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I450 laser marking machine presentation

Laser marking cell (I450) eliminates the doubt between a labelling or laser marking system!!
This option allows the machine to either directly mark the code on the solder resist, apply a label on which a code is marked or a mix of both. Please contact me through email: or if you have interesting for this Laser Marking Machine.

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I450 laser marking machine presentation

  1. 1. Automatic Laser Marking System
  2. 2. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY FOR DEMANDING PROCESS • Automatic analysis of bar code quality • Engraving depth control system • Non-contact temperature closed loop control system • Super light spot after laser focusing technology • Engraving quality intelligent detection system • Bar code level analysis system • Machine with function of sever • Software customization • The Link SFIS management workshop site easily • Put the barcode NG technology carving • NG barcode for momentVisual programming diagram function • Built-in Z axis adjusting mechanism • Can choose pulse widthFiber optical Fiber laser
  3. 3. Small intelligent online barcode management system carving Reversal PCB System inside ,actually use the duplex function PCB direction indentification Support plate and the plate up pressure CCD reader and orientation mark system
  4. 4. Production Application 1.Used for PCB print 2.Used for IC print,Metal print,Aluminum print, Ceramics print ,etc.
  5. 5. I450 Laser Making Machine Specification: Model: i450 Power supply: single phase AC220V 15A 50/60HZ Air supply:≥0.5Mpa Control system:Window 7 Dimension:L*W*H 1000*1650*1680mm Work method: Laser move Laser type: CO2/FAYB/GR/UV PC:Industrial PC System access:SHOPFLOW,IMS,EMS,customization, etc,Intelligent management system Position system :CCD+Mark Wrong material recognition: the opposite/reverse/wrong board recognition Carving side:single side High and low differential plane engraving:support(optional) Online reading code function:Yes PCB size:min 50*50mm/max 650*450mm Conveyor width adjustment: automatic adjustment Control system:PC + shaft card+servo motor Conveyor direction: L-R/R-L (optional) PCB deformation allow:<3mm PCB thickness: 0.5-5mm PCB up surface through height:55mm PCB down surface through height:45mm Conveyor speed:50-3000mm Badmark recognize function:Option (Automatically recognize “X” board,not carving) Bar code level analysis system:Option Ash handling system:±0.015mm
  6. 6. Laser specifications   CO2 FAYB GR UV Wavelength 10.6μm 1064nm 535nm 355nm Laser power 10W/20W/30W 10W/20W/30W 10W/8W/5W 8W/5W/3W Printing speed 700/sec 700/sec 700/sec 700/sec Printing Angle 0-360° 0-360° 0-360° 0-360° Focal length 70mm/110mm/190mm Corresponding linear velocity <120m/min Bar code type CODE39/CODE128/ITF/NW-7/JAN(EAN)/UPC/RSS-14(GS1 DataBar) Cooling method Strong cold wind Environment temperature 0-40℃,must no dew,no ice Environment humidity 35-85%RH ,must no dew,no ice
  7. 7. Case sample • Code can be printed on different kinds of product.
  8. 8. Case sample • Code can be printed on the place of PCB circuit,won’t have any problem.
  9. 9. Case sample • Code can be printed on flexible PCB
  10. 10. Case sample
  11. 11. Safety countermeasures 1. Safety equipment---has passed the CE/EMC/FDA certification 2. Product safety ---special CO2 laser (SYNRAD, USA) and special optical system (German Raylaser) can make the laser with metal layer after 99% of the energy reflection, never hurt PCB metal layer 3. Environmental safety--- no consumables, no pollution, no paper stickers, automatic dust collection 4. Data security---the secondary servers and real-time database management, to ensure the security of your data at any time 5. Personnel security---his product has passed the FDA/CE certification
  12. 12. Product warranty strategy • Equipment ontology 1 year warranty (except consumables), laser warranty time 80000 hours of light (about ten years) • 7 * 24 hours technology service by internet, at the same time ,with professional English and professional and technical engineers, to provide you with the door installation, training services (install, use, maintenance and training + Barcode application training) • The warranty period free system upgrade and the maintenance of the database management • Free LINK SFIS/SHOPELOW/MES system, cooperate to modify the interface program and process • Customizable exclusive system work flow or process management procedures
  13. 13. Welcome to visit our factory