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Gulen Schools Worldwide List

Currently the Gulen schools can be found in 101 countries, the poor countries they gravitate to. Some countries have closed them down: Russia, Turkmenistan, Egypt, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkey.

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Gulen Schools Worldwide List

  1. 1. EVERY CONTINENT BUT ANTARCTICA: THE FETHULLAH GULEN MOVEMENT'S SCHOOLS ARE ALL OVER THE WORLD by C.A.S.I.L.I.P.S. - Citizens Against Special Interest Lobbyingin Public Schools CASILIPS on Twitter, Slideshare LIST OF GULEN SCHOOLS (RUN BY FETHULLAH GULEN MOVEMENT) AROUND THE WORLD: This list is not complete. We are constantly adding to it. To date, 101 countries with Gulen schools have been identified (other sources say as many as 120 countries). Note: In addition to establishing their own schools,Gulenists havealso effectively takenover some schools outsideTurkey that were originally established by the Turkishgovernment (the administrationof Turgut Ozal began the policy of establishment of Turkish schools in other countries). Afghanistan Organization: Afghan Turk CAG Educational NGO (Turkish name: Afgan Türk Çağ Eğitim Kurumları) and Facebook (Note: some school websites appear to still be under construction.) High schools: 1. Shebergan Afghan-Turk High School (boys) Turkish name: Şibirgan Afgan Türk Dostluk Lisesi (est. 1995) Photo Facebook English Facebook Turkish 2. Mazar Afghan-Turk High School (boys) Turkish name: Mezar-ı Şerif Afgan Türk Erkek Lisesi (est. 1996) Photo Facebook 3. Kabul Ariana Afghan-Turk High School (boys) Turkish name: Kabil Afgan Türk Aryana Erkek Lisesi (est. 1998) Photo 4. Kandahar Afghan-Turk High School (boys) Turkish name: Kandahar Afgan Türk Şah Hüseyin Hotak Lisesi (est. 1998) Photo Facebook 5. Herat Afghan-Turk High School (boys) Turkish name: Herat Afgan Türk Erkek Lisesi (est. 2006) Photo Facebook 6. Kabul Afghan-Turk High School (girls) Turkish name: Kabil Afgan Türk Kız Lisesi (est. 2006) Facebook 7. Herat Afghan-Turk High School (girls) Turkish name: Herat Afgan Türk Kız Lisesi (est. 2009) Facebook 8. Mazar Afghan-Turk High School (girls) Turkish name: Mezar-ı Şerif Afgan Türk Kız Lisesi (est. 2011) Primary schools (photo of one viewable here)  Kabul Private Hope Afghan-Turk Primary School (Turkish: Kabil Ümit Afgan Türk İlköğretim Okulu)
  2. 2.  Herat Private Hope Afghan-Turk Primary School (Turkish: Herat Ümit Afgan Türk İlköğretim Okulu)  Mazar Private Hope Afghan-Turk Primary School (Turkish: Mezar-ı Şerif Ümit Afgan Türk İlköğretim Okulu) Tutoring centers (college prep)  Mezar-ı Şerif Ümit Afgan Türk Dershanesi  Kabil Ümit Afgan Türk Dershanesi  Şibirgan Ümit Afgan Türk Dershanesi Albania (see also Kosovo below) Organization: Sema Foundation (Fondacioni Sema) 1. Mehmet Akif College (Kolegji Mehmet Akif) Tirana (1993) 2. Hasan Riza Pasha College (Shkolla Hasan Riza Pasha) Shkoder (2001) primary and secondary school, and kindergarten 3. Institucioni Parashkollor M. Akif, Tirana (2006) 4. Meridian Course Center, a.k.a. Meridian Foreign Language and Training Courses Center (Qendër Kursesh Meridian) Tirana Medresas operated by Sema Foundation in partnership with Komuniteti Musliman: 1. Elbasan – Cerrik, Liria 2. Kavajë, Hafiz Ali Korça, 3. Tiranë, H. Mahmud Dashi 4. Buharaja-Berat, Medrese Vexhi 5. Korça Epoka University, Tirana Beder University (opened April 2011; Sema Foundation) Organization: Turgut Ozal Education Company 1. Turgut Ozal kindergarten, primary and secondary school, high school, Tirana 2. Turgut Ozal College, kindergarten, primary, secondary and high school, Durres 3. Memorial International School of Tirana (secondary and high school) Angola Colégio Esperança Internacional Argentina Hercules College Argentina Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil In 1996, Nur trained 2000 rural teachers as agents of community development in Bolivia and 300 teachers in the La Rioja Province in Argentina. In 2002 Nur University was selected as a "Center for Educational Excellence" for the Andean region: an initiative
