br />that run your business<br />
  63. People try to put <br />the puzzletogether<br />Cloud Computing<br />Traditional Software<br />
  64. Mix #1: Private Cloud<br />Existing IT Infrastructure<br />VPN<br />Cloud<br />
  65. Mix #2: Hybrid Model<br />Example, accessing cloud data from existing infrastructure<br />Existing IT Infrastructure<br />Data/Storage<br />Cloud<br />Computing/Applications<br />
  66. Does mix<br />them together<br />worth doing?<br />
  67. Now, it’s time to <br />simplify <br />your business<br />
  68. We’ve been on this road <br />many times before<br />It’s painful first, <br />but at the end,<br />we come ahead<br />
  69. Let’s look at a few examples<br />down to <br />memory lane<br />Often simpler technology can<br />compete and win against superior<br />technology<br />
  70. User<br />Interface<br />1996<br />Rich UI<br />HTML<br />
  71. Protocol<br />lightweightsimple<br />heavy<br />feature rich<br />JSON REST SOAP <br />CORBA DCOM RPC<br />
  72. Communication<br />140 characters <br />text message<br />Email<br />
  73. How do I jump?<br />Or Should I?<br />this is the<br />cloud platform<br />this is your <br />business <br />
  74. Second part of the presentation <br />will address just that<br />Simplifying Your Business <br />On the Cloud<br /><br />
  75. …and address Elephantin the room too <br />Security<br />Privacy<br />Identity<br />
  76. In Summary… <br />
  77. Cloud platform provides you with<br /><ul><li>Cost Elasticity
  78. Power Elasticity
  79. High Availability
  80. Scalability
  81. Global Ready
  82. Long term Cost Reduction</li></li></ul><li>For more presentations like this, visit, <br />follow, subscribe to: <br />Blog:<br />Twitter:<br />Contact:<br />