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RIP Google Reader: Meet the Next Generation of Newsreaders


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Google's abrupt announcement that it was shutting down Google Reader triggered a wave of mass hysteria across the web. Usage of the RSS reader had declined, but it remained a reliable and important browsing component for many daily Internet users. 

While the loss of Google Reader is lamentable, many innovative new apps are emerging that do more than just syndicate content—they transform it. This presentation identifies the next generation of customizable, multi-platform newsreaders and aggregators. 

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RIP Google Reader: Meet the Next Generation of Newsreaders

  1. Brought to you byMeet the Next Generation of Newsreader Apps
  2. Google Reader is going dark.But innovative new apps are emerging that do more thanjust syndicate content—they transform it: text to audio, audio to video, social network to personal news feed.Meet the next generation of customizable, multi-platform tools that let you consume and share your news in whatever format you’d like.
  3. Social ReadersThe reality is that RSS feeds haveceased to play a key role in my newsconsumption. I still think RSS is acrucial part of the plumbing thatunderlies the web, ... but for me it lacksa certain something, and that somethingis the element of social interaction. — Matthew Ingram senior writer @GigaOM
  4. Smartphone Tablet Prismatic Personalized Text RSS Feed Generator Launched 2012 Desktop Pulls your interests from social media to create a personalized news feed Apple’s App Store, on the web
  5. Smartphone Tablet Alphonso Labs, Inc. Personalized Aggregator Launched 2010 Desktop Combines your news sources and social media into a single, slick reader Additional Information Pulse was recently purchased by LinkedIn Apple’s App Store, Google Play, Source: “Why a LinkedIn Acquisition of Pulse on the web Would Make Sense.” Bloomberg Businessweek. 12 March 2013.
  6. Smartphone Tablet Zite, Inc. Personalized News Aggregator Launched 2011 Serves up a customized magazine, based on your interests and drawn from news across the web Additional Information Apple’s App Store, Google Play, Zite was purchased by CNN in 2011 Windows Phone Source: “CNN builds up digital portfolio with Zite purchase.” ZDNet. 30 August 2011.
  7. Smartphone Tablet Medium Curated Publishing Launched 2012 Desktop New blogging format from Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone On the web, Twitter account for registration
  8. Smartphone Tablet Flipboard, Inc. Personalized News and Social Aggregator Launched 2010 Turns the media sources you choose into a “social magazine” Apple’s App Store, Google Play
  9. Smartphone Tablet Storify Social Network Publishing Launched 2010 Desktop Lets users bundle together Tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram pics, and other elements into a Facebook or Twitter account publishable format for registration
  10. Smartphone Tablet Music Blogs + Streaming Apps Launched 2010 Desktop “Radiozine” that turns music blogs into music streams Mobile apps, on the web
  11. Smartphone Tablet Facebook Social and News Reader Launched 2004 (2013 UI refresh) Smart TV Desktop Facebook’s pending refresh will bring a new focus on media consumption and sharing Apple’s App Store, Google Play, Additional Information Windows Phone, Windows 8 Sign up to try out the new user interface: Store, on the web
  12. Smartphone Tablet Twitter Social Information Network Launched 2006 Smart TV Desktop A classic example of social meets news, providing real-time updates from Apple’s App Store, Google Play, your social network and media sources Windows Phone, Windows 8 that you care about Store, on the web
  13. RSS and Text ReadersWhile RSS (Really SimpleSyndication) is years pastits heyday, it had become awonderful and efficient way toread news untarnished by thesocial networking age. — Ellis Hamburger staff writer @Verge
  14. Smartphone Tablet Instapaper, LLC RSS and Text Reader (with ease of readability in mind) Launched 2008 Desktop Saves web pages for later reading in an easy-to-read, mobile-optimized format Free for desktop and mobile
  15. Smartphone Tablet SmallRivers RSS Reader and Aggregator Launched 2010 Desktop Aggregates content into a personalized newspaper, and lets you promote it across the web Web interface; Pro version available