  3. 3. launched at the Summit for the Americas, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)". Australia Organization: Feza Foundation Sule College (Sydney region) Campuses: Prestons, Auburn, Illawarra Organization: Selemiye Foundation Sirius College http:// (Melbourne region) (This chain was formerly known as Isik College; note: Isik, phonetically Ishik, means "light" in Turkish Campuses: Eastmeadows, Meadow Fair, Keysborough, Geelong, Mildura, Shepparton, Ibrahim Dellal Organization: Baris Education and Culture Foundation Damla College - "The Fountain of Knowledge" (Perth) (note: Damla means drop in Turkish) Organization: Queensland Education and Cultural Foundation Resha College (Algester, near Brisbane) opening 2012 Organization: McYess Foundation (Multicultural Youth Education Support Services) Burc College (South Australia) (Note how both Isik and Sule Colleges havethe Gulenist slogan "TheGoldenGeneration" on their websites.) Austria Phoenix-Realgymasium Azerbaijan Organization: Cağ Öğretim İşletmeleri A.O. Qafqaz University (Qafqaz Universiteti), Baku (See also Wikipedia article.) SCHOOLS WERE SLATED TO CLOSE, AND HAVE SINCE GONE UNDER THE SOCOR OIL (GULEN OPERATED) UMBRELLA K-12 schools: 1. Ağdaş Özəl Türk Liseyi (Agdash Private Turkish High School) (See also Wikipedia article.) 2. Bakı Özəl Türk Liseyi (Baku Private Turkish High School) (See also Wikipedia article.) 3. Bakı "Dədə Qorqud" Özəl Türk Liseyi (Baku "Dede Gorgud" Private Turkish High School) (See also Wikipedia article.) 4. Şirvan Özəl Türk Liseyi (Shirvan Private Turkish High School) 5. Gənce Azərbaycan-Türkiyə Özəl Liseyi (Ganja Private Turkish High School) 6. Lənkəran Özəl Türk Liseyi (Lenkaran Private Turkish High School) 7. Mingəçevir Özəl Türk Liseyi (Mingachevir Private Turkish High School)
  4. 4. 8. Sumqayıt Özəl Türk Liseyi (Sumgait Private Turkish High School) 9. Şəki Azərbaycan - Türkiyə Özəl Liseyi (Sheki Private Turkish High School) 10. Quba Özəl Türk Liseyi (Guba Private Turkish High School) 11. "Qafqaz" Azərbaycan – Türkiyə Özəl Gimnaziyasi (Caucasus Private Gymnasium) 12. Kafkas İlköğretim Okulu (Caucasus Elementary School) Naxçıvan Özəl Türk Kolleci (Nakhchivan Private Turkish High School) Bangladesh International Turkish Hope School, Dhaka Branches:  Uttara Preschool and Junior Section  Gulshan Preschool Section  Gulshan Junior Section  Uttara Senior Section. (Boys)  Uttara GCE Section. (Boys)  Uttara Senior Section. (Girls)  Chittagong Branch  Bogra Preschool and Education centre Belgium Organization: Inrichtende Macht Lucerna Basisschool Lucerna (primary/elementary school) Lucerna College (secondary/high school) in Gent Lucerna College (secondary/high school) in Antwerp Lucerna College (secondary/high school) in Brussels Lucerna College in Genk (proposed school?) Internaat Lucerna (boarding school) Benin L'ecole Internationale Ufuk-Benin (Note: ufuk=horizon in Turkish) Bosnia and Herzegovina Organization: Bosna-Sema Educational Institutions 1. International Burch University 2. Una Sana College (Unsko-Sanski Koledz) 3. International School of Sarajevo - Vraca 4. International School of Sarajevo - Ilidza 5. International School of Tuzla 6. International School of Zenica Brazil Colégio Belo Futuro Brezilya Brazil Bulgaria Umbrella organization: Drujba Schools
