Technology for Better Events [WEBINAR]


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Technology isn’t a choice now—it’s part of event marketing and production across every sector.

Guidebook’s Anna Sawyer and Nicole Duclos from ADMC go over real-life situations where technology has played an integral part in events.

In this presentation:

- Get the most out of gamification: The rules for getting your attendees to network, interact with sponsors/exhibitors, and move throughout the physical space

- Monetize your event: With mobile banner ads, you can offer sponsors a measurable, dynamic way to be seen

- Boost registration and mobile app use: Tips for digital marketing before and during your event

- Impress your boss with metrics: What you can learn about the success of your event from mobile app analytics

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Technology for Better Events [WEBINAR]

  1. 1. @guidebook WEBINAR ! Technology for Better Events PRESENTED BY GUIDEBOOK
  2. 2. @guidebook Meet your speakers Nicole Duclos Marketing Manager, Event Expert ADMC !
  3. 3. @guidebook Meet your speakers Anna Sawyer Director, Content and Product Marketing @annafsawyer
  4. 4. @guidebook Share what you learn! Use the hashtag #techforevents and tweet a tip from today’s webinar. We’ll choose 10 tweeters to win a $10 Gift Card!
  5. 5. @guidebook Guidebook: the leader in mobile event apps We have thousands of happy customers running events of all sizes.
  6. 6. @guidebook Drive engagement, revenue and repeat registration Event management tech gives you the tools to improve and measure the success of your event. You! Monetize your event with mobile banner ads Boost registration and mobile app use Gamify: get your attendees to network, move and interact Learn and improve with mobile app analytics !
  7. 7. @guidebook Tech tools are changing events Automated registration Multimedia teasers Web-based booth sales Social amplification Registration-boosting nurture campaigns Social ads Event organization apps ! Mobile guides Interactive games Mobile sponsorships Livestreaming Smart badges Digital attendee networking Live blogging/tweeting/Vine Real-time feedback ! PRE-EVENT EVENT Attendee/sponsor analytics Forecasting Sharing speaker materials Feedback survey Multi-channel follow-up Year-round social fanbase POST-EVENT
  8. 8. @guidebook ADMC Spring Break Nicole’s trade show has a fastgrowing annual attendance ! They showcase pet products for the Midwest ! Attendees range from very techsavvy to very traditional ! Attendees are vendors and retailers CASE STUDY
  9. 9. @guidebook New for Spring Break in 2013 Mobile trade show guide ! “Game night” for vendors ! Giveaways they loved (and talked about) ! Dueling piano entertainment ! Digital banner ads ! Airport shuttle with beer and food ! ! Doubled registration! CASE STUDY Nicole Duclos Marketing Manager ADMC “ ! ! They were talking about the event all over our industry. The word-ofmouth benefits were immeasurable.”
  10. 10. @guidebook Stepping it up for 2014 CASE STUDY Full day seminar/training session for retailers ! Online vendor booth selection ! Product showcase Trade show booth reservation software like and allow Nicole to run her show “like a much bigger operation”.
  11. 11. @guidebook Make all this work count! CASE STUDY “Save the Date” emails with a live-action video teaser ! Email blasts with instructions for using the app ! Nicole’s team produced this short video, which features a well-known mascot from last year’s event, to share in the Save the Date email.
  12. 12. @guidebook Give them materials before they arrive atTake advantage of the technology available without alienating your the event. more traditional guests. Nicole Duclos Marketing Manager ADMC ! Nicole achieves brand consistency ! Vendors being picked up by the by having the same designer airport shuttle contribute to both projects. She already had the app, so suggests making printingthey knew the schedule and where they needed to be.” estimates based on the percent of attendees who register online vs. those who send in their registration materials via fax and mail. “ Nicole Duclos Marketing Manager ADMC ! !
  13. 13. @guidebook Why use a mobile guide? Is this a familiar sight? 80% of US adults will use smartphones by August 2014. Source: Asymco, 2013
  14. 14. @guidebook Everything in the palm of your hand. Goodbye paper! “ We spent $12,000 on booklets the first year, and to communicate last minute changes we had to hang up posters and rely on word of mouth. Now we use a mobile app, and there is no going back.” ! –Jennifer Ryan, Zoll ! ! !
  15. 15. @guidebook More from your mobile guide Increase attendee engagement and repeat registration
