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20170307 X-change 'There’s some thing about IoT!'


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Internet of Things (IoT) as a concept continues to mature in the minds of companies, innovators and entrepreneurs. But questions arise:
• How do we start developing an IoT solution?
• What do we need?
• What are the optimal (cloud) services for our project?
• And (last but not least): once the IoT solution is in place, who owns the collected data?
This X-change gave you a lot of inspiration from our experts, as well as the real-life cases from Eandis and BAM!

Published in: Technology
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20170307 X-change 'There’s some thing about IoT!'

  1. 1. There’s some thing about IoT 7 March 2017
  2. 2. Find the notes and takeaways of this session on slide 11 For even more information, events, slides, alerts, etc., visit, sign up and enjoy the Beltug Community
  3. 3. Accelimpact KPMG AllThingsTalk LCL Belgium Data Centers AVEVE Mobco BAM Contractors Motrac Handling & Cleaning BNP Paribas Multicap Borealis Polymers Nextel Brussels Airport Company Nucleus Colt Technology Services Orange Cronos Pidpa Crossroad Consulting Proximus Dimension Data Securitas Eandis sTN Gemalto Synopsco Huawei Telenet Group Ingenium Unicon Solutions IOPS Consulting KBC Group
  4. 4. Investment
  5. 5. Security
  6. 6. Opportunities
  7. 7. Our experts today  Katia Deboel, Proximus Lead manager IOT & M2M  Stéphane Münster, Dimension Data Business Unit Manager Digital Business  Daan Hostyn, Eandis Digital Innovation Officer
  8. 8. Our experts today  Frank De Weser, Orange Marketing Director B2B & Business Unit Director IoT  Robin Collard, BAM Contractors Business Development Manager
  9. 9. Takeaways after the meeting  Both the eco-system and the technology need to be mature, or the IoT train will fail! To build a case: ▫ First define the 'what' - what do you want to enable? ▫ Then continue with the how. ▫ To build your IoT solution, you can choose to do it all yourself, or to work with partners. Fortunately, Belgium has a vast IoT eco system! ▫ And always, always base the choice of technology on your use case!  Fail fast and fail often - especially at the start of an Io project  Transformation cannot be driven by technology, but must come from the business
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  11. 11. Upcoming  Today’s presentations will be available soon to our members  15 Mar: !! VIP Evening !!  29 Mar: Security: omni-present and omni-competent?  24 Apr: INTUG meeting with EuroCIO & CIOForum  26 Apr: Enterprise Mobility Management  May, June…  Check out our Beltug agenda