  5. 5.  Drujba Private School, Sofia  Drujba Private School, Plovdiv  Drujba Study Center, Sofia  Drujba Study Center, Plovdiv Burkina Faso College Horizon International Burundi Université Lumière de Bujumbura / Light University of Bujumbura Cambodia Zaman International School of Phnom Penh Zaman Primary School Zaman University Cameroon Amity International School Yaounde Canada Doğa Kiosk International College (no longer in operation) École Sogut, Montreal Nil (Nile) Academy, Toronto Central African Republic L'école Centrafricano-turque Chad Ecole Privee International Tchado-Turque Croatia Sjajna Zvijezda Edukativni Centar Facebook Cyprus Kibris Doga Koleji Eastern Mediterranean University Czech Republic Meridian International School, Prague Democratic Republic of the Congo Şafak (Shafak) Turkish School, Kinshasha Denmark Furesø Privatskole Hay Skolenøje Tåstrup Privatskole Nilen Privatskole Østerbro International School Egypt Salahaldin International School, Cairo Ethiopia to be closed under Gulen and operated under Turkish Government Organization: Kaynak Education & Medical Services PLC (note: kaynak = fountain in Turkish) Nejashi Ethio-Turkish Schools, Addis Ababa 1. Netis African Union Branch 2. Netis Alamgena Branch 3. Netis CMC Kindergarten Branch 4. Netis Sarbet Kindergarten Branch
  6. 6. France Educactive school, Paris Etude Plus (after-school tutoring/homework center) Gabon Ecole Privee Internationale Turco-Gabonaise, Libreville Gambia Yavuz Selim Anatolian School Georgia University:  International Black Sea University - Tbilisi (Turkish name: Uluslararası Karadeniz Universitesi) Organization: Caglar Egitim Kurumlari Preschool:  Tiflis Ozel Demirel Okul Oncesi Primary schools (elementary+middle): 1. Tiflis Ozel Demirel Isik Ilkokulu 2. Batum R. Sahin Dostluk Ilkokulu 3. Kutaisi Niko Nikoladze Ilkokulu 4. Rustavi Rustavelli Ilkokulu High Schools 1. Tiflis Ozel Demirel Koleji 2. Batum R. Sahin Dostluk Lisesi 3. Kutaisi Niko Nikoladze Lisesi 4. Rustavi Rustavelli Lisesi K-12 schools  Tiflis Nikolos Tsereteli Uluslararasi Okulu College Prep and Language Centers 1. Tiflis Demirel Koleji Unv. Hazirlik ve Dil Merkezi 2. Batum R. Sahin Unv. Hazirlik ve Dil Merkezi 3. Kutaisi Niko Nikoladze Unv. Hazirlik ve Dil Merkezi
  7. 7. 4. Rustavi Rustavelli Unv. Hazirlik ve Dil Merkezi 5. Marneuli S Rustavelli Unv. Hazirlik ve Dil Merkezi Germany Organization: Türkisch-Deutschen Bildungsvereins 1. Sema-Schule, Mannheim Organization: Verein für Integration und Bildung 1. Gymnasium (ollege preparatory school), Hannover 2. Language School, Hannover 3. Tutoring Service, Hannover Organization: Verein Akademische Plattform Freiburg (FAP e.V.) 1. Regenbogen Privatschule, Organization: Mesale e.V.  Kindergarten Sternenhimmel Nürnberg  Private Fachoberschule Mesale e.V. Nürnberg  Maximum Nachhilfe, Nürnberg Organization: TUDESB (Türkisch Deutsches Bildungsinstitut Berlin-Brandenburg) 1. TÜDESB Gymnasium (college preparatory high school) 2. TÜDESB Realschule (high school) 3. TÜDESB Sekundarschule (middle school) 4. TÜDESB Grundschule (elementary school) Kindergartens ("Kitas") in Berlin area: 1. TÜDESB Kinderparadies Wedding (Former website: http://www.kita- 2. TÜDESB Kinderparadies Kreuzberg 3. TÜDESB Kinderparadies Neukölln 4. TÜDESB Kinderparadies Spandau Study Centers 1. TÜDESB Pangea-Bildungszentrum Kreuzberg I 2. TÜDESB Pangea-Bildungszentrum Kreuzberg II
  8. 8. 3. TÜDESB Pangea-Bildungszentrum Spandau 4. TÜDESB Pangea-Bildungszentrum Tempelhof 5. TÜDESB Pangea-Bildungszentrum Wedding I 6. TÜDESB Pangea-Bildungszentrum Wedding II Organization: Tuerkisch-Deutsche Akademische Bund (TDAB) 1. Gymnasium Dialog (Ozel Dialog Lisesi) Organization: Vision Privatschulen GmbH, Jettingen-Scheppach 1. Gymnasium (college preparatory high school) 2. Realschule (high school) 3. Boarding school for girls Internat Schloss Eringerfeld (boarding school) Geseke Bad Canstatt bei Stuttgart - Bil Schule Other study centers with supplemental education:  Vision Lernpunkte e. V., Munich  Westfalia Bildungszentrum e.V., Dortmund http://  Prisma