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20100812 Comfi Web Presentation

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20100812 Comfi Web Presentation

  1. 1. 70% of all online projectsdon’t reach their goals Do you keep the right balance?With so many new regulations andfresh approaches coming into play,it’s more important than ever for acompany to communicate its storyclearly and effectively.Crafting your story meansunderstanding current standardsand practices.By staying on top of the trends, wecan assist you to stay ahead of thegame.
  2. 2. Print or Online ? Print AND Online ?
  3. 3. Online reports have to follow these requirements to guarantee a gooduser experience :•Intuitive navigation and fast loading pages to motivate discovery•Quick communication - easy to understand content optimized forskimming & scanning•Links to more detailed & related content, especially in the contentitself.
  4. 4. According to a survey conducted by Forbes Magazine,the printed annual report was rated top of 38 sources ofinformation valued by investors . . .. . . while the web is the most used source of informationfor investors. Content is still king! Readers don’t mind if they get it via the internet or via paper, the only thing we have to fear is . . .boring reading.”
  5. 5. What’s different? Structure changes: Printed reports have a linear experience, websites have an interactive experience. Visitors click their way through the website to find the information that interests them the most on that page. Their path can follow the navigation structure or can follow a topic & it’s related topics. For example: annual results overview. Content changes: People don’t read online, they skim & scan quickly through the pages. This requires communication techniques that communicate the topic clearly without the visitor having to read the whole page. Good overview pages, shorter paragraphs, titles, highlighted keywords, inline links, action words, communicating through navigation, … Tools & other media to improve the experience: videos of speeches so the visitor can get a better sense of the persons behind the company, downloadable excel files, animations that can communicate certain topics faster, print tools, subscriptions, configurable charts, … Cross-device: Visitors might visit the website with their iPad, smartphone, television, or workstation with big screen. The website should be shown clearly for any type device, no matter what technologies it supports or the size of its screen.
  6. 6. Why online reporting Call or mail us and we will tell you why… Comfi Lenniksebaan 451 1070 Brussels, Belgium +32 2 290 90 90