 Drive revenue by offering your sponsors dynamic, measurable ads Easily make schedule updates and last-minute changes ! Save money (and the environment) by reducing paper printing ! Position your event and organization as forward-thinking Session has been moved to Room 110 Room 122 Theater B
  16. 16. @guidebook Give them materials before they arrive at Give them materials the event. ! before they arrive at ! Vendors being picked up by the the event. Nicole Duclos Marketing Manager ADMC “ Nicole Duclos Marketing Manager ADMC ! ! “ airport shuttle already had the app, so they knew the schedule Vendors being picked up by the and where they needed to be.” airport shuttle already had the app, so they knew the schedule and where they needed to be.”
  17. 17. @guidebook More app use = better ROI Increase app use by putting it front-andcenter before and during the event with emails, landing pages and social media. ! !
  18. 18. @guidebook Put the QR code everywhere! “ We sent the QR code to our attendees in a pre-show email, printed it on the back of their badges and had the QR code Becky Walker Sobeck included on onsite signage. With Conference and CEU Manager Athletic Business easy access to the app, our ! attendees were in the know during ! the entire show." ! ! !
  19. 19. @guidebook Get creative Maybe you could put your QR codes on the tickets for the charging valet? !
  20. 20. @guidebook Make it social Increase app usage and adoption: including the social media tools that tell your event’s story. Use an RSS feed to give your attendees access to anyone liveblogging your event, sessions, related news and more. Pre-fill tweets from your mobile app with the event’s hashtag, so you and your attendees can easily see what everyone is saying about the event. Include Vinebox as a web view in your mobile app, and post 6-second teasers and informational videos from your event. ! You could even link the web view to a Vinebox page that aggregates all Vines made with your event’s hashtag.
  22. 22. Where are people looking? @guidebook
  23. 23. @guidebook Allow your sponsors to buy ad space in your mobile event app. Sponsor module Full-page splash screen
  24. 24. @guidebook Featured listing
  25. 25. @guidebook Take cues from digital display advertising Mobile ads are measurable! - impressions - clicks - CTR - landing page conversions ! ! ! ! Users can take immediate action
  26. 26. @guidebook Help your sponsors succeed Send in-app ad analytics to your sponsors as soon as possible ! Check in on conversion rate, landing page performance over time ! Inform your next sales pitch ! !
  27. 27. @guidebook Engage your attendees! Event app gamification What you want: tangible prize Offer a ! ! Attendees moving Place ‘hotspots’ all over the throughout the venue venue ! ! Attendees interacting with involved Get your sponsors sponsors! ! Make it social! Attendees networking ! ! ! Social amplification ! Sponsor revenue
  28. 28. @guidebook Are your attendees ready for gamification? More than 70% of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified application in 2014, and 15% of day-to-day business practices will employ gamification. ! - Gartner, 2013 ! ! !
  29. 29. @guidebook Build your event game 1You determine rules 2 Scan QR codes around the venue to complete a puzzle? ! Collect photos of the event? ! ! ! Think of ways to reward “winners” 3 Swag? Badges? Cash? Recognition? Points? ! ! Build the game in your mobile app 4 Let them play! !
  30. 30. @guidebook Make games work Make sure the rules are clear and the game is fair and bugfree ! Place ‘hotspots’ all over the venue (and be creative!) ! Make the prize awesome ! Get your sponsors involved ! Make it social! !
  31. 31. @guidebook Analytics battle plan It’s a busy time post-event, but make sure you take the time to put together an analytics-driven battle plan for next time ! Which lead sources performed the best? ! Which sponsors would you work with again? ! How can you maximize revenue next time?
  32. 32. MEASURE IT: Social media ! Registration tool ! Email marketing ! Mobile app CMS ! @guidebook Amplification, session popularity, new audience, event lifetime Registration vs attendance, offer timing Lead sources, offers, timing, event lifetime ! Speaker, session and event quality; sponsor ad performance
  33. 33. @guidebook Would you like a Guidebook demo? Just type “I’d like a demo!” into the chat box to learn more about Guidebook.
  34. 34. @guidebook Would you like a Guidebook demo? We’ll show you how easy it is to build a working guide for free in just minutes.
  35. 35. ? @guidebook Ask us anything! #techforevents Nicole Duclos ADMC @NMDuclos Anna Sawyer @annafsawyer