Bildungsplattform, Hagen  Eventus Bildungszentren, Duisburg  Lernzirkel Oggersheim, Ludwigshafen  Alsterbildungsring e.V., Hamburg  Schlerförderung e.V., Bremen  Lernhilfe Ribif e.V. Düsseldorf  Sprachakademie, Hannover  Westfalia Bildungszentrum e.V., Dortmund  Eventus Bildungszentren, Duisburg  Horizont Bildungszentrum, Essen  Avicenna Institut Bockenheim, Frankfurt am Main  System Bildungszentrum, Hamm  Dialog Ehrenfeld, Köln  Integral Bildungsforum e.V., Krefeld  Forum Bildungszentrum, Ludwigsburg  Lerntreff Mannheim  Lernstube Reutlingen  Prisma Bildungszentrum BB, Sindelfingen  Das Bildungshaus BiL, Stuttgart  Bergischer Bildungsbund e.V., Wuppertal
  9. 9. Organization: Pangea Bildungszentren (relation of this organization to study centers is unclear) Ghana Galaxy International School Greece Elit Dil Eğitim Merkezi Facebook #1; Facebook #2 Hong Kong Rosebud Primary School Haiti Harmony International School (opened December 2014) Hungary Orchidea Iskola Jazmin Ovoda (nursery) India Organization: Learnium Schools 1. Learnium School Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (West Campus & East Campus) 2. Learnium School South Delhi 3. Learnium School East Delhi 4. Learnium School Karntaka Bangalore Campus 5. Learnium School Maharastra Mumbai 6. Learnium School Uttar Pradesh Lucknow South 7. Learnium School Uttar Pradesh Lucknow East 8. Learnium School West Bengal Kolkata Organization: Pak-Turk Schools  PakTurk School, Hyderabad Indonesia Organization: PASIAD (Some school websites seem to be under construction.) 1. Pribadi Bilingual Boarding School, Depok 2. Semesta Bilingual Boarding School, Semarang 3. Pribadi Bilingual Boarding School, Bandung 4. Fatih Bilingual Boarding School, Banda Aceh 5. Kharisma Bangsa Bilingual Boarding School, Tangerang Selatan 6. Sragen Bilingual Boarding School, Sragen 7. Teuku Nyak Arif Fatih Bilingual Boarding School, Banda Aceh 8. Kesatuan Bangsa Bilingual Boarding School, Yogyakarta Iraq Organization: Fezalar Educational Institutions New
  10. 10. website: Old website: Schools evacuated 3 days before ISIS broke out. Ishik University-Erbil Ishik College-Erbil Nilufer Girls' College-Erbil Salahaddin Ayyubi College-Sulaimania Sulaimania Girls' College-Sulaimania Ishik Boys College-Duhok Ishik Girls' College-Duhok Ishik Primary School-Duhok Cag Boys College Kerkuk Cag Girls' College Kerkuk Ronaki Primary School-Erbil Gulan Primary School-Erbil Ishik Secondary School-Erbil Ishik Kindergarten-Erbil Tuimalik Primary School-Sulaimania Ishik College-Bagdat Ishik College-Musul Serchinar Primary School-Sulaimania Salahaddin Ayyubi College-Halapja Ishik Boys College-Soran Ishik Girls' College-Soran Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) Groupe Scolaire Şafak – École Ivoiro-Turque Japan Abroad International School (Baharu Education Corporation)  Abroad International School - Osaka School  Abroad International School - Nagoya School  Abroad International School - Sendai School  Abroad International School - Okayama School Horizon Japan International School Jingumae International Exchange School Jordan Burc TALT (Turkish Arabic Language & Tuition) Center Kazakhstan Organization: KATEV International Foundation Süleyman Demirel University, Almaty Ahmet Yesevi University Nurorda International School Kazakh-Turk High Schools (Kazak-Turk Lisesi) (the websites of some of these schools appear to still be under development):
