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Guitar lesson prices - How much should guitar lessons cost?


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Learn how much should guitar lessons cost and what the actual guitar lesson prices are. Learn more about an cheap alternative...

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Guitar lesson prices - How much should guitar lessons cost?

  1. 1. Guitar Lesson Prices - How much should guitar lessons cost? If you want to sit down to a once a week 30 minute guitar lesson, it is going to cost you somewhere between $10 and $25 each week. Most guitar lesson prices just expect it run be about $100 a month or so if you want the lesson to be completely private.
  2. 2. Private guitars lessons can be good. You have a teacher who can take you in a logical direction to learn the guitar and give you active feedback when you do something wrong. It's something that is very beneficial but it's going to cost quite a bit since it's one on one time. Sometimes this cost is a bit much for some people. There are some alternatives to consider if you are short on money. One thing to look for instead of private lessons are group lessons. Consider auditing college classes, finding guitar lessons from church groups, or looking in the paper for a group lesson. These lessons will be considerably cheaper although you might not get as much one on one time. In reality you might only have a question or two each week about the material and may not need personal attention for the entire lesson. Another strategy is to meet with a private guitar teacher less often like once a month. Find material like guitar books and courses and practice on your own. Many courses today have full video, so for the most part you should be able to learn pretty well from it. The teacher every so often might be able to point out some mistakes. Another experienced guitar play that you practice with from time to time could do the same thing. Courses are a smart option because many will be around the price of what two 30 minute lessons would cost you but you get more value out of the course.
  3. 3. Are you searching for an cheap alternative? Discover a Proven Method for Quickly and Easily ‘Programming’ Your Hands to Play Complex Guitar Chords, Scales and Strums Like a Professional! Beginner Guitar Method - Stage 1 Your journey on the road to becoming an impressive guitarist begins here. In 45 step-by-step video lessons I show you the fundamentals. Things like how to hold and use a pick correctly, how to strum with perfect timing, how to play the basic chords, how to read chord charts and diagrams, how to play the major styles of rock and pop, how to pick single notes and play riffs, and most importantly - how to play songs and play along with other musicians. This is just the tip of the iceberg, there’s so much more to this course than I could possibly list here. This course gives you the perfect start and foundation to take your playing to the next level. Beginner Guitar Method - Stage 2 The journey to total guitar mastery continues here in stage 2. In 40 exceptional video lessons I show you how to add more advanced skills to the foundations you developed in stage 1. Here you learn tricky picking patterns, richer sounding chords, styles of music like blues and country, advanced chord progressions, essential skills like hammer ons and pull offs, and most importantly you’ll continue to jam along with me in the jam along videos - just as if we were in the same room! Again, I’m just scratching the surface here. There’s so much in this course that I couldn’t list it all here, but I know you are going to be blown away with your progress after completing stage 2. Fingerstyle Guitar Fingerstyle is an essential part of being a guitarist and in this course you'll learn the fingerstyle secrets of legendary guitarists like Chet Atkins, Mark Knopfler, and James Taylor. In 36 step-by-step, video lessons, I show you how to position your hand for maximum fluidity, use your fingers to pick individual strings, play fundamental picking patterns, and use advanced fingerstyle techniques to add colorful expression to your playing. This course
  4. 4. will open you up to a whole new world of guitar playing beyond using the guitar pick, a world of skills and techniques you can work into your existing repertoire. Beginner Guitar Chords Series A good, working knowledge of the fundamental guitar chords is essential if you are to progress in your guitar playing. This course gives you just that. In 15 punchy video lessons I show you how to play the open major, minor and 7th chords, and give you an introduction to barre chords. I also show you some essential chord progressions along the way, including a 12 bar blues. After completing this course you’ll never be short of a chord to play. The 1 Hour Workout The secret to guitar mastery is practice. But not just any sort of practice. Targeted practice. This is what The 1 Hour Workout gives you. In 60 videos, I teach you 29 groundbreaking exercises you can use on a daily basis to target key areas of your playing to build incredible speed, strength and agility in a very short amount of time. These areas of your playing include: warming up, strength training, scales training, and strumming training. The best part about The 1 Hour Workout is that it does the thinking for you. You’ll never have to figure out what to practice again. Just follow the The 1 Hour Workout plan and you’ll soon be an absolute guitar master. Speed Picking Once you’ve learned the fundamentals of Beginner Stage 1 and 2 you’ll want to crank it up a notch. To help you with that I’ve devised this short speed picking course. In 8 video lessons you learn how to use alternate picking to perform at blistering speeds, how to play single string scales, and how to use palm muting to bring a new dynamic to your lead ideas. Click here to learn more about the best guitar course online!