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Casia 2014 stage 3 round - $!NN3Rs


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Social Media promotional strategy for MedCare - Ashutosh, Ajay - IIM Calcutta

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Casia 2014 stage 3 round - $!NN3Rs

  1. 1. Stage 3 Have Your Say Team Name: $!NN3Rs Name of first member: Ashutosh Singh College Name: IIM Calcutta Name of second member: Ajay Kumar College Name: IIM Calcutta
  2. 2. Objectives Revigorate the brand among city dwellers •Creating awareness •Rebranding to acquire and retain customers To design a Long term Communicati on Strategy •Content building •Engagement •Word of Mouth Customer service experience •Feedbacks • customer’s sharing experience on individual diagnosis • Satisfaction level •cover success in form of testimonials Lead generation, Customer Acquisition, Building long term relationships Social Media Campaign Methodology Content & Platform Measure the Performance Campaign Plan Weekly performance report MedCare wants to carry out major 3 months campaign on rebranding and reaching out to the local communities. Social Media Exercise – MedCare
  3. 3. Revigorate brand among city dwellers Rebranding The Challenge Customer Insight Solution ◦ Doctors (and patients) needed to be shown the added value that the Medcare brand could offer ◦ Differentiated strategy ◦ Demonstrate augmented/value-added delivery So what needs to be done in development of Marketing, Brand & Communication Strategy? Understand the Customer ! Best Possible Cancer Care Rebranding = “The Best Possible Cancer Care” Product Support Delivery Support Knowledge Support Emotional Support Physiologica l Support Scientific Support o Cancer = death in India. A life problem. o Indian patients are often not told of condition o Patients & families lack adequate knowledge. o Patients need support during various stages of ‘emotional coping cycle’. o Patients & Caretaker have a lot of questions and concerns. ◦ Redefine the Cancer Care Equation “The Best Possible Cancer Care”
  4. 4. Competitor Analysis Parameters/Fi rms Fortis Hospital Bangalore Apollo Hospital Bangalore Manipal Hospitals Bangalore Narayana Health Columbia Asia International Oncology maxhealthcare News & Public Events ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Blogging ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ X X ✓ Social Media ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ YouTube ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Articles, Books, Case Studies, Webcasts, Whitepapers X Articles, Webcasts, Whitepapers Articles Articles Articles, Books Articles Articles SEO ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Marketing Analytics ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Testimonials ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Awards & Recognition ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Mobile app ✓ ✓ ✓ X X X X 1. SEO, SMM is done by each firm, which increases their search engine discoverability. Analytics is also incorporated. 2. Testimonials, featuring in News, Articles, Blogs helps building in firms credibility and increases Word of Mouth(WOM).
  5. 5. Best Practices Make the data available Educate employees on Social media policies Implement privacy settings Avoid using social media channels to communicate with patients on sensitive issues Enlist at least one author, editor, or reviewer on every piece of content that you publish Include an “About Us” & Ask for audience feedback through surveys and questionnaires Current Media & its impact on Healthcare ◦ Physicians spend time on online resources. 3 hours per week watching online videos (On Medscape, YouTube etc.) for professional purposes ◦ With the increasing use of smartphones, followed by tablets, the demand for mobile health information has increased. Smartphones enable patients to access and contribute online information, and comment anywhere. Physicians are the major source of recommending MedCare to the patients. Can highly used technologies be made more effective?
  6. 6. Type 1 : Know about the firm, & are taking their services from them. Type 3: Know about the firm, but are taking their services from others. Type 2 : Don't know about the firm, but are in the target segment. Stepwise targeted promotional plan Define Your Audience Find out what news you need to share Website should be well designed with all necessary information on it (SEO) Place the URL of your website on all company materials Convince others to increase your visibility on their Web sites Write articles & get them published Network on any opportunities that you get Link to a Form in Your email Signature Sponsor a project that caters to some community service Video Marketing Inbound Marketing Set up analytics Email Marketing Word of mouth (WOM) marketing Customer Segmentation A detailed approach for promoting online.
  7. 7. E-marketing plan Blogs WO M SEO Soci al Medi a E-Mail Creation of FACEBOOK TWITTER LINKEDIN page And connecting them to the homepage of the website. Regular updates to be posted through these accounts. An engaging presence on these social platforms helps in driving interest, increases customer service and visibility.