  11. 11. 1. Алматы қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Almaty Kazakh-Turk Boys High School) 2. Алматы қазақ-түрік қыздар лицейі (Almaty Kazakh-Turk Girls High School) 3. Есік қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Esik Kazakh-Turk Boys High School) 4. Қызылорда қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Kyzylorda Kazakh-Turk Boys High School) 5. Қызылорда қазақ-түрік қыздар лицейі (Kyzylorda Kazakh-Turk Girls High School) 6. Астана қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Astana Kazakh-Turk Boys High School) 7. Астана қазақ-түрік қыздар лицейі (Astana Kazakh-Turk Girls High School) 8. Ақтөбе қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Aktobe Kazakh-Turk Boys High School) 9. Атырау қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Atyrau Kazakh-Turk Boys High School) 10. Шымкент қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Shymkent Kazakh-Turk Boys High School) 11. Шымкент қазақ-түрік қыздар лицейі (Shymkent Kazakh-Turk Girls High School) 12. Көкшетау қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Kokshetau Kazakh-Turk Boys High School) 13. Тараз қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Taraz Kazakh-Turk Boys High School) 14. Тараз қазақ-түрік қыздар лицейі (Taraz Kazakh-Turk Girls High School) 15. Жамбыл қазақ-түрік есеп-экономикалық колледжі (Zhambyl Kazakh-Turkish College of Economics) 16. Жезқазған қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Zhezkazgan Kazakh-Turk Boys High School) 17. Қарағанды қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Karagandy Kazakh-Turk Boys High School) 18. Қостанай қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Kostanay Kazakh-Turk Boys High School) 19. Өскемен қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Oskemen Kazakh-Turk Boys High School) 20. Павлодар қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Pavlodar Kazakh-Turk Boys High School) 21. Павлодар қазақ-түрік қыздар лицейі (Pavlodar Kazakh-Turk Girls High School) 22. Семей қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Semey Kazakh-Turk Boys High School) 23. Талдықорған қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Taldykorgan Kazakh-Turk Boys High School) 24. Түркістан қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Turkistan Kazakh-Turk Boys High School) 25. Петропавл қазақ-түрік лицейі (Petropavl Kazakh-Turk High School) 26. Маңғыстау қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Mangystau Kazakh-Turk Boys High School) 27. Орал қазақ-түрік ұлдар лицейі (Oral Kazakh-Turk High School) 28. Нұрорда қазақ-түрік лицейі (Nurorda Kazakh-Turk High School) Kenya Isik College (Light Academy) Kosovo Organization: Gülistan Educatıon Center Mehmet Akif College, Prishtina Mehmet Akif College, Prizren International School of Prishtina Kyrgyzstan International Ataturk Alatoo University Tunguch Bishkek Sebat College Organization: Sebat Education Foundation 1. Bishkek Kyrgyz-Turk "Aychurok" Girls’ School
  12. 12. 2. Chingiz Aitmatov Kyrgyz-Turkish High School (Bishkek) 3. Jalal-Abad Kyrgyz-Turkish High School Jalalabat Kyrgyz-Turk Girl's School 4. Ysyk-Kul "Sebat" Girls' High School 5. Karakol Kyrgyz-Turk "H.Karasaev" Boys’ School 6. Jalalabat Kyrgyz-Turkish Men's Lyceum 7. Kadamjay Semetey High School (a.k.a. Kadamcay Kyrgyz-Turkish High School) 8. Kyzylkia Kyrgyz-Turk "SEBAT" High School (a.k.a. Kizilkiya Kyrgyz-Turkish Economy High School) 9. Muratbek Subakojoyev Naryn High School 10. Osh "Sebat" School 11. Osh Sema Lycee (High School) (website not operating yet) 12. Silk Road International School 13. Talas Sebat Boys' High School 14. International " Meerim-Sebat" Talas Girls' High School 15. Tokmok Sebat High School Laos Eastern Star Bilingual School, Vientiane (Doğu Yıldızı Türk Koleji) Latvia Organization: Baltic Education Latvia, SIA, RIMS - Riga International Meridian School, a.k.a. Daugava Private School Liberia Liberian-Turkish Light International School Lithuania VIMS- International Meridian School, Vilnius Baltic Turkish Culture Academy, Vilnius Macedonia International Balkan University, Skopje Private Yahya Kemal Colleges, Skopje 1. YKC ÜsküpAvtokomanda Lisesi (high school) 2. YKC Gostivar Lisesi (high school) 3. YKC Struga Lisesi (high school) 4. YKC Üsküp Butel Lisesi (high school) 5. YKC Üsküp İlkokulu (primary school) 6. YKC Struga İlkokulu (primary school) 7. YKC Strumica Lisesi (high school) 8. YKC Tetova Bölgesi Lisesi (high school) Madagascar College La Lumiere International Malaysia Horizon Turkish Expatriate School Time International School, Kuala Lampur Malawi Bedir High School Malawi (formerly Maldives Lale Youth International School
