Beekeepers Equipment – Not One Beekeepers Equipment, But Two in this Overview


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What are these two beekeepers equipments?

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Beekeepers Equipment – Not One Beekeepers Equipment, But Two in this Overview

  1. 1. Beekeepers Equipment – Not One Beekeepers Equipment, But Two In This Overview Get A Free Email Mini Course On BeekeepingBeekeepers equipment, what are they? If you have been looking for information aboutthis subject, I can tell you that several searches have been done around this topic.Thus, this article will evolve around two useful beekeeping tools. However, before wedive into the subject, I would like to tell you that it is normal to have questions when oneis a newbie or just when there are questions to be asked. In fact, after visiting a forum, Irealized that there was a sense of guilt associated to the asking of some questions.Don’t feel that way. In general everyone begins as a newbie. With that being said, Letslook at two beekeepers equipment that could be beneficial.This beekeepers equipment is called the smokerThe smoker is one of these tools that are quite beneficial. In fact, going for work on thehive without a smoker can be risky. In fact, a person should be able to do whateveraction needs to be done around the beehive with a minimum amount of stings. Thesmoker is one of the tools that can provide a certain level of safety to the beekeeper.What does the smoker actually do? In fact, the smoker calms down the bees making iteasier for you to inspect the hive for instance. One can imagine that going to the hive foran inspection while the bees are agitated is not likely to be stress free. But what doesthe smoker look like? The smoker is a closed kettle with a tall body and it has an inlet topermit the oxygen to get in. But, how does a smoker work? For the smoker to workthere should be burning chips of wood inside the tool. Then by using the bellows, thesmoke is created. The smoke will exit from the sprout.This one is called the "hive tool"What is the hive tool? The hive tool helps the beekeeper remove propolis and stuckwoodwork from the hive. There are often bright colors on hive tools. The choice of thesecolors can be explained by the fact that a brightly colored hive tool is more susceptibleto be recognized if it is among other tools or on the grass. What does the hive tool looklike? The hive tool is made of two parts. These parts are the handle and a wedge/bladepart. A decent hive tool could be purchased for less than 25 dollars. This being, theprice of this tool varies with the metal used to fabricate it. An advice concerning this toolwould be to choose one that has a wedge made with stainless steel.There are in fact other tools that can be added to this list. However, the beekeepersequipment mentioned in this article are among the essential ones. Effectively, if onegets a beehive and a colony, a smoker should be purchased. The beekeeper should becautious due to the fact that bees can inflict pain. A smoker helps one have a certain
  2. 2. level of safety. On the other hand, the hive tool permits to remove propolis or woodworkfrom parts of the hive.