  8. 8. E-marketing plan Set up a Blog Set up an RSS feed Link to your blog from your home page Add social sharing buttons to your blog Add social & email subscription options BLOGGING Social media encompasses social networking sites, collaborative services, blogs, content hosting sites and virtual communities. It builds reputation, monetary income and increases reach. Devise Social Media Strategy Identify and Analyze talking points and influencers Create relevant content Choosing Media for different content Distribution of content Proposed plan for Social Media
  9. 9. ◦ All of the assessed channels have capabilities, advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered before utilization. Blogs, forums, physician networks and patient support websites are also an important part of social media interactions. Channel Uses Advantages Disadvantages Wikipedia • Comprehensive online encyclopedia • Editor-moderated content from user consensus • Trusted by patients and many physicians • Comprehensive and free online information source • Emphasis on self-regulation resulting in higher quality control than other social networks • Vulnerable to misinformation, though most content is to a high standard • The combination of trust in Wikipedia and its vulnerability to both mistakes and author bias has caused concern within the academic and medical community Twitter • 140 character user-generated comments or ‘tweets’ • Following other users Sharing links • Commenting on personal and corporate accounts • Effective broadcasting platform, high viral possibilities • Strong for news and live events such as conferences • Small message size is easily digestible • Character limit makes it difficult to have any depth • Hard to generate meaningful engagement • Requires regular updating • Very small window for meaningful engagement • No central content control Facebook • Add friends to create a peer network • A plethora of services including groups, events, games and personal messaging • Sharing links • The largest social network based on numbers of monthly active users • The most diverse social network • Capable of detailed and engaging interactions • Enhanced word-of-mouth effect from friends’ activity • Regulatory adherence is more difficult and varies according to geographic region • Small window for meaningful engagement • Privacy concerns • Very little central content control YouTube • Sharing video content • Commenting on videos • Following content creators • Favored by physicians for highly informative, detail-orientated videos • Engagement correlates to emotive patient focused content • Can be linked to other social networks • Videos often require a large time investment • Capability to share videos within the social network is limited • Filming and editing video to a suitable standard is expensive and requires specialist skills Assessing Social Media Channels
  10. 10. Long Term Communication Strategy Over the 3 months….. To build strong long term relationship, MedCare needs to have a concrete communication strategy supported by consistent social media strategy. Website and Relationship Management Solution – Oncology Professional Website for patients & doctors. Medcare RMS developed to build & manage multiple relationships – with doctors, patients, families, CCAs, distributors, hospitals, etc. CRM with all stakeholders through a common Medcare Relationship Management Centre. Facebook page (Daily Health Tips, Health System being used, About page should talk about services and Timeline should talk about milestones achieved till now, MedCare replying on posts that receive like, shares and comments ) Chat Service (3 times a week) where city doctors will handle customer’s issue one at a time. MedCare Health Quiz(and other educational events) on Facebook page to bolster health awareness and reward those who fare well – Answer just 10 questions and know your Health quotient. Win a hamper of goodies. You Tube video shared – Doctor advising on Health issues and offering tips ,covering success stories of patients, Patient testimonials, MedCare’s initiatives ,Chairman speaks. Creating Facebook informative Ads – MedCare Community (Looking for Health tips, support local MedCare Clinic and become a fan of MedCare community page)
  11. 11. Specific Campaigns To increase its visibility and for attracting the patients, MedCare can create a community for those affected by cancer to share knowledge and tips for how to deal with, and even overcome, the daily pains of the disease. From insurance loopholes to dealing with nausea, the community “Decoding Cancer” delivers tried and true, bite-sized solutions to help make each day with cancer a little less tough. Decoding Cancer Together we fight, Together we live The Specific Campaigns target the right customer segment, help in creating awareness as well as establishing the Brand.
  12. 12. Cancer Awareness Drive Specific Campaigns How to Win Cancer? Brand Ambassador Campaign will help in filling lives with hopes and optimism Feedback Discussions with users “To fight, To win, To survive, To be informed, To effectively communicate with doctors, family and the closest ones during the ongoing tough time, To embrace life with joy, purpose and happiness.” Share Helpline numbers for different city Technical Helpline (Medicinal help) Psychological Helpline (Mental State Help) Content Patient success stories Food and Nutrition Guide Tips on how to manage Cancer Motivational series of talks by patients
  13. 13. Gather testimonials and endorsements. Increasing WOM Publish some articles, case studies, whitepapers. Circulate positive stories. Conduct seminars & awareness campaigns. By providing an augmented service. WOM takes place in 2 forms – • When someone directly refers a friend to you for business. • A long term WOM approach. Here you stay in touch with your customer base through email and social, not asking them for business, but giving them the chance to promote you indirectly. For example, forwarding emails and sharing things you’ve posted to social networks. Word Of Mouth credibility Loyal Followers Better Recall & increased sales Word of Mouth publicity More attention to posts Word of mouth marketing happens through good service, takes time but benefits the firm over the long term.