  13. 13. Mali President of Mali vows to cooperate with President Erdogan 2/4/2015 Horizon College, Bamako (website under construction) Mexico Colegio de Excelencia Raindrop (School Motto: "Because rain always starts with a small drop.") Moldova Liceul Teoretic Orizont Mongolia Organization: Ulaanbaatar Empathy-Yurtunts Co., Ltd. 1. Ulaanbaatar Mongolian-Turkish School, Ulaanbaatar 2. Orkhon Mongolian-Turkish School, Erdenet 3. Darkhan Mongolian-Turkish School, Darkhan 4. Bayan-Ulgii Mongolian-Turkish School, Bayan-Ulgii 5. Ulaanbaatar Elite International School, Ulaanbaatar Montenegro University Mediterranean Podgorica (Atlas group) Morocco Muhammad al Fatih (Fatih Sultan Mehmet) schools. (a.k.a. Groupe Scolaire Mohamed Al Fatih) 4 branches in Tangiers, Fez, Casablanca and Tetouan Mozambique Willow International School (a.k.a. Turkish College)  Primary School Maputo  Primary School Matola  High School Matola Myanmar Horizon International Education Centre Netherlands 1. Basisschool Cosmicus (primary school in Rotterdam) 2. Cosmicus College (secondary school in Rotterdam) 3. Basisschool Witte Tulp (primary school in Amsterdam) 4. Cosmicus Montessori Lyceum (secondary school in Amsterdam) New Zealand Organization: Pearl of the Islands Foundation, Inc. Pearl (Inci) Turkish School Nigeria Organization: Surat Educational LTD Nigerian Turkish International Colleges Locations: Abuja, Kaduna, Kano, Lagos, Yobe Nigerian Turkish Nile University Norway
  14. 14.  OKUF (Oslo Kultur og Utdannigsforening = Olso Culture and Education Association) Akademi Utdannigssenter (afterschool tutoring) Pakistan Umbrella organization: Pak-Turk International Cag Educational Foundation Pak-Turk Schools. Branches: Islamabad, Karachi, Khairpur, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta Papua New Guinea Paradise College Phillipines  Fountain International School  Filipino-Turkish Tolerance School, Pitogo-Sinunuc, Zamboanga City  Academia Language and Review Center Poland Meridian International Schools International Meridian Schools Primary and Kindergarden, Lodz Primary in Warsaw Secondary, Warsaw Romania Umbrella organization: Lumina Educational Institutions 1. Scoala Spectrum Bucaresti 2. Scoala Spectrum Constanta 3. Scoala Internationala Spectrum Iasi 4. Scoala Internationala Spectrum Cluj 5. Scoala Internationala Spectrum Timisoara 6. Scoala Internationala Spectrum Ploiesti 7. International Computer High School of Bucharest (ICHB) (Liceul International de Informatica Bucaresti) 8. International Computer High School of Constanta (Liceul International de Informatica Constanta) 9. International School of Bucharest 10. ISB Early Learning Centre University: University of Southeast Europe - Lumina University (Universitatea Europei de Sud-Est Lumina) Russia CLOSED ALL SCHOOLS CONNECTED TO GULEN /RELIGION NOT ALLOWED Atlantic International School, Moscow Moscow International School #56 Челябинский Областной Лицей Интернат (Chelyabinsk Region High School Boarding School) Rwanda Hope Kids Academy Facebook
