Rise and Shine's Guide to Guinea pigs


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Let Rise and Shine show you how to prepare for your new pet Guinea Pig!

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Rise and Shine's Guide to Guinea pigs

  1. 1. Hi there! Myname is Rise andthis is mybrother, Shine. Nom nom nom, oh, hello!
  2. 2. We are guinea pigsand are sometimescalled “Cavies”. Lastyear I visited my homein Peru. All of us caviescame from here.
  3. 3. There are lots ofdifferent types ofguinea pigs. This is my Do you like myfriend, Stanley. Can you tortoise-shellsee how flat his hair is? colouring?That is because Stanleyis a smooth-coatedguinea pig
  4. 4. I wish it didn’t take me so long to get ready in the mornings… All that brushing! I’m so glad my owner has the timeNow this lovely lady’sname is Rapunzel….Can you guess why?She is a long- hairedguinea pig.
  5. 5. Our coats areknown as Rough-coated. Can yousee the “rosette” onmy brothers coathere? Timothy hay!!!! My favourite! NOM NOM NOM
  6. 6. Its very important thatwe have a place we can go to hide in. Itsembarrassing to admit,but we are afraid of lotsof things. We feel much safer when we cant be seen so please don’t disturb us.
  7. 7. This is our summercottage….(Not that we get a summer here inIreland.) Its important that we are enclosed so that no other animals can see us.
  8. 8. This is our favourite typeof guinea pig food. Welike to jump on top of ourfood so its best if youserve it in a ceramic bowl
  9. 9. You must remember thatall guinea pigs need to befed fresh vegetables thatare high in Vitamin Ceveryday! Now if you’lexcuse me I must eat thiscarrot… NOM NOM NOMNOM
  10. 10. I love lazing in myhammock. I’m luckythat my @II gives ownerme lots of toys to playwith. Otherwise I’d bevery bored.
  11. 11. Our water bottle and hay needto be available to us at alltimes. Our owner sometimesmoves them in different placesin our cage to make us look forthem. Its great fun!
  12. 12. My owner checks my nailsand cuts them every month.She started doing this fromwhen we were onlybabies, so now it doesn’tscare us. We always get atreat afterwards
  13. 13. CHEESE!My owner is checking myteeth to make sure theyMhavn’t grown too long. This iswhy I need lots of things tonibble on in my house.
  14. 14. You should allow us atleast one hour of floortime a day. We havelots of adventures!
  15. 15. We really don’t tan wellso please don’t keep usin direct sunlight. Oh andnot where there would aterrible draught. I don’twant to catch a cold
  16. 16. W..WHAT?? We have such unusual markings!Can you see the face on shines nose? hehehe
  17. 17. This was our friends birthdayparty last year. Now that was awild night! Lola was a whole 8years old! Sometimes I don’tthink that humans realise thatwe live that long!
  18. 18. SEE YOU- NOMNOM NOM-SOON!!! NOM NOM NOM I hope my brother and I have helped you learn a lot about guinea pigs today. If you are thinking about keeping one of us as a pet soon then please treat us kindly and handle us gently. We can be great friends as long as you treat us with respect