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Airlocks Gunnebo 2013 EN

  1. 1. The data given in this material may be subject to change without further notice. The Gunnebo logo and “Gunnebo – For a safer world” are registered trademarks of Gunnebo AB. See for more information. The Gunnebo Security Group provides efficient and innovative security solutions to customers around the globe. It employs 5 500 people in 31 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and North America, and has a turnover in excess of €500m. Gunnebo focuses its offering on Bank Security & Cash Handling, Secure Storage, Entrance Control and Services. We make your world safer.
  3. 3. AIRPORT SECURITY SOLUTIONSFreedom of Movement, Uncompromised SecurityOne of Gunnebo’s core business areas is Entrance Control systems which, when combined with sophisticatedwhere we offer a comprehensive and diverse range of identification tools such as document readers, 2Dsolutions developed to create secure environments bar code readers and biometric scanners, create awithout any compromise to freedom of movement or considerable defence barrier.operational efficiency. Security and its facilitation arekey issues to airports and airline operators. Airports are closely managed under government guidelines that set the standards which GunneboAirport security is becoming ever more stringent, helped security solutions must meet. Legislation may alsoin no small part by ongoing advances in technology. This differ from country to country and our solutionsis precisely where Gunnebo’s solutions for boarding, have been designed to take into consideration thesepre-security checking, immigration and anti-return sometimes subtle changes to enable Gunnebo toall incorporate state-of-the-art passenger detection offer a truly global range of products. Historically, 2. BoardSec – Self-Boarding Gates Automated e-Ticket processing for efficient aircraft boarding. Accredited to AEA standards for connection to the airport CUTE system, ease of use for the customer and simpler for staff passenger handling. Optional taller height panels or full panel sliding flap mechanism are available for greater security between land and airside. BOARDING AREA DEPARTURE LOUNGE SECURITY CHECK-IN 1 CHECK-IN 1. PreSec – Pre-Security Gates Pre security process for checking the passenger boarding pass is valid for the day of travel. Connection to the airport Flight Information system.
  4. 4. more security meant more queues and subsequently reliable and trouble-free interaction between longer waiting times for the traveller. This is why today travellers and security staff and our security Gunnebo’s solutions combine security with speed and solutions at all times. reliability. Gunnebo’s self-boarding gates, for example, prevent unauthorised entry onto the plane while Gunnebo’s airport security solutions – making ensuring legitimate passengers are processed quickly the world safer. and efficiently, preventing passenger frustration but also providing a quick plane turnaround and reduced ground handling costs. Furthermore, Gunnebo delivers airport security It’s all about solutions that simplify passenger travel by ensuring punctuality. But security always comes first. 3. ImmSec – Immigration Gates Cross boarder security and biometric verification. Accelerates and auto- mates whilst increasing security but reducing waiting time. 4. PasSec – Anti-Return Gates Control of passenger flow from air to land side without effect on customer experience. Advanced detection system making passage return almost impossible. IMMIGRATION BAGGAGE RECLAIM 4-IN CUSTOMS 4
  5. 5. AUTOMATED BOARDINGPreSecSecurity checking of boarding pass validityWith the ability to receive the boarding pass indifferent media from self-check terminal, check-indesk, smart phone or home printing it is necessaryto check the validity of the document and comparethe capture data to the Flight Information system.This confirms the boarding pass is valid and the pas-senger is entitled to proceed through security to theairside departure lounge.The gates can additionally be fitted with biometriccapture devices to increase the verification levelchecking the travellers ID to the boarding passpresented. This data can then be transferred to theboarding process procedure ensuring the correcttraveller has boarded the flight. Accelerates the whole boarding process – smoother for the customer and simpler for airline staff