  15. 15. Saudi Arabia International Turkish School in Jeddah International Turkish School in Riyadh Senegal Groupe Scolaire Yavuz Selim Senegal Serbia  Bejza Educational Center (languages, IT)  Bejza Primary School d=34&lang=rs Slovakia Bystra Education (language courses, weekend school, plans to start private school in 2013) Somalia Organization: Nile Foundation/Organization High school in Mogadishu; name as yet unknown. South Africa Organization: Horizon Educational Trust  Horizon International Primary and High School  Star College, Cape Town  Star College Primary, Durban  Star College Boys High, Durban  Star College Girls High, Durban  Star College, Johannesburg  Star College, Pretoria  Star International Primary and High School, Capetown Organization: Fountain Educational Trust and Nizamiye Schools  Al-Azhar Primary Institute, Port Elizabeth  Nizamiye School Mayfair  Nizamiye School Midrand  Nizamiye School PE The Sama schools were apparently renamed Nizamiye Schools in Jan 2013:  Sama Primary and High School, Johannesburg  Sama Boys School, Midrand South Korea Rainbow International School
  16. 16. Sri Lanka Learnium International School (formerly Zodiac Burch International Academy) Colombo Sudan Sudanese Turkish Schools Sweden Dialog Skolan Switzerland  Bildungszentrum Elite (Basel)  Sera School (Zurich)  Stiftung Lernforum (Trimbach; Olten) (website under construction)  Aare Bildungsverein (Aarau)  Ekol Bildungszentrum (Zurich Zentrum; Zurich Affoltern; Winterthur)  Santis Bildungsinstitut (St. Gallen) Taiwan KIVAM Junior High School TO BE CLOSED JUNE 2015 Tajikistan to be CLOSED Umbrella organization: Şelale Eğitim Şirketi High school boarding schools: 1. Литсей-интернати муштараки тоҷикӣ-туркии ш. Турсунзода (Tursunzade Tajik- Turkish High School; in Turkish: Müşterek Tacik-Türk Tursunzade Lisesi) School Facebook page 2. Литсей-интернати муштараки тоҷикӣ-туркии Ҳоҷӣ Камоли ш. Душанбе (Haji Kemal Tajik-Turkish High School in Dushanbe; in Turkish: Hacı Kemal Tacik-Türk Lisesi) School Facebook page 3. Литсей-интернати муштараки тоҷикӣ-туркии иқтисодӣ ш. Душанбе (Tajik-Turkish Economy High School, Dushanbe) School Facebook page 4. Литсей-интернати муштараки тоҷикӣ-туркии Мавлоно Ҷалолиддини Румӣ ш. Қўрғонтеппа (Kurgan-TyubeTajik-Turkish High School) School Facebook page 5. Литсей-интернати муштараки тоҷикӣ-туркии ш. Кўлоб (Kulob Tajik-Turkish High School School Facebook page 6. Литсей-интернати муштараки тоҷикӣ-туркии ш. Хуҷанд (Khujand Tajik-Turk High School) School Facebook page K-11 schools  Dushanbe International School Other schools: 1. Мактаби байналмилалии ш. Душанбе, 2. Маркази забонҳо ва компутерии “Шафақ” (Language and Computer Center “Shafak”, Dushanbe) 3. Хобгоҳи донишҷўён
  17. 17. Tanzania Organization: Ishik Medical and Education Foundation (note: ishik = light in Turkish) Feza Schools 1. Feza Nursery 2. Feza Primary 3. Feza Nursery-Primary Zan 4. Feza Girls Secondary 5. Feza Boys Secondary - High Thailand Organization: Marmara Educational Company Wichai Wittaya Bilingual Turkish School Siriwat Wittaya Bilingual School (a.k.a Onur Koleji) Chindamanee School (a.k.a. Elmas Koleji) Pan Asia International School Togo Ecole Internationale Zodiaque Tunisia  Bosphore Academie Twitter Facebook  Ecole Turque des Langues et d'informatique Photo TurkeyClosure ordered by Turkish government (Dershanes) Universities: 1. Antalya International University (Uluslararası Antalya Üniversitesi) 2. Gediz University 3. Fatih University Istanbul, Ankara 4. Meliksah University 5. Mevlana University 6. Zirve University K-12 schools: CLOSED Note: Lisesi = high school; İlköğretim Okulu = primary/elementary school; Anaokulu = kindergarten Umbrella organization: Anafen Eğitim Kurumları 1. Çengelköy Anafen Anaokulu 2. Erenköy Anafen Anaokulu 3. Libadiye Anafen Anaokulu 4. Çengelköy Anafen İ.O. 5. Sabahattin Zaim Anafen İ.O. 6. Sevgi Çiçeği Anafen (Yeşilvadi) İ.O. 7. Anadolu Lisesi - Fen Lisesi (Çengelköy) 8. İstanbul Anafen Anadolu - Fen Lisesi
