International Day of Peace 2013


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International Day of Peace 2013

  1. 1. International Day of PeaceWhat is Peace Day?The United NationsInternational Day ofPeace (Peace Day) isobserved worldwide onSeptember 21 each year.Peace Day came intobeing in 1981 through aunanimous UnitedNations resolution. In2001, a secondunanimous U.N.resolution gave PeaceDay the fixed calendardate of September 21,and specified that theday should be one ofceasefire.
  2. 2. Peace day 2013: September 21Peace Week: September 16-22the 2013 InternationalDay of Peace falls on aSaturday, Sept. 21. thedate of your activitiescan be flexible. Forexample, school-basedactivities could takeplace on the officialNew York U.N. studentcelebration scheduledfor Wed., 9/18, or onThurs. or Fri., 9/19-20.Some communities haveevents the entire week.
  3. 3. This is a suggested Framework to helpyou create awareness about Peace Day,foster participation, and provide asense of global unity through parallelactivities.Reflection - Education - Celebrationthese three types of activities for honoringpeace day are intended to inspire and invitePeace Day planning at all levels. Please useand modify the Framework in any way thatserves the unique needs, interests andintentions of your city/community. It may bethat these activities suggest a particulartime of day -- morning, afternoon, evening --or you may choose to focus on an activity oractivities related to just one of these threetypes.Help Build PeaceIn Your Community
  4. 4. One: Reflectioncontemplation, musings, meditations,vigils, thoughtfulnessProvides a time for meditations, vigils, prayer,observances of any/all faiths and spiritual paths aswell as non-religious introspective activities, eventsand ceremonies.Activities could include: Interfaith gatherings;meditation alone or in a group; prayer and drummingcircles; interfaith services; services/gatherings/vigilsof any faith or spiritual perspective; guided imageryand other meditative healing practices; meditationflash mobs; honoring ceremonies; observing a MINUTEOF SILENCE at noon (a global activity in all timezones).
  5. 5. Two: Education2013 THEME: “EDUCATION For Peace”The 2013 International Day of Peacetheme, Education For Peace, wasinspired by the U.N. SecretaryGeneral’s Education First campaign.The theme highlights education as animportant path toward a more peacefulworld as well as the crucial need foreducational programming specific tothe subject of peace.
  6. 6. Education ContinuedCreating Opportunities for Learning,Dialogue, and skill-buildingProvides an opportunity to involve children and youth,as well as adults, in learning, discovery, dialogue andskill building related to peace and non-violence withincommunities.Activities could include: Diverse workshops related to peaceand non-violence (grade school – college); conferences,panel/speaker programs and workshops; Pinwheels for peace;community resource, information and dialogue gatherings;trainings related to non-violence, conflict resolution,breathing techniques and parent – child communication;activities that expand global awareness and knowledge,including video conferencing with students in other parts ofthe world; expressive arts activities, film screenings andpeace art exhibitions).
  7. 7. Provides for gatherings of all sizes thatexplore, build and celebrate unity, communityand sense of common humanity.Activities could include: Global Feast for Peace; musical andperforming arts events, including “Playing for Change” events;Making and flying a peace dove; sing-alongs; social, cultural andintercultural festivities; Global March for Peace and Unity;block parties and community festivals. Gatherings might includea fundraising component for a peace related cause (local orinternational) of your choosing.Three: CelebrationRejoice, Observe, Perform
  8. 8. ResourcesKEY WEBSITES FOR THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE:• International Day of Peace:• UNESCO:• Culture of Peace Initiative:• Global Movement for a Culture of Peace:• Peace One Day:• International Cities of Peace: www.internationalcitiesofpeace.orgNote: If your favorite site is not listed, please go to InternationalDay of Peace Facebook Page: post your link. Thank you!
  9. 9. ResourcesCITY/COMMUNITY PEACE DAY INITIATIVES:• Dublin, Ireland:• Chicago, IL:• Eugene, OR:• Hong Kong:• Montreal, Canada:• Philadelphia, PA:• Providence, RI:
  10. 10. ResourcesREFLECTION SITES:• World Peace Prayer Society:• Peace Pole Project, Prayer and flag ceremony, etc. UnitedReligions Initiative (URI):• Meditation Museum:• Mindfulness Resources:• SGI Quarterly:
  11. 11. ResourcesCELEBRATION SITES:• Global Feast for Peace:• Playing for Change Day:• Global March for Peace and Unity: SITES:• Roots and Shoots:• Planting Rocks for Peace:
  12. 12. ResourcesEDUCATION SITES:• US Institute of Peace:• Hague Appeal for Peace - Time to Abolish War:• National Peace Academy:• Peace One Day:• We Want Peace:• King Center:• Southern Poverty Law Center:• International Schools Association:• Peaceful Schools International:
  13. 13. ResourcesEDUCATION SITES (CONTINUED):• Roots and Shoots:• Anti-Defamation League:• Institute for Economics and Peace:• Human Rights, World Conflict and Peace Education:• International Association for Human Values (IAHV):• Peace Day Philly:• Peace and Justice Studies Association:• Global Campaign for Peace Education:• Think Care Act Blog:• Rotary International:
  14. 14. ResourcesPEACE ART SITES:• Peace Pals Contest:• Peace Flag Project:• Roots and Shoots Peace Doves:• Chalk for Peace:• Pinwheels for Peace:• Global Art Project: FOR PEACE SITES:• Peace One Day One Goal:• Peace Day Philly Sports:
  15. 15. Things you can do inyour community!1. Join an IDP group or start one ofyour own2. Plan a day or week of IDP events3. Work with local media to expand IDPparticipation4. Add your IDP initiative to the IDPFacebook page: Send this IDP slide show to yournetwork!Prepare today for IDP, 2013Reflect, Educate, Celebrate!
  16. 16. For more detailedinformation, go tothe International Day of Peacewebsite:http://www.internationaldayofpeace.orgThis Guide was created By: CITIES PeaceTeam, A Subcommittee of theInternational Day of Peace NGOCommittee at the United Nations.