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DBXTalk - Smalltalks 2011


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DBXTalk Slides from Smalltalks 2011.

DBXTalk is an open source suite of tools for relational databases on Smalltalk.

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DBXTalk - Smalltalks 2011

  1. 1. Ing. Guillermo PolitoSmalltalks 2011
  2. 2. RDBMS Broadly used in the software industry, by tons of people
  3. 3. We want Smalltalk inbusiness Applications!
  4. 4. What is DBXTalk? An Open Source Relational DB Solution for Smalltalk A common Database API – OpenDBX Driver An ORM – new Pharo Glorp Port Scaffolding Tools – DBX Magritte A GUI to rule them all – DBXBrowser
  5. 5. OpenDBX Driver Just an Adapter! But written in C!!
  6. 6. New Pharo Glorp Port Results over 800 unit tests Oracle - 7 errors, 1 failure MySql -100% green tests PostgreSQL - 7 errors, 1 failure SQLite - 6 failures Native PostgresV2 Driver - 2 failures
  7. 7. DBX Magritte DBXEntitiesGlorp Mappings GUIs
  8. 8. DBXBrowser A GUI to interact with all the previous Query a DB Edit DBXEntities Try Glorp ...
  9. 9. New Documentation OpenDBXDriver Pharo by Example draft chapter! Glorp & DBX Magritte chapters coming soon
  10. 10. Demo(not Marianos Showtime slide)
  11. 11. So, Thanks! Esug Summer of Talk 2011!!! Students: Guillermo Polito, Gisela Decuzzi, Santiago Bragagnolo Mentors: Mariano Martinez Peck, Esteban Lorenzano, Diógenes MoreiraAnd Thanks to Alan Knight from the Glorp Team, Norbert Sendetzky from OpenDBX for their contributions!
  12. 12. Conclusions Conclusion: We can do serious stuff! Further work:  Finish work in progress (soon, I promise!)  Glorp documentation  Updating website (and that boring stuff)
  13. 13. Some links Site, until we get a new domain: Wheres the code? Is there an issue tracker? Yes Own Mailing list (just not to bother pharos people)
  14. 14. Questions?