  6. 6. BoardSecBoarding Pass processing for quickeraircraft boardingWhen it comes to boarding, airlines are faced with amajor challenge. Modern aircraft are getting largerand the number of passengers is increasing, yetturnaround times remain the same. The requirementis that boarding must get quicker, but the answer isnot to simply add additional ground staff, as this willincrease operating overheads.The Gunnebo BoardSec accelerates the completeboarding process. The gate makes the boardingprocess smoother for the passenger and simpler forground staff. Scanners for machine readable docu-ments (MRTD’s) and e-ticket readers are integratedinto the gates. Here the passenger boarding carddata is automatically checked against the AirlinesDeparture manifest providing advanced passengerinformation (API) and passenger profiling.Security can also be increased with the additionof biometric technology to ensure the passengercorresponds to their travel documentation. Benefits – PreSec & BoardSec • Accelerates and standardises passenger throughput • Reduces operational costs and removes human error • Minimises staffing levels • utomates the collection of data – passenger A manifests, advanced passenger information (API) and passenger profiling (PP) • ncreases security with integrated biometrics I technology and single passage detection
  7. 7. AUTOMATED BORDER CONTROLImmSecCross-border security andbiometric verificationBorder control is one of the most security-sensitiveareas in an airport. It requires accurate identification Benefitsof incoming passengers which is often time-consuming. • ccelerates the immigration process AGunnebo’s ImmSec immigration gate is an automated • Automates the entry process and collection of datasolution that speeds up the whole process, while • ncreases security with integrated biometrics Iensuring that only one person is allowed entry per technology and single passage detectionauthorised passage. • Minimises queues and queuing timeDepending on government legislation, ImmSec can be • Reduces staff costsintegrated with readers for smart ID cards, MRTDs and • Disabled compliantRFID passports, as well as biometric capture technology(see opposite page). Step by step 1. Entrance A green arrow indicates that the gate is available for use. 2. Identification The passport or smart card ID is presented to gather passenger identification data. 3. Information Biometric data is captured and passport/ID data compared to the “watch list”. 4. Passage The gate is opened to allow the passenger to enter. 5. Verification Real-time biometric data is matched against the captured data. The gate performs a single person scan and allows exit. 6. Next Person Once clear, the gate performs a left item scan and is ready for the next passenger.
  8. 8. BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATIONWhat is Biometrics? Finding a Solution to MatchBiometrics is the science of measuring and A truly automated immigration system can onlyanalysing biological data. These are the most be implemented in countries that have introducedcommon methods used today: a passport or ID card containing biometric data. Not only is biometric data not used by every country,Iris Scanning but those that do use it, do not necessarily useMaps the intricate patterns of the eyes iris the same type. Until there is an international accepted standardFinger Scanning for using biometric data, Gunnebo immigrationAnalyses the vein structure of a finger gates can be integrated with whichever biometric technology is necessary, be it face recognition, irisFingerprint Scanning scanners or fingerprint readers.R eads the unique patterns and ridgesin a fingerprintFacial Recognition C reates a map using many facial landmarks,such as the distance between the eyes or thewidth of the nose
  9. 9. ANTI-RETURN GATESPasSecPassenger flow control fromairside to landsideThe PasSec has been designed to allow free passage the passenger and are built to deal with highand is usually situated between Immigration and passenger throughput.Baggage Reclaim to detect and prevent passengersreturning or passing from the low security area back PasSec is available as a single or double doorinto a higher security zone. module or at its most secure as a double door module with interlocking.Equipped with arrays of sophisticated sensors usedto detect presence and direction of passage. Withadditional sensors, left items and thrown backobjects can also be detected, both of which couldrepresent a security threat. Since speed and simplicity Speed andof movement are critical the gates are designed tobe fully automatic demanding no interaction with simplicity of movement is critical
  10. 10. Benefits• Controls passenger movement from secure to non-secure areas• Improves security with advanced detection system• llows high throughput with no A passenger interaction• Reduces staff costs• Disabled compliant Advanced Detection System Sophisticated sensors make doubling back almost impossible. They detect presence and direction of movement, as well as left items.
  11. 11. CREATING VALUE Ensuring Value and Customer Satisfaction With years of experience delivering security solutions, we know how to create value for you and your business. That is why we have made Services an integrated part of our business. At every stage of our relationship with you – from the first meeting through to delivery, installation and after-sales support – we will act as your security partner, listening to and addressing your security needs. With our security experts, skilled technicians and professional support staff, Gunnebo is always on hand to give you the assistance you need, when you need it. The result is a lasting partnership, built on business knowledge, customer focus and added value.