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Christmas in latvia


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Published in: Education
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Christmas in latvia

  1. 1. Christmas in Latvia eTwinning project «Christmas is coming»
  2. 2. Santa Claus Children in Latvia believe that Santa Claus (also known as Ziemassvētku vecītis) brings their presents. The presents are put under the Christmas tree. The presents are opened on during the Evening of Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day.
  3. 3. Getting the presents Sometime to get a present children have to recite a short poem while standing next to the Christmas Tree! Children might also get a present by singing, playing a musical instrument or doing a dance!
  4. 4. Christmas tree Latvia claims to be the home of the first Christmas Tree! The first documented use of a evergreen tree at Christmas and New Year celebrations is in town square of Riga, the capital of Latvia, in the year 1510.
  5. 5. Christmas tree Christmas trees in Latvia can be decorated in a variety of ways, but hanging Christmas ornaments made of natural materials like straw is one of the most traditional.
  6. 6. Christmas greettings In Latvian Happy/Merry Christmas is «Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus» Language=Latvian&cat=37&scats=Latvian%20Translation&author=83& phraseid=185
  7. 7. Christmas Meal Latvian Christmas tables are known for a laying out of nine dishes. These dishes must be eaten till midnight to retain one’s wealth. The special Latvian Christmas Day meal is cooked brown/grey peas with bacon (pork) sauce, small pies, cabbage & sausage, bacon rolls and gingerbread. You definitely have to eat boiled grey peas – if you do it, you won’t have to cry the next year.
  8. 8. Christian traditions Many of the Christian traditions in Latvia are intertwined with earlier pagan traditions. Christmas Eve is a celebration of the birth of Jesus, but in many families it is also a celebration of the Winter Solstice - the time when days become longer and the nights become shorter again. So on evening of December 24th or on morning of December 25th families goes to the church. Usually people choose – 24th or 25th.
  9. 9. Merry Christmas! .