  14. 14. SEO • To feature on the top when a user searches for some specific industry related keywords. • SEO creates a better visibility of a firm on web. • Make online Directory Listings. • Can be outsourced – Project duration lasts between 3-6 months, and from then on a monthly maintenance. • Costing depends on the number of keywords. E-Mail Marketing Email Template Designs Email messages designed to re-engage, nurture, and keep in touch with Physicians SEO is the most effective tool for increasing the firm’s visibility. Email acquisition Email Scheduling and Tracking Email Marketing can be targeted at Physicians who then can recommend Medcare.
  15. 15. Performance metrics Audience Analysis Sentiment Analysis Brand Awareness – Duration of activity by customers, Degree of Involvement/Amplification/Talking about Brand(whether negative or positive) Engagement & Interaction with Customers – Measured by Retweet Rates, Social clicks, Social Page Views, Video/SlideShare Views, Time spent, Amount of information, Facebook Reach, Landing Page Conversion Rates, Amplification rate, Applause rate and Engagement Rate. Profitability ROI = ((the amount of money gained from the campaign) – (the cost of the campaign))/(the cost of the campaign) Gross profit – revenue per lead or per campaign Web traffic analytics through Google Analytics, Hubspot incorporated on website. Broadly into 2 parameters Reach is a measure of the absolute number of listeners and the index is based on the number of people reached by each channel through likes, shares and re-tweets. Relevance measures whether people found posts or content relevant and/or useful, and the index is based on the extent to which content is being shared and forwarded across social networks. Relationship is a measure of interaction - the back and forth of conversation - and a measure of company and consumer or patient integration. •A company can have the most interesting and engaging content but without reach they will not be heard. A categorization of measuring the Social media performance. Health Reach Index •Relevance increases reach and relationship and is an indicator that a social media platform is growing. Health Relevance Index •The relationship index measures the level of interaction between a company and those who post, reply or otherwise interact with the company’s postings. Health Relationship Index
  16. 16. Channel Measure Health Reach Index Health Relevance Index D = Denominator, N = Health Relationship Index Facebook No. of posts D D D Facebook No. of posts from others Facebook No. of likes of posts N N Facebook No. of shares of posts N N Facebook No. of comments N N Facebook No. of replies N Twitter No. of company tweets D D D Twitter No. of re-tweets of companies tweets N N Twitter No. of favorites of company tweets N Twitter No. of replies of a company to other tweets N YouTube No. of videos posted D D D YouTube No. of comments by others N N YouTube No. of comments from company N YouTube No. of views N N Numerator Social media index definitions
  17. 17. E-marketing plan : What to do matrix? Place URL on company material, Form in your signature, Get others to increase your visibility Continuous social media indulgence (SMM), Video, Articles & Blogs What to do? E-newsletter, Network Website, SEO, E-mail marketing, WOM, specific campaigns EFFORT IMPACT LOW HIGH LOW HIGH An Impact v/s Effort graph showing which activities lie where.
  18. 18. Task Description Estimated Time Place your URL on all company materials No business card, letterhead, email signature, literature, signs, company vehicle, promotional gifts, etc. should go without your Web domain name. 1 Week e-newsletter template 1 day Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn page Fb, Twitter – Daily wellness tips, seminars, discoveries, links back to website. LinkedIn – Recruitment, Professional Continuous activity Link to a Form in Your Signature Simply include a link to your hosted web form in your email signature, and your prospects can sign up to receive your emails without even closing your personal message. 1 day Video - YouTube Content, diseases and conditions, discoveries and patient stories Continuous activity SEO To get the company among top searches based on some keywords. 3-6 months with monthly maintenance thereafter SMM Regular updates from the social media accounts Continuous activity Get others to increase your Continuous activity visibility Write articles & Blogs Write articles, get them published, display that on your website’s homepage. Link your blog to the homepage. Continuous activity Email Marketing Getting the relevant email addresses, making a standard email template, sending emails. Getting emails – continuous process to increase the list, template – 1 day. Increasing Word of Mouth Continuous process The rough time interval that the activities will take. The specific campaigns will carry on for the stipulated 3 months timeframe. A rough timeline
  19. 19. Weekly Performance Report Page Performance Blog Post Views? YouTube Views? Email Subscribers? RSS Subscribers CTA% of each blogpost/ Number of comments Social Media Reach Growth this week Average Growth Accounts – wise Reach Growth/Decline this week Email Click-through Rates Sent Delivered Opened Clicked Traffic Sources Organic Search Referrals Social Media Email Marketin g Paid Search Direct Traffic Offline Sources Bounce Rate Forwarded Abuse reports Subscribers with Week’s Performance (compared to last) most opens Top locations Visits Leads Customers