  16. Smartphone Tablet C.B. Liu Mobile RSS Reader Launched 2010 One of the most popular RSS readers for iOS Apple’s App Store
  17. Smartphone Tablet Ben Alexander Text and RSS Reader Launched 2012 Google Reader app for iOS Additional Information Currently investigating options in light Apple’s App Store of the Google Reader shutdown
  18. Smartphone Tablet Google Text Reader for Mobile Launched 2011 “Tunes” your favorite news websites for viewing on mobile devices Apple’s App Store, Google Play
  19. Smartphone Tablet noinnion RSS Reader Launched 2011 Google Reader client for Android Additional Information Currently investigating options in light Google Play of the Google Reader shutdown
  20. FeedlySmartphone Tablet RSS Reader Launched 2008 An always-synced, cross-platform RSS reader Desktop Additional Information After news of Google Reader’s demise, Feedly became the number one news app across all three top mobile platforms Apple’s App Store, Google Play, Source: “Google Reader Who? Feedly Became Top on the web News App On iPhone, iPad & Android This Week.” TechCrunch. 22 March 2013.
  21. Smartphone Tablet Netvibes Media Dashboard Launched 2005 Desktop A personalized dashboard for media from across the web Additional Information On the web Professional version also available for client engagement and analytics
  22. Audio Aggregators[A]udio has gained tractionin the U.S. as more and moreways of listening emerge andas listening is perhaps theplatform most conducive totoday’s propensity towardsmulti-tasking. — Pew Research Center The State of the News Media 2013 report
  23. Smartphone Tablet Vemedio Podcatcher Launched 2010 Desktop Popular podcasting app now in its third iteration Apple’s App Store
  24. Smartphone Tablet Stitcher Podcatcher (Internet Radio) Launched 2008 Desktop Internet radio for the world beyond music Mobile apps and desktop streaming
  25. Smartphone Tablet Jamawkinaw Enterprises Mobile Podcatcher Launched 2010 Downloads podcasts from across the web independent of iTunes Apple’s App Store
  26. Smartphone Tablet Winston Network Social/RSS to Audio Converter Launched 2012 Provides narrated, audiovisual access to your social and news feeds Apple’s App Store
  27. Smartphone Tablet Spokenlayer Text to Audio Launched 2012 Desktop Professionally narrated news stories from publishers across the web Publisher-provided service
  28. Smartphone 121cast Text/RSS to Audio Converter Launched 2012 Converts your newsfeed into an audio playlist for mobile consumption Apple’s App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone
  29. Smartphone SoThree, Inc. Text to Audio Converter for Mobile Launched 2012 Presents online new sources in an audio format narrated by professional voice actors Apple’s App Store, Google Play
  30. Video News Aggregators[M]any news organizations havedevoted considerable resourcesrecently to building up their videoprogramming. Reuters and The WallStreet Journal were among manynews organizations to launch videoprogramming in partnership withYouTube last year. — Pew Research Center The State of the News Media 2013 report
  31. Smartphone Tablet Video News Aggregator Launched 2008 Desktop Compiles video content from multiple outlets, allowing users to compare Via the web, Apple’s App Store, different coverage of the same story Google Play, Windows Phone, BlackBerry
  32. Tablet Redux, Inc. Videophile-Curated News Aggregator Launched 2010Smart TV Desktop Users combine video from across the web into unique, thematic channels Web based
  33. Smartphone Tablet Social Studios TV-Style Social Media Aggregator Launched 2013 Desktop Provides a daily, personalized TV show based on your Facebook news feed Install on Facebook
  34. Smartphone Tablet Stevie Social Video Aggregator Launched 2011 Smart TV Desktop Turns your friends’ posts from social media into a custom TV channel Apple’s App Store, Windows 8 Store, on the web
  35. Tablet Watchup, Inc. Video Aggregator Launched 2012 Choose videos from across the web and turn them into a customized newscastApple’s App Store
  36. Smartphone Tablet Frequency Video News Aggregator Launched 2010 Smart TV Desktop Turns video from across the web into a more traditional, TV-like experience Apple’s App Store, Samsung Smart TV Apps, on the web
  37. Tablet Chameleon Collective Web to Personal News Converter Launched 2013Smart TV Desktop Turns your RSS feeds into a personalized news program, with your own digital anchor Additional Information Currently in private beta; sign up Sign up for private beta for access at
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