  18. 18. Umbrella organization: Aziziye Eğitim Kurumları (Erzurum) 1. Özel Aziziye İlköğretim Okulu 2. Özel Aziziye Lisesi (Private Aziziye Anatolian and Science High School) Umbrella organization: Fatih Eğitim Kurumları 1. Özel İstanbul Fatih Fen Lisesi 2. Özel İstanbul Fatih Anadolu Lisesi 3. Özel Beylikdüzü Fatih Fen Lisesi 4. Özel Beylikdüzü Fatih Anadolu Lisesi 5. Özel Fatih Anadolu Lisesi Umbrella organization: İzmir Özel Fatih Koleji 1. İzmir Özel Fatih Anaokulu 2. İZMİR ÖZEL FATİH İLKÖĞRETİM OKULU 3. İFK (İzmir Fatih Koleji) Anadolu Lisesi 4. İFK (İzmir Fatih Koleji) Fen Lisesi Umbrella organization: Coskun Schools 1. Özel Maltepe Coşkun Liseleri 2. Özel Kasımoğlu Coşkun Lisesi ve Fen Lisesi Facebook 3. Özel Kurtköy Alaattin Zenginer Coşkun İlköğretim Okulu 4. Özel Çamlıca Coşkun İlköğretim Okulu 5. Özel Maltepe Coşkun İlköğretim Okulu 6. Özel Y.Cimilli Coşkun İlköğretim Okulu 7. Özel Nilüfer Coşkun İlköğretim Okulu 8. Özel Coşkun Anaokulu - Dragos 9. Özel Coşkun Anaokulu – Çamlıca 10. Özel Coşkun Anaokulu - Pendik 11. Özel Coşkun Anaokulu - Ataşehir Umbrella organization: Atlantik 1. Ahmet Ulusoy Fen Lisesi 2. Ahmet Ulusoy Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi 3. Ahmet Ulusoy Anadolu Lisesi 4. İpek İlköğretim Okulu Umbrella organization: Burç Çocuk Akademileri
  19. 19. 1. Öveçler Burç Akademi Kreş ve Anaokulu 2. Oran Burç Akademi Kreş ve Anaokulu 3. Ümitköy Burç Akademi Kreş ve Anaokulu 4. Park Vadi Burç Akademi Kreş ve Anaokulu 5. Bahçeli Burç Akademi Kreş ve Anaokulu Fetih Koleji Umbrella organization: Özel Feza Eğitim Kurumları 1. Özel Feza Anadolu Lisesi 2. Özel Feza Fen Lisesi 3. Özel Feza Berk Koleji 4. Feza Berk İlköğretim Okulu 5. Atakum Refia Hanım Kreşi (daycare) 6. Gazi Refia Hanım Kreşi (daycare) Umbrella organization: Özel Yavuz Selim Eğitim Kurumları  Yavuz Selim Koleji  Yavuz Selim Anadolu Lisesi  Yavuz Selim Ortaokulu  Yavuz Selim İlkokulu  Özel Ümran Anaokulu  Yavuz Selim Anadolu Sağlık Meslek Lisesi Yamanlar College FEM tutoring centers (dershane) (there are many more schools in Turkey; they will be added in the future) Turkmenistan LAST SCHOOL CLOSED 2014/2015 Organization: Başkent Eğitim Şirketi International Turkmen-Turk University (Uluslararasi Turkmen Turk Universitesi) Most K-12 schools closed in August 2011 (Turgut-Ozal Türkmen-Türk Lisesi still operating) High schools: 1. Abadan Türkmen-Türk Lisesi 2. Aşgabat Gyzlar Türkmen-Türk Lisesi 3. Atamyrat Türkmen-Türk Lisesi 4. Balkanabat Türkmen-Türk Lisesi 5. Başkent Türkmen-Türk Lisesi 6. Baýramaly Türkmen-Türk Lisesi 7. Daşoguz Türkmen-Türk Lisesi 8. Köneürgenç Türkmen-Türk Lisesi
  20. 20. 9. Mary Türkmen-Türk Lisesi 10. Tejen Türkmen-Türk Lisesi 11. Turgut-Ozal Türkmen-Türk Lisesi 12. Türkmenabat Türkmen-Türk Lisesi 13. Türkmenbaşy Türkmen-Türk Lisesi Primary school: Turkmen Turk Ilkokulu Study center: Kurs Merkezi Uganda  Turkish Light Academy, Kampala (Nursery School, Primary School and High School)  Galaxy International School Ukraine Simferepol International School, Autonomous Republic of Crimea Meridian International School Meridian International Kindergarten Black Sea High School Лицей Черноморский Topolino Kindergarten United Arab Emirates Organization: Concept Schools International United School of Al Yahar, Al Ain Organization: Polaris Schools  Polaris Private Academy  21st Century Private Academy  Middle East Private School  Arzanah Private School  Little Garden Nursery United Kingdom Coral College, Bradford, England Wisdom School, London London Meridian College (2-year college) United States of America Click here for list of publicly-funded Gulen charter schools. Click here for list of private Gulen schools. Venezuela Colegio Los Azulejos (no website identified; Facebook 1, Facebook 2) Vietnam Horizon International Bilingual School, Hanoi Yemen Turkish International
  21. 21. Schools h ttp:// Zambia Bedir Turkish-Zambian High School (a.k.a. Turkey-Zambia College of Badr) ADDITIONAL GULEN SCHOOLS AND AFFILIATES WORLDWIDE,com_weblinks/catid,14/Itemid,23/ More information can be found GULEN SCHOOLS WORLDWIDE